Hirono: We’re Going To do Everything We Can To Codify Roe V. Wade 1

Hirono: We’re Going To do Everything We Can To Codify Roe V. Wade


Member of the Senate Judiciary and Armed Services Committees, Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI), discusses Texas' controversial abortion legislation and the situation on the ground in Afghanistan. She tells Hallie Jackson that she would support term limits for Supreme Court Justices following the Court's 5-4 decision to leave the Texas law in place.
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  1. So you’ve loved the supreme Court for decades when it was all demorats but now they’re conservative they no longer function correctly. Blatantly transparent hypocrite.

    1. No, the court has made a mockery of itself. Imagine if a state passed a law violating the 2nd amendment by deputizing citizens, they would have acted. The hypocrisy is the on the conservative judges, fair and square.

    2. @Chris Thomas Not entirely true. Some of the best times in this country is when both parties work together. Compromise makes the country work but neither party wants that. Can we agree that the Democratic party of the past decade has gone off the rails? That they are trying to establish a one-party rule?

    3. @Linda Scott As for a loss of Constitutional rights – that’s so sweet coming from someone that supports the Democratic party. Are you okay with the extreme march on the Bill of Rights we’ve seen from them since from their supporters? Limiting certain opinions from social media – like men can’t be women and vice versa? Or, the act on the 2nd amendment?

    4. @Jeri how do think crimes are always reported. From citizens. And every state violates the Constitution when it comes to the 2nd amendment. They all have gun laws that are illegal.

    5. @Chris Thomas just four months ago the court was ruling for Obamacare as well as other liberal supported laws. Was it a bad court then?

  2. In 1860 the average American life span was 40 years old. In 1900, 50 years old. In 2020, 80 years old. Life terms, when first implemented were not for the equivalent of two lifetimes! It is time to revisit life time positions.

    1. @AlwaysNerdy TV Did I reference years immediately preceding 2020? No I did not. You do not comprehend well and lack in argumentative ability.

    2. Since one of the main reasons for lifetime appointments is stability it’s actually better that people are living longer.

    3. @Kaye Zbiciak exactly, you skipped over the thirty years dems were in control with that lifespan. Shows your bias loser. That’s my point. Nice try!

    4. @Bryan B that doesn’t justify judges serving 40 years. A limited term just means another person takes over in a reasonable span of time. A regular rotation would create stability, instead of all this political hogwash that has taken over.

    5. @AlwaysNerdy TV Again, you lose. You have no idea how I felt those years. No bias here. I am in today, not yesterday, as yesterday cannot be changed. That is unless you possess super powers no one knows about.

    1. Hey Toddy -your god was so kind, allowing texas women who can afford to travel to a favorable state to get all the safe abortions they want, and push texas women who can’t afford to travel to resort to back-alley methods of abortion. Your god apparently doesn’t care about 90+% of the world where abortion is safe and legal. He’s so cool, that god of yours…

    1. Agreed. If a woman gets pregnant, the man is only liable for half the cost of an abortion. Period. Also, half the cost of a paternity test.

  3. Just out of curiosity, what do you, Biden and others plan on getting those Americans left in Afghanistan by Biden?

    1. They don’t have any plans.. Americans left for slaughter were told to make arrangements without relying on our government.

    2. Omg. That is like so last week. Give it a rest already! Let’s talk about Jan 6 and abortion laws in Texas.

    3. @P D To tell you truth, I’m surprised the msm is still covering Afghanistan. Ida was a blessing for this administration. I think the sad truth is that libs don’t give two sh-ts about what happens to the Afghani people. Those people will be ignored by the msm and left to the mercy of the Taliban

  4. Fortune’s wheel big deal. Head games, heart games, these fast tracks rascals can really get you head spinning sometimes. Winners losers blue’s errs

  5. fu scotus who kicked Americans to the curb causing Homelessness in America overnight by denying moratorium extension and now scotus allow sic em bounty on WOMEN and uber drivers in Texas

  6. Beep Beep Beep Beeeeep. This Has Been A Test Of The Democratic Emergency
    Voting Attendance Warning for 2022 Implementation purposes. Thank You
    For Your Patience.

  7. Every President should be able to ‘retire’ one of the SCOTUS justices every term and replace them. That would keep SC partisanship to a minimum. Musical chairs.

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