How Biden Effectively Made Harris The 'U.S. Ambassador To Joe Manchin' 1

How Biden Effectively Made Harris The ‘U.S. Ambassador To Joe Manchin’


President Joe Biden announced on Tuesday that he has tapped Vice President Kamala Harris to lead the administration's push to protect voting rights. NBC News' Sahil Kapur explains how this has effectively made her the "U.S. Ambassador to Joe Manchin."

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    1. Tony P basically Harris’s job is to try and buy Manchin’s votes. The question is does Manchin stick to his principles or sell out?

    2. Then Manchin should be educating them about which party will actually help lift them out of poverty, and it ain’t the party that puts profits first.

    1. If you are talking about election day, all “mail-in” voting would have the same effect and may be better. That’s what we do in Washington (and it’s done the same way in four or five other states, too). (I put mail-in in quotes, because I figure most voters drop off their ballots in secure, dedicated depositories.)

    2. Spencer PhilippineDream you do realize that only Federal employees would get the day off and they do not need a whole day off to vote? The Federal Government can not dictate holidays for non Federal employees.

    1. @X Ray well of course you would say that if you are a Democrat. The only good politician is the one who has the same views and votes the way you do. The others are a waste of space.

    2. @Alex Hamilton I’m not even a Democrat. I just think the modern gop is hellbent on getting some of the less trumpists out of their bunch

    3. @X Ray ok, on what issues don’t you agree with the Democrats? give me one. I’ll make you a deal, the republicans get the less Trumps out of the Republicans and the Democrats get the less AOC’s, Schimer’s Warren’s, Sander’s Pelosi’s out? It’s only fair if you are against free speech

    4. @Alex Hamilton You misinterpreted me. I’m not against free speech. Free speech is different from the bs they peddle. I’m saying the republican party is engaging in cancel culture by getting rid of or weakening anyone who dares to oppose trump. They’re getting rid of the NON extremes in favor of extremists and trump loyalists. You don’t get into the republican party through compassion, generosity, empathy, or caring about people. You get in by promoting lies, making empty promises, and convincing the poor and middle class to vote for you- someone who will weaken them even further.

      I see some of the good democrats in Congress push, then I see all the nothing-burgers, empty promises, and bad policies:

      Student loan debt. If you promise something, you have to try to deliver… but it looks like democrats forgot all about that.

      Police accountability. Police reform is pretty bipartisan. What the two major sides don’t agree on is how to go about it. The democrats currently in power keep talking about caring about people getting brutalized, nor about accountability, and instead spend energy on the same culture wars the GOP wants to push. I think voting rights are a top priority, but it takes Democrats walking out in Texas to remind them?

      They can’t even get the commission in, because of the filibuster!

      Biden acted way too slowly at the border. He needed to quickly set up more holding facilities, raise the refugee cap, implement supervisory committees, etc.

      I agree that Pelosi is horrible. But you can’t possibly put Pelosi and AOC in the same category, because they’re about as odds with each other as two self-claimed leftists can be.

      You simply won’t find the kind of loyalist/extremist in the Democrat party as you will in the republican party. The “radical left” are just plain-old leftists by any standard, and the common democrats are center-left at worst. The Overton window hangs around neoliberalism and this is the kind of crappy establishment we get.

  1. So. The last statement Joe Manchin made, he called Republicans his friends, twice, he called the Democrats his colleagues. Joe is a republican in disguise and he’s not very good at it.

    1. @Omega Man you know I didn’t vote for the guy. I could really care less what you say about him, or any candidate for that matter. I’m just sick of people like you with the mental progression and intelligence of a third grader taking up my valuable time. So unless you have something to offer to the conversation why don’t you just STFU.

    1. Yes stop voter suppression bring your ID no voting behind closed doors with stacks of ballots

    2. My goodness.. It’s truly incredible how ignorant you liberals are.
      Exactly how is voting being suppressed?
      How will it prevent any minority or anyone else for that matter from voting?
      Please stop being a programmed robot.

