1. “I’ve known Jeffrey Epstein 15 years. Terrific guy. Jeffrey’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that Jeffrey loves beautiful girls as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

    Donald tRUMP Quote

    New Yorker Magazine


    1. @jmgmarcus Pedo Masters is Boys Town Orphanage in Nebraska, where the Re-pedo-lican Orcs trafficked children under St. Reagan’s administration, and still do.

      Those who do nothing but project pedo all the time as the Re-Pedo-Lican Party of Orcs does, are definitely the ones doing what they project out of guilt, because it makes Gee Saws sad that Cult-45 is an in-bred ped cult that follows a Blood/Water Magic Human Sacrifice Cult, that preps and grooms its members for their endochrome infusions by first getting them used to the idea of being comfortable with the thought of pretending drink human blood and eat human meat.

      I mean hey, let’s all just start making sh t up and spinning things like the Orcs do, we all should just start playing their silly game.

    2. @jmgmarcus Yeah, talk to the DOJ, the New York DA, and the Fulton Co. DA to see what *_they_* have on him. 🤡

    3. @omicron delta That quote from from the horses mouth Donald Trump and I am a conservative. Disgusting behavior we need a traditional POTUS like Regan, Bush Sr. Desantos for POTUS. Dump Trump

  2. If they can stretch “AVATAR” over 13 years, we can go back to 2015 and finally run that Stormy Daniels sordid mess to ground.

  3. Seeing them all standing around was horrific. As a former member of the health care system the neglect and failure of duty of care was disgusting.

    1. Huh? Who? More people died under Biden by a country mile. More corruption too. What delusional world are you in?

    1. @Mike B Biden was touching up Ashely in the shower and being the groomers you are, you all turn a blind eye and laugh about it.

  4. When the public found out that NY had information to indict Trump over the hush money payments and didn’t they finally did their job and re-started the process they should have done years ago.

    1. @Mark Lasky tRUMP left the economy WORST than he found it! As did the last TWO g.o.p. administration’s TOO! Then there’s tRUMPs family separation plan! Ended up being tRUMPs KIDNAPPING CHILDREN plan! Talk about putting lipstick on a pig!!! And let U.S. not forget! tRUMP told Bob Woodward on tape covid is DEADLY! Then tRUMP turns around and tRUMP tells U.S. “covid was just a bad case of the flue”! + tRUMP literally hawked FAKE CURES for covid! Then 400,000 Americans DIED! A COUP! And heck Biden and Pence told U.S. and gave it back! tRUMP DENIED it and tried to HIDE it! Heard about the difference between Apples and Oranges. This is More like Apples and MORE of the BS! Sorry Just trying to help RAISE the old HUE AND CRY! After all I am a herold.

  5. Merrick Garland is late. He has unlimited resources and should have also focused on the higher level of players. If he doesn’t indict now, Trump’s trial will go into 2024… the election year. Indictment is only the beginning,
    with all the appeals that are going to come, the whole process will go into 2024 (when he may be the leading candidate, maybe even the  presumptive nominee? Garland must indict now.

  6. Garland has proven he is not up to the task. Hard to tell if he is just so afraid of political optics or is somehow (hard to believe I know) corrupt. Actions speak louder than” no one is above the law” pontifications.

    1. Don’t worry your pretty head about Merrick Garland being corrupt. It’s like being afraid Trump didn’t cheat on his taxes or pay Stormy Daniels hush money.

  7. How can a juvenile delinquent be taken to the principle’s office so many times without even spending time in study hall? One that many times over should have been EXPELLED?

    1. Well you see in your analogy the principals office would be court. Trump hasn’t been charged for anything, so he hasn’t even been to the principals office yet, much less been given detention (convicted and sentenced)
      Do you have some kind of issue with, assuming innocence until proven guilty?
      Or the right to trial before punishment?

  8. If nobody is above the law, than why are the rich and powerful above the law???? Talk about cognitive dissonance. It sounds good…I am a Canadian and the same two law systems, one for the wealthy and one for those who are not, co-exist. Hopefully bringing this evil man to justice will reset the system. I hardly think so, but one can hope.

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