‘He’s ready to fight’: Trump lawyer reacts to indictment

Former President Donald Trump faces more than 30 counts related to business fraud in an indictment from a Manhattan grand jury, according to two sources familiar with the case. CNN’s Paula Reid reports. #CNN #News


  1. Here we go again with the pre-fight big talk, only to watch the Great White Dope, the superheavyweight contender, crumple under the first punch and burst into tears. “He hit me!” And to top it off, the lawyer announces that his client is “ready to fight”, not that he will fight or actually do anything.

    1. ​​@GonnaCrySnowflake?;) 😅 Let’s vote for him again. Even if he’s in prison and not even on the ballot….

    1. @Jeff C President Trump gave us Energy Independence, a Great Economy, No New Wars and Secure Borders. Trump 2024

    2. Hey David you should go to work for FRUMP and hire a Lawyer at the same time!! and better yet send him a check for 25k with a kiss!! “Q” do you think Donny would gladly take your hard working mans cash???? seriously you should send him $???? I’ll bet that he and his sons and family will send it back with a big KISS. David thoughts and prayers do not work!!! send him cash……. or better liquidate all your holdings and send it to him!! you’ll live like a KING and a PRINCE ON A HORSE!! Do it David………What do you think he’s about?????MDRA “MAKE DONALD RICH AGAIN” with your $!! Why not send him your $, he has your soul!!!!!

  2. This is the same clown who claimed that he needed 2 tell his side of the story and when he got the chance took the fifth over 400 times
    Make it make sense

    1. @below fray yeah except trump said no one pleads the 5th unless they are guilty

      then he did it 400 times in ONE sit down

    2. @Gleno D i would have blamed Biden but when same thing happened in india Biden people started raising their voice against our judiciary rather than acknowledging Rahul Gandhi mistake🙄🙄

    1. @Jeff C taking the fifth when asked your name on the stand isn’t going to fly with the judge like in a civil suit professor 👨‍🏫 😂

    2. @CagedFecalfightDeathmatch oh and you’ve seen him do this, huh ? Maybe you need another TDS booster shot.

    3. @Jeff C and a real judge, like the Rittenhouse case judge, will tell a jury that the fifth does not imply anything and they are not to assume anything by it. But I seriously doubt this judge will be all that impartial.

  3. When the powerful and wealthy face accountability notice how other people of power feel that it’s just wrong to do so. When the average person would be thrown in prison with not even a second thought.

    1. That’s what passes for equality something needs to change wealth is not exculpatory evidence

    2. They’re all trembling in their boots saying to themselves “have I ever gone over the line?” As it should be 👍

  4. “He’s the toughest Guy I know”…I bet he has a lot of acquaintances who are really insulted by this statement.

    1. For such a tough “fighter” he sure does file A LOT of motions for delays and “special masters” and BS like that. And yet when he could have set the record straight (lol) when subpoenaed by the Jan 6 committee? CRICKETS. So tough. Such a fighter. Except for actually GETTING IN THE RING.

    2. @John Stallings Yeah it’s just a fluke that he’s in all of these legal woes. Volunteer in your community and lift up those in need as opposed to supporting this Clown show wuss.
      Go Navy Beat Army!

      God Bless

  5. All these politicians are outrage that they are not above the law. I truly hope and trust that justice prevails and that all politicians understand that they above anyone have to follow the laws. It’s not about who you were, know, or thought. It’s about following and adhering to the laws of our country. May Justice prevails regarding to where it may lead or the outcome of the individuals actions.

    1. These politicians are “outraged”…because THEY could be next! Sounds like an awful LOT of “guilty consciences” to me!

  6. This Tacopiñata guy is a hoot 🤣 He’s like a stereotypical mob lawyer come to life straight out of a movie from the 90’s.

    1. Except mob lawyers generally aren’t caught on video, saying their client is screwed. Comparing this clown to a mob lawyer is very insulting to mob lawyers.

  7. His attorney shocked at the indictment … after he has made the rounds on national media knowing this was coming

    1. Its like these people are so used to getting away with being able to peddle their BS, they no longer even stop to consider if what they are saying is even plausible right!?

  8. Mike Pence still deeply wondering what “outrage” really means, his only feeling being a boundless emptiness.

  9. As a criminal defence lawyer I would say that this will just wear him down. Being prosecuted is an overwhelming experience for anyone. It’s always there, keeps you up at night, scares the hell out of you and there’s no way out.

    1. @David Cat Yeah for sure those Aussies in the casinos’ business are Saints, btw who is not a crook in modern large corp, healthcare, banking, real-estate, education and government in the USA? Want to examine politicians? Even the wicked justice system? As i said that’s no reason to dislike a guy that at least has a public record.

  10. As an accountant I’m astonished how a long-time business man handles his finances. He is more like a mobster than a politician.

  11. No one is above the law. This is the Foundation of our entire justice system. Doesn’t matter if you like someone or not.

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