Hit By A Crime Wave After 11 Minutes In The United States 1

Hit By A Crime Wave After 11 Minutes In The United States


The Atlantic's Graeme Wood joins Morning Joe to discuss his latest piece on experiencing first-hand rising crime in the United States.

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Hit By A Crime Wave After 11 Minutes In The United States


  1. It’s not defund the police, it’s stop police brutality, using the funds that would go to buying them more military grade weapons on programs that help prevent crime. Mental help one example. Also, it’s about the police receiving proper training and de-escalation.

    1. @Conservative, Interrupted US police is the same as US Health: Extreeemely expensive and crap at its job.

    2. It is defund the police. In Portland, the police were told to not even take reports about the BLM/antifa rioters attacking people or destroying property. Result, a five-fold increase in violent crime, including shootings. Formerly safe neighborhoods are no longer safe.

  2. trump incited an armed insurrection on january 6 2021 to overthrow a fair democratic election

    1. @Conservative, Interrupted trump also killed 400,000 Americans in 2020 by marketing a world wide pandemic political

    2. @Conservative, Interrupted Is that why you waited until 4 months ago, to create a YT account to tell us.

  3. Hit the jackpot he didn’t want to hit, in my house we call that winning the wrong lottery

  4. Notice the question never gets asked as to why, despite the great similarities between Canada and the US, violent crime and more specifically gun crime, isn’t nearly as prevalent among Canadians? What happens as you cross from Canada into the US? I think the truth behind that question would be difficult for most Americans to accept.

    1. Thats really simple to answer.

      America doesnt know any better, as violence is the only thing Americans really know and understand.

      Since the birth of America in 1776 America has been at war/violent conflict with a foreign adversary or itself 225 years of the 243 years since it was formed.

      Only 18 years of peace, and even during that time I am sure people were shot and murdered because this is America.

      Violence, death, murder, shootings, killings are Americas past, present and future.

      Canada does not have the same history, and possibly future.

    2. HINT: Guns. 100s of millions of them. When broken down in numbers, 11 firearms per person.

    3. @Louis Gunn Right. So why allow humans to walk around freely with guns? They only serve one purpose.

    4. @Tee Jay To be fair, until recently Britain’s history was Canada’s history. Canada, like the U.S. was a British colony where thousands of aboriginals were slaughtered in order to make land available for European settlers. Britain has an even longer history of conflict — in every single corner on the planet. From Hong Kong, India and Hawaii to Honduras, from the Falkland Islands, Burma and Rhodesia to Iran.

      To this day, Canada has issued troop support to every single “war” the U.S. has engaged in except those against the UK. WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Iraq – all enlisted the assistance of Canadian troops.

    5. @Tee Jay Sadly, the U.S. is indeed the most violent Western nation in percentage of violent deaths.

      But your other statement — the same could be said of many current and past countries. China, Russia, Europe (and NATO nations), Middle east, the African continent, the Balkans, India, etc., – all with much longer histories.
      Even recently formed Israel has consistently been engaged in violent conflict since its creation.

  5. How’s that for a needle to thread? Risk cops gunning you down for breathing, or crooks gunning you down for your wallet.

    1. Except, the police weren’t shooting people for breathing, they shot criminals, who were resisting arrest. If you don’t want people arrested, for petty crime, harass the people who passed the laws, not the police charged with enforcement. And, letting people awaiting trial for violent crime out of jail, and ignoring illegal firearm possession, due to Covid, has had some very foreseeable consequences.

    2. @Deborah Freedman tell that to the 13 year old autistic kid who got shot by cops for breathing. Or the multitudes of other people who were shot by cops for doing nothing wrong.

  6. Extreme violence doesn’t shock US Americans enough to do something about it. Much like crime flourishes in Mexico. As long as the USA worships guns and violence the suffering won’t end.

  7. Here in we are lucky to have 1 armed attack a week, and that makes the news!! When will you learn that more guns = more gun violence!!! I pray your country sees sense soon.

    1. Well, we have a ton of “pro-life” Christian Conservatives who enjoy seeing dead kids and people on the evening news. If we could get rid of them, we’d be on the right track.

  8. I feel awful for foreigners visiting and moving to America at this time. It’s madness here right now, but I promise not everybody is hateful it’s honestly so embarrassing.

    1. @Joshua Sweetvale America is a complex place and they are trying to figure out whether they want to be good and even what “good” consists of. !/3rd of America now considers classic fascism to be good.

    2. @Abraham Dozer People are people – who are trying to understand life.
      Much of the hate we see today was infused by Putin…
      and the nameless who he often commands.

      Let’s all do our part, sign ours names if we’d wish to speak as adults or citizens of a land, and if you could link your account to something meaningful. In the world today 1/5 speak English, though only 1/25 are American…

      Putin isn’t just trying to silence America or the West –
      his target is democracy or respect itself;
      IE examples of all ‘his’ people could have become, were he not in charge:/.

