Hear what convicts fighting for Russia are saying about the war

CNN's Frederik Pleitgen talks to two convicts in Ukrainian custody who were recruited by Wagner to fight for Russia as the mercenary group says they are done recruiting prisoners to join the invasion in Ukraine.
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  1. Driving over their own russian dead like ragdolls was cracking me up. Just the fact that Russia has to use convicts and mercs should tell you everything.

    1. I was listening to a Russian soldier talking to his mother and dropping the f bomb every other word. I just can’t see myself dropping the f bomb when I’m talking to my mother. A Russian soldiers wife hurriedly asking “So if he dies, how much money do I get?” A Russian father calling his son a liar when his son told him Russia was bombing civilians in Ukraine and standing in front of his OWN house that had been destroyed by Russian bombs. When I heard all that, I knew these Russian’s are a different kind of people. They don’t place the same value on family as we do.

    2. @James Street A good friend of mine is a Russian expat, who has been living here in my country for years now. He can’t talk to his family any more… they consider him “the enemy”.
      I have met them. They were nice people, down to earth, honest, hard working. They have met me and my family. We ate together, worked together. But now, we are all satanic LGBT demons who need to be nuked.
      It’s sheer madness.

    3. It happens in war . Even allied forces drove over their own dead with tanks in WW2 rather than take a chance running over an anti tank mine . Sorry , but war isn’t squeaky clean . It is just a sad reality . Not saying the Russians have ANY respect for their dead though .

  2. This has all the hallmarks of a nation that has no idea how to fight a modern war. It’s still stuck in the 1940s.

    1. Their whole mindset and way of thinking is that Russia is still a great empire. That it has the right to bully and attack other countries. They refer to countries that are former members of the Soviet Union as the “Near abroad” and part of the “Russian world”.

    2. Пройдите и покажите как вы можете воевать, будет всё тоже самое. Вам ни кто не покажет, как уничтожают украинские войска, вооружённые передовым вооружением поставленным с Запада. Может на секунду остановиться и задуматься какие средства потрачены, сколько вооружения поставлено и где оно всё. Жертвы огромные с обеих сторон, умирают с украинской стороны такие же русские. Североатлантический альянс поступает мудро, ведёт войну из под “Тишка”, поставляя развед данные украинским войскам, координируя все их действия. Вооружённые силы России в состоянии уничтожить эту западную инфраструктуру, но тогда получается уже будет полномасштабная война, мировая. И по понятным причинам кремль не идёт на этот шаг, останется выжженная пустыня по всему миру, ни кому это не нужно

  3. For those Americans who are upset about spending so much on aid to Ukraine. 10 years from now you’ll be so proud to be American when you’re on the right side history. Ukraine needs us. Your friendly northern neighbor

    1. @Phase4.photography  if Russia really thought it should liberate LNR and DPR why did it invade all these other regions of ukraine and even kyiv. Also how many innocent civilians have been killed, raped and tortured by russia. The idea ukrainians were torturing its own people was just a narrative for putin to get his peopke behind him. Look at Crimea he wanted that for strategic purposes for the black sea. It’s all a part of putins plan for years

    2. @Murray Flewelling


      Their president is attacking Christians
      And if Tucker was somehow racist it’s irelavant as this isn’t a race war in fact Russia has way more ethnic fighters when Ukraine are Nazis and all white people.

    1. @zoom If NATO kills citizens it’s collateral damage only. Russia directly targets women, children, Unarmed citizens!

    2. @An Acc What irks most of folks outside of US and Europe is listening USA talking about RESPECT FOR OTHER COUNTRY’S SOVEREIGNTY!! USA and its European PUPPETS IN NATO have NO MORAL GROUND to be preaching about RESPECT FOR OTHER STATES’ SOVEREIGNTY!!

  4. If I were a Russian inmate, I’d look at conscription into the Russian army as an expense-paid opportunity to frag my commanding officer and emigrate to anywhere that’ll offer me a non-Russian alternative for home.

  5. Yeah that woman isnt going to the front is she? She’s saying that these men have lives that are worth almost nothing so nothing lost when they die at 20 something years old

    1. I suspect that her logic on this is actually deeply understood and finds listening and agreeing ears given the history of the folks in that area of the world.

  6. I’m not sure if this is a winning recruitment poster for Russia’s army:
    “Is no big deal if you die 30 years early”.

    Meanwhile, she’s in her 40s, and Putin is 70.
    No hypocrisy here.

    1. Yeh maybe Putin should go to the front line. See if he feels that it’s ok to die 30 years before your time Putin is an absolute discus ting pig 🐷 he is positively inhumane.!!!!

    2. Yet he’s no fighting wonder why ? Gonna be sending pensioners and toddlers next when will Russian people turn on him and his henchmen? He is destroying your home land he is hellbent on destroying Russia in the process your children are dying is that acceptable ? Stand up to putin and his henchmen

  7. Anyone who claims life is not precious, should lose theirs, and faced with that reality they would quickly change their tune. It’s easy to talk about another’s life being ended…

    1. Of course. She’s sitting in a warm comfortable room while Russian men are starving, laying in a mud hole, kicking and screaming, with frostbitten fingers and toes, losing hands and feet and even their lives. Let’s see that bich trade places with one of them.

  8. It doesn’t matter how you die, well I can think of two groups who may disagree. Those two groups are, people who die of old age, and people who die because their body has been blown to bits by a rocket, land mines or those who die by being shot in a war. I would say the old age one is more preferable.

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