    3. @senile Joe Biden exactly…’s amazing how these ignorant people can’t comprehend simple things.

  2. Get rid of the filibuster, get rid of Manchin and Sinema! Go at them in their own states! Pass H.R.1 NOW! It’s only Democracy at stake, that’s all.

    1. Right! The solution is so obvious the government won’t get it because they don’t do anything that makes sense!!

    2. That’d be a great idea. Then next time Republicans have power, you can whine and cry about them pushing their agenda with no filibuster

    3. And replace Manchin with whom exactly? WV voted 70% for trump meaning about half of Manchin’s votes were from split ballots that also voted for trump. Do you really think anyone leaning further left than Manchin would have won that senate seat? Just be thankful it’s not a 49/51 senate in R favor.

  3. I wonder what’s his REAL reason for not getting rid of the Filibuster. There has to be some type of financial reason that he wants to keep it

    1. @Laurie VanCurler Better than this incompetent fraud of a president spending his time napping, spewing his racist agenda and lying.

  4. She’s gonna have to go into west Virginia and speak to the minorities there. Hopefully they’ll out some pressure on Manchin.

    1. @GOD IS KING Why are you trying to take the power of fair voting processes away from states for your big Trump federal government? Worked fine for hundreds of years now smaller government and personal responsibility are unknown to republicans. Have the military oversee a federal recount? Sounds like freedom to me. Assault our congress in the Capitol building, talk about having legislatures overturn votes they don’t like by changing laws? Laugh and get excited about having a coup in America? Why are Trumpanzees so completely devoid of intelligence, reasoning skills or honor?

    2. @GOD IS KING Fair voting is what’s been happening and what liberals are trying to protect. These are the facts, go comment on OAN or NEWMAX where no facts are needed.

    3. @James McCreery the whole world expect the liberals knows the election was rigged..
      Biden did not win….get this thru ur thick head.
      The liberals are trying to eliminate the conservatives and their nest way is to pass voting bills that protect them legally against their cheating, lying disgusting cheating ways

  5. Being ambassador to Joe Manchin means prying him loose from the delusional notion that Republican lawmakers are good faith actors who will actually vote for the compromises they extract from Democrats. Joe Manchin’ bipartisan fantasy is as lunatic as QAnonsense.

    1. I don’t think Manchin actually cares about bipartisanship. I think he’s holding out to protect the increased power/influence/$ of his wealthy donors and the benefits he gets from the legal corruption as well as all the $ he gets. I don’t think he minds having republicans in the majority. It benefits his income/wealth more to have republicans in power and more corruption, not less.

    1. Rob Oeum
      so you are saying those who voted for Manchin does not care about Democracy? They know his voting record with Republicans and still elect him. He owes his votes to them. That is the idea of a Representative for of Government. Politicians first owe their allegiance to those who put them in office over their parties leadership.

  6. If Manchin does not believe and BACK voting rights and accessability to voting for all, then He has no Business in Congress. He can go take a Vacation at Mar-a-ga ga with the Giant Pumpkin Club.

    1. @Wilfried Hölscher Exactly ,Manchin needs to think about democracy in the U.S.Hope you are staying safe ?

    2. Wilfried Hölscher
      NO, what you are really saying is this. If Manchin does not bow down to the left against his voters wishes he has no business in Congress. You assume that all Democrats agree with the lefts idea of an all powerful Federal Government with no Constitutional rights for the States. If you were right why does Joe Manchin keep getting reelected?

    3. You are full fledged WOKE cultist.
      The liberals tell u something and u blindly accept it as truth without any independent thinking.
      Please explain to me how any of these voting bills limits access to voting for anyone.

