1. Only in the USA, texting while driving, hit a person, head through your windshield, their glasses in your lap……WTF🇨🇦

    1. @Janet Partyka It means exactly what y’all think it means. The US is a freaking disaster, in nearly every way. Morally, socially, politically, legally. The only thing it has going for it is a better climate than Canada’s. Period. 🇨🇦

    2. @Daren Smith Sweden does it right! That’s a good deterrent to people whose conscience isn’t bothered by the possibility of killing someone else.

    3. @Susan Ford Very weird! Something’s definately up with that. Tampering with evidence on a very large scale. And no ambulance was ever called. Perhaps his life could have been saved. This guy deserves to be locked up for life for that!

    4. @Janitor Queen I agree. The poor victim deserves to RIP. Dreadful handling all together of the situation. Sad.

    5. @Konrad Yearwood Plus, whether the car approached the man from the front or from behind, the man would surely NOT have been walking in the middle of the road. As the car got nearer, he would have moved right off the road on to the shoulder. (I have walked on country roads a lot. You can’t avoid being VERY aware of approaching cars from either direction.) So to hit him, the car had to have gone on to the shoulder too. That means this driver was drunk as a skunk!

      Analyzing skid marks from accidents is a routine part of all accident investigation, even minor ones, but it seems there was no investigation what so ever! They just took his word for every part of it except, of course, the glasses. This is real corruption! The stupidity of the law enforcement in the Dakotas that was shown in the movie Fargo was not fiction.

    1. Its not murder for sure, but manslaughter.
      The cover-up is a real thing here and the Sheriff could be in on it. The car looks like that and they do not conduct a search for whatever he hit? I’m not positive its true, but it was mentioned there was no alcohol test conducted until 12hrs later. Its these things that produce the stench of a cover-up and it would certainly multiply the sentence – if there was a trial. But lucky him, he is GQP in a GQP state. No harm will come to him.

      But I do hope the family of his victim sues him into bankruptcy and in the process, the evidence for a crime turns up and leads to criminal prosecution! Its not necessarily over yet…

    1. @Pacis Regis here’s to the senator who walks on water. Don’t let him drive with your wife or daughter. The put him on the stand. But he had that Kennedy brand. And now the Chaps Acquitted.

    2. @Pacis Regis that was Ted Kennedy to be clear,and yes that was a coverup too,after driving a car off a bridge drunk, and left the girl ,in the car ,underwater

    3. @Michael Gfroerer There was never anything progressive about them. And now they’re even worse, being controlled Alberta’s hard right. I fear for the country whenever they are next elected, as surely they will be at some point. Although the Liberals are far from perfect, they are nowhere near as bad as the lying, crooked, right wing Tories.

  2. this is the man — same guy in the justice system who’d lock up for years some dude selling a joint on a street corner.

    1. I’d love watching Trump being placed in a room with investigators and watch him sweat like this AG.

  3. If anyone outside the political scene were talking on our Cell Phone , Struck & Killed someone we would get 5-15 years mandatory for Vehicular Manslaughter . WHY do these so called law enforcement people keep getting away with these crimes ?

    1. @Kurt It’s on Hunter’s lap top and in Hillary’s e-mails! They planned the “accident” long ago… Just kidding. What I heard was that the SD Attorney General had just consumed a fresh batch of confiscated/imported(Hollywood) adrenochrome. Advice for the children. Do not consume drugs and QAnon while driving. They do not mix well.

  4. And they wonder why Johnny public gets bent out of shape over the injustice of two apparent legal systems. One for them and one for the rest of us. Family should Sue.

    1. I remember the accident, and when I saw how they were downplaying and covering up the incident I assumed the victim was Native American, because they often end up walking and hitchhiking, and their deaths are minimized and dismissed.

    1. Look at all the people stopped at a DUI check point and PASSED the sobriety test and were arrested ANYWAY . . .

    2. Thats what “friends in high places” mean. The Sheriff (his friend) personally responded to the scene ALONE, recognizing his friend was drunk DID NOT DO a sobriety test and carried him home so that he could sleep off the liquor and then the next day they drove to the scene together and “magically discover” the body of a man.

    3. @Jared Tennant Absolutely right! Incredible corruption. These 2 men have no conscience at all. There was no investigation what so ever of that accident. None. I pity the poor victim’s loved ones. I would have taken both men to civil court, and taken everything they had, or would have in future, away from them. You just don’t treat a human life like garbage, and that’s what they both did.

    1. I see a banana republic mind set on this comment section all what about. Mentality. I just ignorant people having excuses to defend the indefensible. Conper ok ng events and wrong doing of each other to free from responsibility to the guy of my team don’t made that right. Wow I know I know why people tells me that I am a conservative. But a thruth conservative not a funny conservative like the mayority now . But I skip labels and I consider my self a critical thinker . Instead.

    1. @Mike j Really? 12 hours later? Man, how convenient for him…
      In other places, when you hit anything, even just a sign post, you dont leave the scene without an alcohol breath test and. And when your car looks like that, you’re taken in for a blood screening. The Banana State of South Dakota…

    1. Texas is that way too. There was that kid who mowed down a bunch of people with his car. His father was the police chief. That kid was out of jail in no time.

  5. No queries about the location of the body, point of impact, who conducted the investigation, who recommended the charges, who was the presiding judge? Nothing about his man’s family, lack thereof, or his connection to the community?

  6. “Sir did you hit a deer?”
    “I don’t know, let me ask the man who’s face is in my windshield.”
    Seriously, throw this man in jail.

    1. He’s not going to jail because of two prominent reasons: He’s white and he’s a Republican. And for a bonus, he’s a traitor for trump.

    2. @Tim Noyes And carrying a flashlight! “smarter than the average deer”..The guy was found with his clothes ripped off, but the flashlight still working.. I digress, we are mere voters in the political country..

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