How One Doctor Is The ‘Most Influential Spreader Of Covid Misinformation’

New York Times reporter Sheera Frenkel discusses how osteopathic physician Joseph Mercola creates and profits from misleading claims about coronavirus vaccines. Professor Ramesh Srinivasan also joins the discussion.

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How One Doctor Is The 'Most Influential Spreader Of Covid Misinformation'


    1. He is not banking off of people’s death…he is just warning people that there is a more natural way of fighting this than injecting unnatural and toxic chemicals into your body…in Japan they allow vitamin C IV that helped the body to fight off the virus but is not allowed in the US. Why…maybe because the pharmaceutical companies that make the vaccine have their hand in the honeypot!!

    2. @Janice La Pinta Yes, Diyanne is wrong but the bright side is the Delta variant will soon be her new friend. Delta will love her to death. Another victory for Darwin. So long, bye bye, Adios, Diyanne don’t let the coffin lid hit you in the butt on your way to your perpetual dirt nap.

  1. The AG for his state should be charging him from financially gaining from “Misinformation”.😥😥😥

    1. He promoted the use of tanning beds to reduce cancer..
      He advised women against getting mammograms..
      He’s a quack.

  2. Medical licence: “do no harm”. Someone purposefully getting people killed for cash shouldn’t be a doctor anymore.

    1. @M I wore my mask before we had any known cases in USA I was following the outbreak in China also had my shelf’s stocked . Food not tollet paper. Lol I had my vacation as soon as I was able. Know I will rely on big pharma for boosters I guess I’m at there mercy now good or bad?

    2. @DanaKay Conner Basically they are trying to shoot the messenger. I don’t follow Mercola but I do know the drug czars hook us on drugs based on the bad food provided by the food industry. The highly processed foods loaded with Petra chemicals are what’s tanking our immune systems. The data shows this. Nearly 1 million people die of heart disease, nearly 900,000 die of cancer, every year. You have ultra modern hospitals popping everywhere that look like cathedrals. Mercola at least is trying to make that part of the conversation and is being attacked for it. I am not saying he is 100 percent correct and we have no choice but to take the vaccines, but having a poor immune system due to our bad food exacerbates it.

  3. There’s laws like negligent homicde and manslaughter that need to be implemented for these criminal liars.

    1. If you publish false information that leads to *real* harm, you DESERVE to be sued. In fact take all their money and use it for healthcare for the people they harm.

    2. @ebf1003 they pull the strings and you dance like a puppet. Not questioning a thing. Just follow along because they claim it’s science

    3. @Andy Lord I understand what you are saying. But it is my understanding. That, while masks are very effective, at protecting others from being infected by the wearer. Mask’s only partially protect the wearer. Because the aresol droplets can still get into your eyes. So to more fully protect yourself. You would need to wear, both a mask and protective eyewear.

      Which is what I did, when I had to go out, while we were in the height of lockdown. I also wore disposable gloves. Even after they said that wasn’t nessescary… Even though I have been vaccinated. I still wear a mask in busy places. And a disposable gloves, if I am touching a public keypad, like at a self checkout, Redbox or gas pump… Not because someone told me to. But because, common sense tells me to error on the side of caution… Nobody else has to do these things… But I will.

    1. @Fiona Bolognagreat. That does provide antibodies. If you also got the vaccine your antibodies count would be off the charts.

  4. It is called Louisiana for a reason. It pains to see Osteopaths (like this doctor), Ophthalmologist (like the Senator) and fringe medical trainers misrepresenting science.

    1. @Dixon Uranus oh boy! You’re so wrong, it’s embarrassing. Do you have any idea what the efficacy of the covid 19 vaccine is?

    2. Another quack is “Dr” Sucharit Bhakdi. Fortunately banned from Twitter and Facebook. But still here on YT. YT has the lowest standard.

  5. This is so crazy,because if you try to sell a puppy on your Facebook they take it down, 1warning do it again they block you for 30days.NUTS!!

    1. We have a snake oil salesman here in Texas. He has moved into furniture. His name is Bob Mills and he puts a 500% markup on his furniture and then discounts it by 20% to make people think that they’re actually getting a deal 🤯

    2. @Lefty Loser have you been uneducated your whole life or are you just now deciding to throw that education to the wayside?

    3. There’s an old black and white movie where a snake oil salesman named Trump convinced the townspeople that the world is going to end but if they buy these umbrellas they will be protected! Ha,! And most of them did!

  6. Blame him all you want. The intellectual capacity of people who get their news from social media is a bigger concern.

    1. I will answer your rerun with mine, I am against you deciding, it should be me to decide who is guilty

    2. Wow, the trolls are out in full force today. But I agree with the spelling issues – 3 wrong spellings in one short phrase. That’s hilarious. Must be a record, even on YT.

    3. Exactly how deadly is COVID really? About 1 in every 150 people who catch COVID die from it, but the risk is different for each age group

  7. This guy needs to be yanked off the Internet, and charged. Fb and others need to be held accountable too.

    1. Why is Fauci still around. He lied to congress and help fund the Wuhan lab. He lied about masks and practically everything else.

    2. @Pohaku Mana I said the printer is not held accountable. The writers and readers are responsible for the words. FB is just a different technology than a printing press.

  8. He was selling anti cancer supplements for years . This is a long time coming . He’s been in legal trouble many times

    1. @The Strong Otaku Congress pinned back Dr. Oz’s ears for pushing questionable health supplements, but they allow Dr. Mercola to do the same? What’s wrong with this picture?

    2. @Bwen Luck Mercola has been in court over claims prior more on the cancer stuff than covid though

    1. I would have to know the specifics, doctors don’t know everything, I know people can be crazy but still doctors don’t know everything

  9. Unbelievable. He’s worth about 100 million. My prediction is by next year his lawyers will have most of that money. He is just another psycho grifter who needs to be held accountable.

    1. @J W I’ll really have to see your work on the Dems making this political. It isn’t political in ANY other country in the world. Would you be taking the vaccine if the Dems didn’t “make it political”?

    2. @J W Really? You don’t think it was the ring wing ignorant President who mocked masks? Or downplayed it by telling people it wouldn’t be a problem and would magically disappear? Or about lying how he received the vaccine? Or telling people to inject themselves with bleach? I’m asking you who do you really think turned this into a political issue? Because I think Biden taking the virus seriously was a main reason why he was elected. Not the Republican President who ignored it and had no plan to distribute vaccines to the people after he got vaccinated himself.

    3. @Andy Lord well, the dems started out saying, including fauci, that this was less invasive than the flu..
      Then when things started to get worse, they flipped this and utilized this opportunity to be judgemental about everything the President did..but, funny enough people like cuomo and others praised his quick and effective response..
      President Trump was popular and was doing a great job with the country and even let the economy slide to save lives..contrary to opinions..
      Anything you are rattling off about what President Trump has said is completely taken out of context and done this way to create the image that leftists needed to smear the President’s, in other words, edited, distorted and lied..
      Leftists utilized the deaths and the negative publicity purposefully to win an election.. its blaming conservatives for the upswing when it is braindead Joe’s continuous failures taking place in a very short time..
      Funny though, he is given every excuse in the book..
      Why is that ?


  10. This shows you that medical community over sight sucks they never hold any doctor accountable. This guy should be charged with neglect homicide period but the system won’t do anything and Facebook should also be held accountable

  11. This guy is just like the quack doctor in Britain who started the “Vaccines cause autism” lie.

    1. You might want to research that. Italy has found that vaccines do indeed cause autism. It’s not some “quack story”.

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