      Had America not needed to fight among itself with such vitriol,
      we might be paying more notice to the fact
      Navalny has been in jail for the past sixth months –
      his crime was trying for a democracy in Russia.

    3. @Devon Knobel You can start by dropping the notion that America is special and exceptional and that Americans can do whatever they want in the World and to each other merely because they are Americans. That is the mindset of a spoiled six year old (… with 380 million guns and nuclear weapons).

    4. @Abraham Dozer Well – do whatever we want??? That was the purpose of the UN – which the US mostly inspired… to keep any nation from ‘doing whatever they wanted’. You could note, since its inception most nation borders have remained the same_ (and the foolery of Donald wishing to buy Greenland – was likely Putin’s idea to scare other small nations, from US).

      Personally I’ve never heard the name Surname Dozer, nor do I find any record of even one listing of who you claim to be on FB or Twitter -I take it that is not your last name, or likely your first either…

      Just keep in mind; we (as individuals and nations), must not fail our people as Putin is failing ‘his’, and the world. So long as citizens have a voice in politics (that is theirs), there is a chance things could get better… that we could elect leaders who might steer humanity in a positive direction (as most here would wish, though may disagree on the details).

      That said… I’d rather the US had Nukes – if crueltins like Putin get them. And guns – well if you lived here you would understand that if others have them, having your own may not seem such a bad idea. (*They are also an equalizing force between men and women.. IE giving women a chance in a fight or perhaps giving them courage to stand behind who they were online for instance).

      To take guns away, sounds pretty darned difficult (also perhaps costing more elections than that would be worth); and also perhaps not wise as aside from hunting, people here were to arm themselves especially to keep down the danger of an authoritarian leader… such as Putin; though it didn’t work so well in Russia, I mostly blame RT news: Fox’s propaganda equivalent in Russia _ and them being a fledgling democracy when he first took power, 20+ years ago…).

      Pray for Russia, pray for Navalny – and all those desperate for moral examples.
      No America isn’t perfect… but democracies work over decades and centuries (don’t be impatient young one).

      (Again if you lived here) You might note the US has come a long ways – and led or inspired many nations away from a Soviet fate (one of shadows and hate), even Russia themselves; until they somewhat foolishly elected a top KGB official as ‘President’.

      The key to America’s success was that those who spoke, had better things in mind/ and could be held accountable for their words (and limited terms in power, so others could adapt the current direction/ or avoid fates such as Navalny’s today). These are the things thugs like Putin wish to erase from memory; examples of all the world could be.

      Spoiled six year old eh? In my mind if you cannot stand behind your words (link your account to something with a face, personality), you are by default a foreign child – just as a crueltin like Putin would wish you to remain:/.

      Becoming an adult is mostly moving from learning respect to teaching it… which is hard to do if you can’t even respect your-self, or your heritage. It’s no coincidence the Nazis stripped names from the Jews – and that the Soviets referred to each other as Comrade, instead of their entrusted names.


    5. @UC-q47OYAkuhw8XRHr0LIb1Q You have forsaken the UN and the World Court and all sorts of multilateral bodies like the International Land Mines Treaty, The US ignores World Trade Organization rulings daily, even after multiple rulings on the same thing (software lumber with Canada) The US doesn’t recognize International Maritime Law and therefore does not recognize Canada’s jurisdiction in the Arctic Archipelago and therefore her next door neighbour’s borders. Whatever the USA was in 1945, it no longer is. The US is on a knife’s edge of possibly fighting an second Civil War, right now. The pieces are moving into position on the game board. How do YOU define “Rogue Nation”?

  9. Rental car companies in Florida had to lobby the state to issue normal plates instead of special plates for rental cars because criminals were targeting German tourists in Miami.

    1. Yes, it got so bad that it even sparked political cartoons in German newspapers about that subject.

  10. Try learning from a few other “NATIONS” that “Do Not” have this sort of systemic gun violence. I do not see how any adult can feel comfort when they are away from their children. Straying bullets do not have a name on them.

  11. The difference between Niagara Falls Ontario and Niagara Falls New York is like comparing Copenhagen with Mogadishu. It’s been like that since as far back as I can remember (which is 2/3rds of a century).

  12. Absolute power corrupts absolutely
    SERGEANT ROBERT JUSTIN ALFORD GREEN where are my daughters KAREE and JAHMELA and my 7 grandchildren.

  13. what really helps is when politicians, like Marjorie Green, tell people to solve problems with the 2nd admendment.

  14. I visited USA 18 years ago. Was a wonderful 3 weeks trip.
    But i am most certainly not going to visit again anytime soon.
    Feels like America has changed too much for the worse

  15. Defund the police is not about getting rid of officers, its about these officers NOT having military grade hardware. At least try to get it right.

  16. Cops were never “off the streets”, at least not due to “defunding”. Most cities didn’t “defund”, even if they did other reforms. Of those who did, some like LA funneled the funds through a back door. Anything put in place, had 1 yr, max, compared to all the years of crime going up & down, without any defund movement.

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