1. Recession = reduced investment, layoffs, on time supply chains, increased levels of unemployment – a lot of pain for the middle and lower class.

    1. We need pain for all classes. Tear down society. End repetitious mechanical minds society’s created. Think for yourself abolish government

  2. I don’t believe a word of what he just said. I can’t think of a single good bit of economic news in the world right now. There is war, high inflation, supply chain issues, COVID shutdowns, famine around the corner, soon to be housing crisis, high energy and food costs, Slow Federal reserve, how is this not going to be a long deep, painful recession?

    1. Yes, and the housing/rental crisis has been here for a while, it’s just not being reported to the full extent that it should be.

  3. Two people making hundreds of thousands a year, saying the recession won’t be that bad. How comforting

  4. An economic Tropical storm was upgraded to a Financial Hurricane this afternoon. Intensification is expected.

  5. You can expect your favorite political person voted out of office and inquiries into their finances

  6. Seeing how the WEF has been telling us for years that this is the plan , you best prepare for some real hard times.
    This is no accident .

    1. does your family have any contingency plans for out of the norm occurrences? How did you come to those? DId you “game out” a loss of power, or water, or ability to get to the store for a week? What would you do?

      ewe peeple are beyond redemption – paranoid shizophrenia at a political party level it’s creepy AF

    2. @Tomas Pita I’m good on all fronts. Some things are out of my hands , but I’ve followed Mrs Zangs mantra since before I knew about it.
      We’re in good shape.

  7. When prices of food get high enough, remember that media people and politicians go better with a good bbq sauce😄

  8. Why not command our economy through full employment of resources in the market for labor? Equal protection of our own at-will employment laws for unemployment compensation can help legislators command our economy out of any recessionary trajectory. It should be up to Labor and the private sector to reach new equilibriums.

  9. Haha the economy is great and we will avoid a recession? WTF is this guy talking about? I guess he has a lot of long positions. He blames Ukraine for gas prices (rising before that) and inflation is peaking even though the numbers were just worse than expected. What a dunce.

  10. From what I’ve seen among the public, looks like recession has already playing for a little while. Maybe they are going to start to feel the recession too? It starts at the lower levels and works it way up, until it hits everyone on every level or economic tier, hence: poor, lower class, middle class, upper middle class, Rich, Super Douper Rich….

  11. The cost of living is currently getting very high and frightening. These are crazy days we’re living in, inflation, price hikes and everything. How long can we go on like this? Any pointers on how to make substantial progress in income? I would appreciate it. I keep reading about people making multi digit incomes from one investment or another, I really need good ways to boost my finances😣

    1. @Mazzars those are actual YouTube ad bots my friend. They try to type like real people, it’s scary bc they’re getting better at it, one even used the word ‘creds’ lol

  12. See the problem with having a MASSIVE inequality index (i.e. American plutocrats control everything and the rest of middle America is forgotten) is that traditional monetary levers are not very good at cooling the economy generally in a moderate way, because a two-speed economy like America’s result in middle America getting destroyed while the rich end of town suffer the ignominy of having to buy one less Ferrari for the year. Working American’s lose their homes, become unemployed, get trapped in crime and drugs. Rich Americans just move their money offshore and avoid having to pay any real price at all.

  13. “Without suffering”??!!.. When these ANALYSTS are right??… they only said what people want to hear!!…

  14. Every time they do an interview with an economist they should start with, “did you previously say inflation was to be transitory”? That way we know who we’re dealing with. And yes, Mark Zandi did say inflation would be temporary and now he says we aren’t going into recession. That’s makes me feel great.

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  16. WE have more oil in this country than ANY country in the world…Begging for oil form other countries at high prices is so ABSURD and INSULTING it’s FREAKING REDICULOUS!!!

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