    4. @Alex Hamilton All powerful federal government? You mean like federalizing voting laws and standards taking the power away from states after 200 years of doing just fine? Party of smaller government and personal responsibility my azz Sounds like Trump socialism to me

  7. Manchin, Sinema and the filibuster are seriously testing my patience. There will be NO bipartisanship with the GOP.

    1. @Alex Hamilton
      You asked Liren Hernandez to provide an example of Democrats meeting with Republicans half way for bipartisanship. And I point to the January 6 commission bill, as an example. There were propsals that Republicans wanted in the bill. And Nancy Pelosi amended the bill to include those provisions. Is that not meeting with Republicans half way? And of course Republican voters will be against a commission to investigate their own wrong-doings. We’ve come to expect that from them. I mean, we’re talking about folks who care more about their FEELINGS and a POLITICAL PARTY than DEMOCRACY and TRUTH. Why should anyone care if they’re against a bill to investigate their own wrong doings?

    2. @Alex Hamilton First of all, I’m not into trolling other ppl in the internet, but since you started it… Now…in regards to your argument, Biden has compromised to meet Republicans’ requirements to get bills passed and that is being bipartisan and he did that with the infrastructure bill, where he went from $2.6 trillion to $1.3 trillion. An example of zero bipartisanship from the GOP could be HR1. McConnell killed it as he himself has said he would block EVERY bill the Dems proposed. If Republicans approved HR1, they would never win elections again because Republicans are the minority party. But let me assure you, we will not back down, WE WILL VOTE no matter what your party does to silence us. Now…to END my lesson on “bipartisanship”, I don’t have the necessity to prove ANYTHING to you or ANYONE else. To me you are just a worthless little boy hidding behind a computer nothing else. If your weak ego wants to pick a fight with me, sorry I won’t give it to you so don’t bother.

    3. @Liren Hernandez
      Well stated. And Biden holding meetings with Republicans and curtailing his infrastructure bill, are some of the other examples that I intended to point out to Alex Hamilton in stating, “I can go on and on.” But Democrats are clearly more willing to work in bipartisanship with Republicans than the other way around.

    1. And replace with whom exactly? WV voted 70% for trump meaning about half of Manchin’s votes were from split ballots that also voted for trump. Do you really think anyone leaning further left than Manchin would have won that senate seat? Just be thankful it’s not a 49/51 senate in R favor.

    2. Maggie Mims
      what you are actually saying is the voters in West Virginia who voted for him should just vote Republican?

  8. Democrats need to stop begging and pleading with the Republicans to play nice with them. Our democracy is at stake. Grow a spine. For once.

    1. @senile Joe Biden Well this is the mantra that some are using but it is absolutely faults. Identification is needed for everything we do anymore. One of the lies that he’s told is that older people and Black people do not have the means or the wherewithal to obtain identification. This is faults but that then beg the question, why or not we doing something about it. Why don’t we as Democrats identify those older people and identify those Black people who don’t have the means of the ability to obtain ID, and that assist them as a party to obtain their identification. Why don’t we take action as a party. Then these people will be grateful to Democrats and we will likely have a converted voter. I think some people of our party would rather sit on the sidelines and shoot your mouth off rather than be proactive. We had two older people in the apartment complex down the street from us. I took both of them to the DMV and got there state identification card. I was really sett bad financially. A whopping $4.00.

    2. America Lost
      that is the very reason I say when the Republicans take back power to go all out to pass their voters demands and screw the Democrats . 😀

    3. @senile Joe Biden Because voting is handled by states not the federal government? We’re talking very basic high school civics here.

    4. @Jonathon De Freitas Most technology and almost all modern conveniences you enjoy weren’t invented in Wyoming, Texas, Florida, South Carolina or North Dakota. I think we know who is brainless. But you’re funny, please continue!

  9. It’s ridiculous that democrats have to negotiate this hard with other “democrats”. Like our Democracy is not at play here.

    1. Mario Rincon actually this is Democracy at work You have a Senator who listens to his constituents over the will of his party.

    1. @John Brown Exactly ,Manchin needs to think about democracy in the U.S.Hope you are staying safe ?

    1. ~MSNBC is Satan’s propaganda machine. The Peacock is Satan’s symbol.
      Satan is known as the Peacock Angel Melek Taus/Shamash/Utu.
      The castrated Crown Prince of Allah/Nanna Sin.

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