Republicans Have Enacted Voter Restrictions In 12 States And Counting

Republicans Have Enacted Voter Restrictions In 12 States And Counting 1


  1. I want to know why the court systems aren’t getting involved faster they keep getting sued but they’re not going anywhere

  2. Al Franken has a good idea on how to pass the HR1 bill on his podcast. Mine is, Exempt voting rights protections from the filibuster and pass it now! Make a deal with Manchin that he can’t refuse.

  3. Rafael Cruze is a bum. While he was getting called out he was too scared to even look up lol. Bet he wishes he was back on vacation.

  4. Missouri is getting screwed! Parson Blunt and Hawley, laws being put in to play that we, the people, voted against! Why do you think that these people are still in politics and power!? STOP THE MADNESS OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY!

  5. so whats gonna be the GQP excuse when despite these laws, democrats show up in overwhelming numbers and crush republicans?

  6. I think that people will vote at an even higher amounts. They are just bringing more light to the fact that everyone should vote if possible.

  7. Nov. 2022 election, will Facebook interfere in advance and allow lies to permeate the fabric of our election? or will DOJ put a stop to election interferences?

  8. “If everyone actually voted, Republicans would never again win the presidency.” _~ Donald J. Trump_

  9. That’s not gonna get the GOP any votes. I see this backfiring big time. They are really screwing themselves.

  10. Thank you for being the first person I’ve heard that mentions young voter suppression. It’s actually a thing. They go out of their way to make sure you don’t know when they’re doing anything until the last minute.

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