One Way To Protect Voting Rights? Expand The Supreme Court | MSNBC

“If we are not aggressively reforming the court, then we are doing nothing to protect voting rights because John Roberts and now six conservatives can destroy whatever Congress passes,” says Elie Mystal.
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    1. espy – if you’re in California, like me, it costs 30$ but you don’t need ID here.
      You know that.
      You from Cali?

    2. @espy – Also you don’t need an ID from the year of an election.
      If you can’t pay 30$ for an ID at some point, then you are in trouble.
      Also you need ID to get vaccinated.
      Are you vaccinated?

  1. John Roberts, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett were all Bush Jr’s personal attorneys for the 2000 Bush vs Gore election case. 🤔
    And now all three of them are on the Supreme Court. 😒


  2. Voter turnout in 2020 was up 5%. Republicans reaction is voter suppression. That’s the power grab.

    1. @Crimdor what is the exact page of the bill that says that? Because it doesn’t say that, and every single state requires ID currently.

    2. @Crimdor There was no fraud and there’s no history of fraud. It’s obvious there is no justification for the multitude of changes.

    3. E E – there are plenty of states that don’t require ID such as California.
      I would know, I live here.

    4. @Crimdor lol that is also a lie… seriously why are you lying about easily verifiable facts?? from the SOS website in california:

      “In most cases, a California voter is not required to show identification to a polling place worker before casting a ballot.

      However, if you are voting for the first time after registering to vote by mail and did not provide your driver license number, California identification number or the last four digits of your social security number on your registration form, you may be asked to show a form of identification when you go to the polls. In this case, be sure to bring identification with you to your polling place or include a copy of it with your vote-by-mail ballot. A copy of a recent utility bill, the sample ballot booklet you received from your county elections office or another document sent to you by a government agency are examples of acceptable forms of identification. Other acceptable forms of identification include your passport, driver license, official state identification card, or student identification card showing your name and photograph.”

  3. so what happens if they add new judges and republicans still control the court 🤔 then what?

  4. Email./ Write to your congress wo/man urgently to urge they redress the imbalance of more Republicans in the Supreme Court in the U.S. Thank you.

  5. The Arizona audit VIOLATES THE RIGHTS OF ALL OF US ! email/ write to your congress wo/man urgently please.

    1. Doesn’t violate my rights at all. I have a friend that moved there before the election and we are interested in what information about registered voters comes out. People of color that voted in Arizona are concerned that if they voted for the wrong person that their votes don’t matter.

  6. 100% agree. Once Voting rights are enshrined at the federal level and all voting restrictions are combated, republicans will never again gain power, just as it should be

    1. Republicans are already F’d, and they know it. Democrats snuck something new into that 2021 Covid Relief Bill that Biden signed into law. It’s game over for Republicans.

  7. All those Americans who can vote but don’t, are about to find out what its like to have their so called protest vote taken away, and it will not feel good.

  8. What is equal is not advantage but balance, which is the power grab the sick selfish fears.

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