1. Trump has repeatedly assurred his insurgents that he will save tgem no problem that he has the courts in his pocket

    1. @JH His judges didn’t help him much in all his fake election lawsuits, nor did they help him cover up his tax returns. Trump’s biggest problem is that judges tend to honour the constitution and the rule of law.

    1. @CLUELESS JOE CNN’s ratings are the highest they’ve been in ages. Both CNN and MSNBC ratings are higher than Fox’s. Newsmax and OAN are being sued into oblivion for their lies. Soon the right-wing crazies will have nobody to tell them what to say and they’ll self destruct.

    2. @Jon Dough Slomo Joe? Have you seen how much he’s getting done? He’s filled more senior positions and signed more executive orders in two weeks than Trump did in two years. He’s moving like lightning compared to Trump’s waddling.

      You’re not only an angry quad, you’re not too bright. The democratic party has nothing to do with Nexium.

    1. @Ron Swanson Holy sht! Why are we “brainwashed”? We have one of these insurrectionist’s, who’s lawyers defense, is literally that! 😆 🤣 😂

    1. Donnie stacked the Pentagon bureaucracy for this very event…. and it still ultimately failed, although more damage was done than perhaps since the Civil war.
      6 Jan 2021… the day America lost it’s way.

    2. Pete A, the Pentagon needs orders to act upon, and Trump failed to give those orders, not much of a surprise there.

    3. Over two hundred employees o f the Pentagon have been removed. Biden Administration is not going to tolerated any kind of this behavior.

    1. @Ron Swanson The democrats WERE ONCE the party of slavery. Have you never heard of the reconstruction? Lyndon Johnson was the one who signed the civil rights act in 1964. “The legislation had been proposed by President John F. Kennedy in June 1963, but it was opposed by filibuster in the Senate. After Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963, President Lyndon B. Johnson pushed the bill forward. The United States House of Representatives passed the bill on February 10, 1964, and after a 54-day filibuster, it passed the United States Senate on June 19, 1964. The final vote was 290–130 in the House of Representatives and 73–27 in the Senate.[6] After the House agreed to a subsequent Senate amendment, the Civil Rights Act was signed into law by President Johnson at the White House on July 2, 1964.” How many black Republican senators have there been?

    2. @Ron Swanson This old tired irrelevant talking point. White supremacists love the cult of Trump and the modern Republican party and you dare equate that with the party of Lincoln like nothing has changed…😁

    3. @Ron Swanson you keep using this and people continue to shut you down with the same argument. Do you think no one has an education? Stop thinking you are the smartest person in the room, you are not.

  2. im gonna keep voting democrat untill we remove all the republicans that followed trump from the beginning set up a new line of republicans that are aware of what right and wrong

    1. @THE ANGRY QUAD no, it is a made up term to keep from calling it what it really is! Racism based on skin color! There is no differing of humans based on color of skin, hair of size of your butt! Race is an outdated theory of differing humans species and race doesn’t exist in reality!

      How’d you like Kathleen’s intelligent response, Angry, were you thinking you set up some type of spider web ?

    3. @Kathleen Dunlap
      It does in the eyes of angry quadriplegic, he makes quiet little weasel comments, that suggest bias.

  3. It’s good to hear what Hoyer has to say. It seems that Greene has already done so much damage and I really don’t think she has thought more deeply about school shootings & clearly she doesn’t understand that it is against the law to bring firepower into the Congress of the US. We operate based on the law, not the law of the jungle.

  4. The US loves to debate things that don’t even need debating. Everything being argued happened right in front of our eyes. We have all the receipts

    1. The problem is you have so many people who tell us all the time the things we see aren’t real. They tell black people racism isn’t real. They say the election is stolen. They will say anything to Make America go back to a time when they thought it was great.

  5. I watched Rep Hoyer’s speech in real time and it was extraordinary. He was quite rightfully furious and hit the nail on the head. He absolutely stole the show on the House floor and showed the Republicans up for the cowards and hypocrites they are.

    1. Cowards and hypocrites, yes. Ashamed of it, no. These people care for nothing and no-one unless it directly benefits them. They have no honour or integrity. Sometimes I think they don’t even know the difference between right and wrong, only what is right for them!

  6. And the stupid Susan said OHHH it’s the Iranians, She needs to get out of Government. Iran is 25000 years old. The USA is 248. We need to teach children World History and Geography.

  7. The more I hear and see the more disgusted I am about everything the gop represents and is willing to stand up for.

  8. He done a great job on the floor regarding green she is the evil one she incited trouble not good for America she and trump go hand in hand god bless you sir you tell the truth America needs more people like you

  9. January 6, 2021, will be recorded in American history as a day of infamy: the culprits who incited the insurrection will be named and shamed for the foreseeable future. The list will include the current leaders of the GOP as well as Trump: it enables and defends his treason. Their dishonor will reflect badly on their descendants: they don’t care!

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