Trump Asked Top DOJ Officials To Declare 2020 Election 'Corrupt,' Notes Show 1

Trump Asked Top DOJ Officials To Declare 2020 Election ‘Corrupt,’ Notes Show

Congress has obtained handwritten notes from the Department of Justice of a phone call with former President Trump that suggest he was asking Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen to challenge the results of the 2020 election. NBC's Pete Williams has details.
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    1. @Jek Porkins actually I’m contract so didn’t get a dime of free money…but I am betting YOU cashed those checks you complain about..deflecting much?

    2. @greg j problem is he has access to too many lawyers who are prepared to sell their soul to lie for him, for money. #45 will use the courts to delay any prosecution for years. At his age, he will probably be dead before the country sees justice.

    3. @Mike Mike What planet do you live on? Because everyone on earth knows that Joe Biden rigged the election.

    4. @Shane Drew We’ve jailed several of his accomplices. There’s got to be some dirt on these lawyers so we can jail them as well?

  1. I think most reasonable Americans realize just how close we came to a tipping point at this time…but WOW.

    1. @Drought Tolerant And when that doesn’t happen, what’s the next step? I give you guys credit, you certainly know how to keep moving those goal posts.

      You sound like those people who keep predicting the end of the world, and no matter how wrong you are you just pick up the goal post and push it further. Must be exhausting.

    2. @Jan Van Besouw you want to talk covid I’ll talk covid. How many booster shots will come out this year by a vaccine made under the trump presidency pushed by bidens presidency?

    3. Oh yeah cause all the 2020 riots during the summer of love that caused way more damage and alot more deaths wasn’t give me a break dude..

    1. Joe Biden didn’t cheat or steal this November election at all trump try to steal even cheat but failed miserably

    2. @N 827 the judges and supreme court tossed all the lawsuits out because no actual proof or evidence of vote fraud just delusional conspiracy theories and lies trump is scamming/grifter stealing the money from his supporters joe Biden won fair and square

    3. @Alicia Thomas False. Trump won the election. Biden cheated. COVID was used to steal the election and destroy our booming economy under Trump. Those are the facts and it will be revealed in the supreme court shortly.

  2. “Just say it was corrupt and leave the rest to me”
    Sounds like a sentence out of a Mafia Movie to me

    1. @David Boehr he can’t explain it to you. he can’t even write it. For him these are just terms that he picks up on fox or oan. Typical brainless trumpboy

    2. @Aliza Kessler those affidavits u speak of where are just words on a piece of paper that is supposed to be used by the lawyers to get things started and get a court date. Once they got the court date, those who wrote the affidavits did not want to take the stand and back their affidavits, cos if they can’t prove what they wrote in that affidavits when on the stand, then it’s perjury, and they would be charged as such. And I’ll remind u that his own lawyers once they got to court didn’t say this was a real challenge, cos they had no case. And having no case means they could be disbarred for bringing a frivolous case since they can’t prove what they’re arguing. Double remind u that there’s court recordings of these lawyers stating to their judge’s that it’s not a case against fraudulant voting, and Rudy’s was the one used to prove this. He told the judge that it’s not a case abt fraudulant votes lol. So u see, the courts gave them the opportunity, but maga side lawyers all of a sudden didn’t have anything for them lol

    3. Stop ryming them because you made it a play.
      Oh no look at the time I have to go away.

      Really? Couldn’t be more obvious buddy

  3. The” best trial in the history of trials ” … ” better than we’ve ever seen” … The world will be watching that whole corrupt family going to PRISON!!!!

    1. Not sure what else we can do? We’ve cancelled and silenced him and all of his diluted followers so I’m not sure when these people will ever learn?

    2. @Debra Svaleson r u FOR REAL? what about HURLING accusations of voter fraud without CONCRETE EVIDENCE?

  4. yeah he wanted the DOJ to lie for him.He thought the DOJ was his personal fixer agency. May justice be done!!

    1. @Aliza Kessler the election wasn’t rigged or stolen at all trump lost his re-election by landslide the judges and supreme court tossed all the lawsuits out

    2. But every time our woke Corporate Socialist Media tells us “Trump is going to prison!” Nothing ever happens! Surely this time he will be made to answer for his crimes against the People’s Revolutionary Council? Did you hear about 20 Black people being killed in one weekend in South Chicago? I think this is tragedy but for some reason MSNBC never talks about this genocide? I wonder why?

    3. @Scott Harrison Scottie … you must’ve been living under a rock. You likely got your stats from Fox … that’s why it’s so high. CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN …. all surveyed above Faux News. Bank on that.

  5. The failed totalitarian state of Trumpsberg, Trumpistan or TrumpGhetto will not come into being. God bless the democratic republic USA

    1. @Rusty Shackleford
      Trump is probably in his basement
      With a cardboard podium

      With cardboard cutouts of MAGATS

      Some speakers playing cheering and applause sounds

      Little green army men and toy tanks
      And toy trucks carrying missiles
      Being towed to make it seem like they were marching/ parading in front of him

      Wearing a military uniform with fake medals on it

      Trying to play
      die hard DICKtator WANNABE

      He should just watch The Lion King and
      Replay BE PREPARED over and over again….especially the part with the marching hyenas!

    2. @N 827 who is cheating? Where is the evidence of a organized attempt at changing ballots to Biden? Is the fact that Trump lost more painful than passing a kidney stone? What do you do with all your dirty diapers?

  6. i have a feeling “thats not how it works mr president” was uttered more than any other phrase within the entirety of the trump administration

  7. Imaging a PRESIDENT that tells to his DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE that they aren’t trusting the INTERNET as much as he does (GOOD FREAKING GRIEF!). If you ever need a PATHETIC reason to disqualify a person for a McDonald’s job…that should be your reason.

    1. @Ahmad Abdullah cause most people know that the media lies half the time. If this is true which I doubt it is so many people distrust the media they won’t care.

  8. The incredible bottomless Trump…..
    Constantly hitting new lows.
    If it wasn’t for Daddy’s money he would be the guy stealing cigarettes from a gas station.

    1. And we wouldn’t have so many hundreds and thousands of dead Americans if this Loser was not put into this position

    2. @Federalist Papers But he did failed to sell red meat, alcohol, and gambling to Americans.

    1. @R Mercado If Trump killed someone in front of you, with his tiny bare hands, within your sight and hearing, STILL you would excuse him.
      ” Honestly, he lent his face to a guy he met in the McDonald’s lineup, it wasn’t him, it wasn’t him….the victim was killed by a Jewish Space Laser!
      “the dead guy is faking it….!”
      “That never happened, the video was manipulated!”

    2. @greg j Hello Greg.
      Your submission needs context, as it is, your intent is ambiguous.
      Who are “We”, and who are, “Them” ???

    3. @PhilLesh69 so after 2 and still not convicted? Wow hopefully your third chance fails then lol

  9. How much more proof does my grandmother and mom need that king Trump is king liar? It blows my mind the plethora of evidence that is ignored.

  10. No justice until Don the Con, his cronies, his accomplices, and the insurrectionists who support him are held accountable

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