1. Liz Cheney risked everything. Though she does not represent my views, Cheney is the very definition of a PATRIOT.👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    1. @D.1.A_Mayby Yeas I know! How the Democrats embraces the Cheney family and the John Bolton is beyond my understanding? Im a political atheist nowadays. The World Economic Forums Klaus Schwab, brags about how they “penetrated” every government on the planet. I used to get mad at CNN and mainstream media addicts, but now I only feel sad for them.

  2. You may not agree with may of the things Cheney stands for , but she has put country before party full on ……… and she is willing to stand up for what is right even if it means she loses her seat . That you have to respect .

    1. @101perspective, how cowardly. Most un-American.💯

      However, I cannot gainsay your claims, shaming as they are.🫤

    2. Amen. WELL SAID. I have very different views of Liz”s politics. But she is standing up for the United States of America. That Wyoming people is what matters. I respect her so much. I even donated to her campaign even though I am a Democrat.

  3. Whyoming doesn’t deserve her and I’m a democrat. I may not agree with her politics but her priorities to the country speak for themselves. And while the GOP members will be reelected she will be remembered for choosing country over party.

  4. Wow! How can people still be so ignorant and uninformed. Did I honetly hear that one guy call the January Committee a “kangaroo court”? A court? WTF?

    1. He said that because usually in court there’s some sort of counter balance. Like cross examinations and people from the other side could ask questions. Like how court is supposed to be when it’s a real hearing our trial


  5. Theres been a lot of incidents in America’s history where citizens got it wrong and had to be carrot-ed or caned to come in line with proper society. Cheney is in touch with wrong and right, thats the mission. Its not political. Its wrong and right. She may go down on this, but thats not a bad hill to die on.

  6. They said her votes don’t represent what her constituents want. While many people don’t know their representatives voting record, maybe you should check it before you make that claim.

    1. @Caesar Medina sadly even if they did they would probably use partial links/ put in random stuff in the link so it can bypass the system because when one bot would spam how a certain youtuber’s dad is deceased they would screw around with the words enough that it conveyed the same message while bypassing the security measures but i agree that youtube should do something about the bot problem

    2. What do her constituents want? Honest question. Doesn’t she typically vote along party lines? Is their issue only with J6?

  7. The patriots, the educated ones, those who support the constitution, the real and good Republicans will vote for her.

  8. Liz Cheney voted over 90% in agreement with Trump policies , republican beliefs 🤦‍♀️, these people are seriously the mice following the pied piper off the cliff!!

    1. 🎯 they pay attention to “politics” never policy. It’s a popularity contest, like a reality show for old people

  9. This is a genuine American tragedy- to see so many of our citizens place their DJT loyalty above the Rule of Law and above the Constitution is truly an embarrassment and a real concern. The world saw the same behavior with the Nazis pre-WW2. Their blind obedience to Hitler caused them to ignore laws, democracy, and reason. To see this same behavior in the heartland of America is inexcusable. Wyoming may reject Cheney, but the country and history will certainly view her as a political heroine who valued the Constitution and the Law more than her career.

    1. History is going to look back on this entire Republican party as a giant wet spot on the mattress of American history and say, “What the hell happened while you people were asleep ?”

    2. @Chris Bammer what if this American actually cares about human rights and American interests in Ukraine?! Are you an adult or a third grader?

    1. Me too. She has decided to stand on truth, regardless of if it means losing everything. #IstandwithLiz

    2. @bobba fett Name one crime that Liz has presented! I will start! She has wasted more time and money to accomplish zero 🤡

  10. Liz Cheney knows she’s on the right side of history. She may lose her seat, but in the end the people and their state are the real losers for not supporting an upstanding representative, which is rare in the GOP party.

  11. It’s still pretty amazing that even tho she voted with trump some 90% of the time, even just one acknowledgment of reality is enough to make her an enemy to her own party. Crazy.

    1. People don’t know what they are talking about. Do you think they would ever check on that? Does anybody really know what their representative votes?

  12. I admire Liz’s stance on the hearings. Who would have thought she would buck the political trend and stand up for truth?

  13. Voting for Cheney, I love her and I will always vote for an individual who places the good of the many over the appearances of self.

    1. So, she’s right, and they’re wrong. Is that what you’re saying? If she wasn’t able, or willing, to execute the will of the Wyomingites who voted her into office, shouldn’t she have done the honorable thing and quit a long time ago? They are the employer, she is the employee. No one would even know she existed if she went by her married name, Perry, instead of her daddy’s. How weak must her husband be to allow her to do that to hm. He seems so beta.

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