McCaskill: 'I Think You're Going To Get A Deal that Will Be Very Popular' 1

McCaskill: ‘I Think You’re Going To Get A Deal that Will Be Very Popular’


Former Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) and NBC's Jonathan Allen joined Stephanie Ruhle to discuss the latest developments on the Senate's bipartisan infrastructure proposal, and the political fallout if Congress fails to pass a package. "I think this could cost the Republicans the midterms," McCaskill says. Plus, NBC's Sahil Kapur reports from Capitol Hill with breaking updates.

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McCaskill: 'I Think You're Going To Get A Deal that Will Be Very Popular'


  1. Silly people. They actually still think Republicans are negotiating in good faith. After you’ve seen Lucy yank the football away from Charlie Brown for the hundredth time, it gets really boring. But get ready to watch it again.

    1. Yeah, I don’t understand it. Why not just throw it all in the reconciliation bill and call it a day?

  2. It is hard for a lot of US to not think Republicans will vote it down in the end, like they do with everything…actually passing something for the American people would mean the GOP doing their jobs and that is not what they do!

    1. Just throw a trillion in tax cut to his donors and the rich and they will line up to cast their vote.

    2. @Al Tischler When will you understand that an infrastructure project is an investment, not a giveaway? The Interstate Highway Act has paid for itself many times over. Investment in human capital, like the GI bill, which kicked of the postwar boom. Raising the standard of education (so we don’t have to explain things to you) pays back in increased productivity. Now it takes a BA to get the kind of job a HS diploma used to be good for, yet we only support public education K-12. When I got my BA in 1968, my first job paid $5400 a year, about par back then. In today’s money, that’s $42,000, which is about what a BA would get you today, except back then employers trained you; now you have to get experience doing unpaid internships or working in the gig economy. Meanwhile, real GDP per capita has doubled and house prices have quadrupled. So the rich have gotten a lot richer, and the middle class have been screwed; but in your mind, shifting the balance more to the centre is a “giveaway”. Reaganomics. Herbert Hoover.

    3. The “Transit Issue” will never be resolved, because included in the language is the Biden administration holding $200bil in transportation funding over states’ heads to end single family zoning in their suburbs. States dont want to end single family zoning…neither do all the suburban men that handed Biden the election. So get real. Whats interesting is that the administration nor the media, who will dig into the smallest details when it suits them, they arent talking about it because they know that their support for it will evaporate faster than a raindrop in the sun.

  3. Well we he’d very unpopular policies the last 4 years that led to 90% unemployment and economic collapse so we dodged a bullet getting Biden in there and saving us!

    1. @Raptango_NA yes it does mean you support having a facist dictatorship in our country if you don’t support the Anti-facist ideology. Sorry nothing you can say to change my mind.

    2. @Seth Huddleston change your mind…lol. I was just asking you to explain why you support terrorism to fight imaginary Fascists. You must be really bored in your life.

    3. Trump gave us the best economy in a generation. 90% unemployment? You’re out of your mind, even for Che Guevara.

    1. This!!! And also climate change costs (fires, floods, scarcity of valuable resources, etc), and probably this insistence on continued, unchecked growth over sustainable equilibrium.

  4. Stephs, comparison to the previous administration’s infrastructure week doesn’t really apply, they had a more overwhelming control of the 3 branches of government until 2018, Mitch M, and the Federalist society called the shots and then there’s the video of the President kicking a binder of regulations across the floor during an infrastructure week speech.

    1. Stephanie is a dishonest, corporate chaos agent. Obscuring and bending information is what she does… She also loves private jets and cheating on her husband with the ceo of Under Armour. Such a good catholic.

  5. Republicans ain’t ever going to vote FOR anything, they’re desperately trying to waste as much of Biden’s Presidency as possible.

    1. Which makes them look so bad that I seriously doubt the republicans will be back in power anytime soon.n

    2. They have spoken out repeatedly that their only allegiance is to DJT. Not to the American people, our country or our constitution.

    FOCUS !

  7. Ruled by fear of anything and everything! Now we are afraid of inflation that is easily explained by the events of the last year, smh.

  8. Stephanie, why aren’t you throwing the republicans under the bus like you did Bernie Sanders?!?! You don’t have to be a mean mess with the only one in the senate that was trying to help the poor during the height of covid!!!

  9. Really?? Because with every passing moment it seems the Infrastructure Bill gets watered down more and more to appease the GQP. By the time it’s actually passed, it’s gonna be so stripped bare and ineffective that working class America will NEVER see anything tangible from it.

  10. Claire was a Blue Dog moderate Democrat and she lost her re-election to someone who simply lied about her record. So if they’re gonna say you’re a socialist baby-killer no matter what, might as well pass tax increases and give ppl the same level of public services and infrastructure they’d get in Canada or any EU country.

    1. A neoprogressives isn’t going to get elected in Missouri. Look at the one who tried in West Virginia, she failed miserably where a Democrat like Joe Manchin won. You still haven’t seen a squad type democrat win outside a deep blue bubble so your argument really doesn’t hold water.

  11. I wouldn’t trust republicans’ negotiations – they ask for stuff, get it, then vote against it. They are miserable, party over country people, with not a bipartisan bone in their bodies.

    1. You’re right.. Listen to that guy.. They already blame the democrats for not being flexible..

    2. LOL, Look at anything that is run by democrats. Look at IL or more to the point Chicago. Democrats are the slave owner party and it shows how there corruption and politics work.

    3. Fix climate change, end racism, help the poor, 3 big lies Biden promised while debating Pres Trump

  12. New York City Transit’s subway system is 100 years old and in desperate need of repair! Every town in America needs improvement. Infrastructure is common ground

  13. The GQP is JUST LIKE Lucy with the Football! They will agree to a deal and then pull out at the last minute! They NEVER DEAL in Good Faith! Despicable!

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