Here’s why teen killer and rapist Paul Bernardo was denied parole

Teen killer and serial rapist Paul Bernardo failed in his second parole bid on Tuesday after the parents of two of his victims recounted the enduring pain of his twisted crimes and warned he should never be released from his life sentence.

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    1. @Josie Guo So according to you it’s ok that a serial murderer should be set free if she’s a girl. Got it.

    2. @Templar Rising honestly she should also be in jail. Let’s hope the press keep tracking her down and exposing her new identities so parents can keep chasing her out of their communities.

    1. This is a perverse way to relive the crimes and torture the families imo. He should not be allowed to apply for parole but our justice system is stupid that way.

    2. @Old Money The law allows him to apply, the board will never let him out. But I agree we should have a system for a true LIFE in prison sentence

    3. he understands it, he is going through the parole process because the families of the girls he and Homolka tortured and murdered have to relive the deaths of their daughters in front of him, each and every time there is a parole hearing. He is basically torturing them each time.

  1. Yeah and where is Karla now? She’s free, and living under a different name. She tried to take part in a field trip at a school… Remember that? She could be your neighbor for all you know. She should be jailed for life too.

    1. @Jason Oak Vince Bevin was the architect of the deal. He went on to become the Ottawa chief of police was appointed an Officer of the Order of Merit of the Police Forces by the Governor General of Canada. Whoever said competency was important in life?

  2. This guy should never see the light of day but then again neither should Carla…in a lot of ways what she did was even more egregious but she is allowed to resume life in society and even tried to chaperone school field trips a few years ago

    1. @Trevor Lam
      Agreed, her crime was even more egregious, as she offered up her own sister and took part in her sexual assault and murder. They claimed it was accidental, choking on her own vomit if I recall correctly. Even so, it was the loss of the life of an innocent victim through the actions, and/or inaction, of Paul and Karla.

    2. @Mama Marianovits when they found those tapes..thats when they found out she was the kingpin

    3. Trevor Lam: if she had of been ugly on the outside (instead of ugly on the inside) she would never have been let off so easily.

    4. It stuns me to think of her as the mother of children after she so freely offered up her sister as a sacrifice.

    1. I cannot wrap my mind around this. I just heard about this story a few years ago when she was spotted at a school in Montreal.

    2. @reza D Im a woman and I agree, there is no equality in this case. anyone who kills should not receive any sympathy. ;/ what she did was horrible

    1. @StudeSteve62 inside he lives let him out and I cant imagine the poeple looking to see him go away,he cant hide out here

    1. @Daniel Gagnon She should have never been let out imo. But it doesn’t change the fact that Bernardo is a monster who should never be free again.

  3. The point is not that he’ll never be allowed out, it’s that we keep putting the families through the ordeal of having to show up and make statements and re-live it all every few years! If he’s a dangerous offender, then that shoud be it! The law needs to be changed for these types of offenders. It is torture for the families.

  4. Sickens me to think that our tax dollars are being used to provide him with living facilities and 3 hot meals a day.

    1. what about Karla??? the Kingpin ? having kids..picking them up at school..and going on school trips???

  5. I’m sure no one needed an explanation as to why he was denied parole. NOBODY wants him on the streets. Period.

    1. what about Karla??? the Kingpin ? having kids..picking them up at school..and going on school trips???

  6. Lock him up and throw away the key. Karla H. should absolutely not be free, she allowed that monster at her own sister. She went along with him.

  7. Why are we wasting everyone’s time ? He’s never going to get out, so just cancel all future parole hearings

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