How Chief Justice John Roberts Gutted The Voting Rights Act | MSNBC 1

How Chief Justice John Roberts Gutted The Voting Rights Act | MSNBC


“John Roberts took this completely effective way of balancing all these different interests and destroyed it because he just didn't like it. And nothing has risen up in this place,” says Chris Hayes on the Supreme Court gutting of the Voting Rights Act.

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  1. Eventually the Republican Party will just have to accept the reality that the American people simply do not want to vote for them.

    1. no… the federal govt does not “ALLOW” the states to handle their elections… the constitution grants the power… not the federal govt

    2. You are living in la-la land if you think the RP will lie down and accept reality, when there is for them the palatable option of extinguishing democracy.

    3. They’ve already accepted it. That’s why they’re trying to destroy this democracy.

    4. @n k tyranny by the minority via the scotus and state red state legislatures. They cant win national elections fairly so they rig the game.

    5. They’ve given up on attracting new voters through policy ideas and gone all out with voter suppression.

  2. The Roberts court is responsible for very likely the worst decision in history, citizens united. Term limits for congress and scotus now not later.

    1. Citizens United being allowed is the most obvious “how can one not clearly see it” indication that the Supreme Court has been bought and paid for. What objective reason would the ultimate institution for justice allow that?

    2. The weakest link is congress. If they were sane they could undo the crap. Term limits won’t do a whole lot. If the system is corrupt, changing the puppets in the system doesn’t do a whole lot. You need reform of the media, reforms for a multiparty system to increase competition and campaign finance reform. Otherwise, the rich exert too much influence, most seats are safe and people have no real choice. Term limits are the weakest reform of the bunch.

      There were short term limits introduced in CA and they extended them as inexperienced lawmakers stopped stuff from being done. You can also review what happened when new states were admitted, they were often mired in gridlock and some failed to send senators to the senate due to inability to agree when they were still appointed. Generous limits to avoid people dying in their seats or hogging them for far to long are reasonable.

    3. I’m not sure about the worst decision in US judicial history – pretty sure there was some worse stuff in the nineteenth century. But basically it’s clear that the American right will never accept black people as equals. The only long-term question is whether some de Klerk equivalent will arise, or whether it will take violence.

  3. During midterms we vote as many Republicans out of government as we can. The laws they are passing or going to end up hurting this country so we need to stop them and put new laws in place to prevent this from happening in the future.

    1. Democrats DON’T believe in *protection and prevention* . They believe in reacting when it’s way to late and looking the other way while the alt-rightwing purges on lower branches of government.

    2. @Grateful Fredly …. In 2022 Biden will be in a Democrat administration that’ll lose a 3ed midterm election in a row opening the door for more obstructionist Republicans to take Congressional and Senate seats again.

    1. That was the first election I voted in. I had just turned 18. I thought that would be the worst president in my lifetime. I was wrong. Very very wrong

    2. @Xavi Estrella That was before we knew the GOP was willing to double down on being both horrible and stupid. We now see that they really have no shame.

    1. @LD bwahahahahahahahahaaha! You count on CNN/MSNBC for news, and thats warped your brain!

    2. @LD That type of comment is so played the F out! Hey, I bet at one point in time your account was 2 months old, wasnt it? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! I WIN!

    3. @Harvey Hansen You are not only a troll with over 100 comments on this channel in 8 weeks, but an asinine and childish one at that. Congrats.

    4. @LD: It’s not a GOP specific issue, there are globalists nudging authoritarism mixed in each party, more so the democrat leadership, the dem moderates are not getting broadcast airtime. You obviously do not know Biden’s long-term voting records. You should learn about the globalist agenda that Biden has been supporting for decades. (WHO leading to) WTO + “UN2030 one country one vote.”

      Biden even said (paraphasing), when President Xi asked him to describe the USA, he told the Communist leader, “Possibilities”. The correct description would have been “The United States is a Constitutional Republic.” Why would a VP of a free country tell the CCP, possibilities? If you’re an American citizen or planning to become one, widen your view, it is extremely narrow, politically. As well, the cult thing is getting overused, a ridiculous description for American voters.

  4. To pretend that the Supreme Court is not first and foremost a political institution is to forget history and their history of racist, capitalist rulings that have left working people of all shades picking up the tab for the wealthy.

    1. @Paul Wilson I truly an sorry for your cognitive disadvantage but the historical examples of the supreme court’s blatantly racist decisions is well documented.

