How the NYPD is preparing for a possible Trump indictment

CNN’s Shimon Prokupecz and former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe discuss the steps law enforcement is taking in New York ahead of a possible indictment against former President Donald Trump. Then, CNN’s Tom Foreman recaps the story behind the possible indictment – the hush money payment made to adult film star Stormy Daniels. #CNN #News


  1. It just shows the Thug mentality of his supporters. It’s a shame that they choose loyalty over justice! Lock him up!

    1. @Liam Gross hmmmmm… look at what the current president is doing and been doing. Lol stop being a hypocrite 💯💯💯

    1. ya made me laugh out loud…good one…but everything the courts give him to read has to be written on a second grade level…

    2. @M Hall Show some respect for seniors. Biden is not demented, he has age related dementia I notice with my parents and those reaching their 80s. One day you may need depends and a caretaker to clear that up 😀

  2. I hope and pray for protection and justice for the city of NY and for law enforcement agencies! Trump supporters haven’t learned anything, he has not visited not a one of his insurrectionist in prison or paid their legal fees like he promised, because Trump actually doesn’t care about them, ONLY HIMSELF! that’s why, Jack Smith is Trump’s Nemesis, let’s GO 👉

    1. Listen, I’m not making excuses for the guy. I’m just not willing to write it off as him being a liar without looking into it. I mean, did they even have anyone arrested two weeks after I mean I know they’re arresting people for months and months afterwards.

      I’m open to the idea that he said he’d pardon them and did not. I’m still looking into that.
      But the truth is, he did not ask them to go into the capital, he didn’t ask them to break any laws so the reality of the situation is that he didn’t owe them any pardons. if anything he should’ve demanded they face justice for making the whole thing look so bad by breaking the law and being belligerent

    2. @Greg – how pleasant. I accept that…. Thank you for your manners. Very happy to see civility here

    3. @Greg – just cause you read an article doesn’t mean you understand what was being said 🤡🤡🤡

    1. @Thumpy MORRILL Trump is still president until we know what really happened with the 2020 election.

  3. i hope 2 million people show up and say lock him up just like he chanted lock her up . when he said the same thing about hillary clinton

    1. Hillary are getting the popcorn 🍿 ready and paper napkins ready for some tears 😭 from laughing so hard to the point of crying 😂😂😂

  4. Last week he was supposed to be arrested this week; this week, he’s supposed to be arrested next week.

  5. This I hope will be the first of several indictments. It’s about time he pays for thumbing his nose at the law.

  6. if it wasn’t happening why would the NYPD be preparing for it?

    One can assume the DAs office and NYPD communicate.

    1. Simply, if they didn’t prepare, they would be irresponsible. This is even if here is only a small chance of it happening.

  7. I’m going to need more popcorn for this will be a total train wreck with a clown driving as he screams in handcuffs 😂

  8. “They can make your life hell.” He treated Stormy the same way he would later treat election volunteers and officials who refused to help him cheat his way to a second term.

    1. im pretty sure his lawyers handled that…i love it how people assume trump does everything himself… “trump blocks case” “trump stole files”

      honestly… personally… im not rich but both of those as an example for me would be

      my lawyer
      and a moving company and or daylaborer

  9. In response to complaints about this being the first indictment – NYC is probably the best at preparing for and managing the situation. All who follow can learn from how it goes down there.

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