    2. This is what you get when your judges are elected and/or appointed by politicians. The US needs to look at how other countries appoint judges without politicians and politics getting in the way of independence.

    3. Let’s not forget how they handed Bush the election in 2000, aided by Roger Stone and his Brooks Brothers rioters.

  5. For simplicity’s sake, here’s the new voting rights act that America should have: “One citizen, one vote. This is the unassailable and uncontestable right of every American citizen.” Fifteen simple words.

    1. @G funny you say that. I never thought about that and I completely agree with you. Ideas like this aren’t shared on nationally televised shows like this. All they say is racist racism

    2. @Christine Wild Things are rarely that simple in the US. Think of numerous landmark laws or rulings and you can also chart how there was a lot of underhanded pushback to whittle it down and find how much they could get away with. The right to vote is no different. There were explicit poll taxes. Law slaps them down. Lawmakers move on to suppression 2.0.

      In New Hampshire, republicans regularly introduce new measures to suppress the student vote. They go for things like student IDs. They then try to play with your days of residence. They require you to register your vehicle in state which costs a few hundred dollars – that’s a blatant poll tax.

      Even if you cannot do x, republicans will still pass a law and let courts strike it down. It doesn’t matter if it gets struck down as long as some of the stuff sticks out of a whole array. Plus some cases like gerrymandering take so long that by the time the court strikes them down, you only get a cycle or 2 of fair districts before it begins anew.

      Voter suppression is like a buffet that is constantly replenished. It’s like trying to keep up with evolution of bacteria and viruses, it’s a constant war.

  6. The SCOTUS always finds a way to codify blatant discrimination into law. Destroying the Voting Rights Act is just more of the same.

    1. All six conservative judges are also members of the deceptively named Federalist Society; they are far right revisionists/originalists. Barr is also a member and a majority of Trump’s judicial appointees the same.

  7. I think that if John Roberts was investigated by the Justice Dept., they would find lots of pay-offs for many things?

    1. When Justice Gorsuch was nominated for the Supreme Court, a PAC was created and an anonymous donor donated $10 MILLION DOLLARS. All the Republicans on the Supreme Court have been bought and sold.

      All the Republican Justices need to be investigated.

    2. @Greg M Not just the Republican ones – all of them. They should be under life long extensive scrutiny, since they are in life long positions of extreme power.

    3. He and all the other conservative justices are members of the deceptively named “Federalist Society” . They are revisionists/originalists which means they intend to wipe out any legislation passed in the last 200 years they don’t like by claiming it wasn’t what the Founding Fathers wanted.

  8. John Roberts, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett were all Bush Jr’s personal attorneys for the 2000 Bush vs Gore election case.
    And now all three of them are on the Supreme Court.


    1. Yeah seem pretty blatant attempt to grab power. They are almost certain to back any republicans in any voting dispute. Scotus seems to be filled with partisan hacks.

  9. Republicans have been far-right for many many many years just until Trump who started saying the quiet Parts out loud but this is always been there ultimate goal ever since the great Southern switch

    1. They are focused on their rich donors who are running the show. Listen to these donors visions for and against the rest of us, their kooky backward views and you’ll understand where the R party is going to take us.

  10. I Just Want To Understand, Why Did The Original Bill Have An Expiration Date, That Bush Had To Extend The Law (Renew It)
    That To Me Is A Big Issue That No One Is Talking About

    1. Not the filibuster or Statehood..!? Just yelling from the street about Mitch , huh.?

  11. At what point can we the people sue a justice? And or our government. Just thoughts but thoughts to think about

    1. That is exactly the point I am at. Exactly how far do we let this go? I don’t want to wake up in NAZI Germany 2.0 lamenting the fact that I didn’t heed any of the umpteen-million red flags while I had the chance. With the Supreme Court stacked with hardcore, hand-picked Republicans, I am afraid it is already too late.

  12. Well to be fair, our democracy is going down the golden toilet where Mitch McConnell intends it to be.

    1. Wealthy donors are not comfortable with democracy, they prefer authoritarian governments, much easier to control and much more likely to side with the rich.

  13. It’s something to see that the “W” is getting quoted for making sense. He saw how important this was.

  14. The filibuster not be voted out. It should be like the old days where they had to literally get up and talk, for as long as it took.

  15. Senator Mitch ‘Palpatine’ McConnell has embraced the dark-side so much, it looks like he’s literally transforming into Senator Palpatine. I swear it almost looked like he almost let out a maniacal laugh in this video.

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