Vaccine Pass Requirements In Europe Lead To Boost In Demand For Shots 1

Vaccine Pass Requirements In Europe Lead To Boost In Demand For Shots

NBC's Claudio Lavanga reports live from Rome on how European countries are increasing coronavirus vaccinations as the United States struggles to get more shots in arms as cases surge nationwide. He explains new measures there requiring proof of vaccination and why some Europeans are protesting in response.

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Vaccine Pass Requirements In Europe Lead To Boost In Demand For Shots


  1. If it significantly boosts vaccination levels, probably worth dealing with protesters. I’m expecting more employers to require the vaccine as soon as its no longer under an emergency approval.

    1. @nanochase We are proud to be notorious for a few things. We have a lot of political parties, about 1500 different cheeses, some 3240 different wines and 67 million different opinions to protest about.

    2. @What about numbers and notes ? and yet you all cant interact with other humans as a pedestrian with any courtesy! xD i loved paris and the people where great but not out in public…. i let a woman cut in front of me once with like 2 bags and suitcase and she looked at me like i just gave her 50 euros..

    3. @What about numbers and notes ? Sounds like a bunch of people that jsut can’t make up their minds. lol

    4. @srgreeniii A funny way to express it. Not the usual one. Looks like you have something french in your blood.

  2. Who cares if Trumpers protest. Let’s not listen to them…the way they did not listen to us.

    1. Never listened to them!
      I can only relate to rational human beings not people who listen to deranged voices like they do.

  3. We didn’t eradicate smallpox by requesting everyone get vaccinated. We required it for going to school, traveling, working in a lot of places, and more.

    The smallpox vaccine is about as effective as the Pfizer vaccine, 95%, although most people are vaccinated as children and effectiveness wanes as you get older. But there are no breakthrough smallpox infections. Why?

    because EVERYONE is vaccinated. Without unvaccinated hosts, no one can carry the virus.

    1. @Ish modz

      Me 10 Months in. Still horrible. So tired I go to bed at 7pm sometimes. Wake up at 10 am still tired. Lungs are fine. Midriff is ripped to shreds

    2. Smallpox has killed over 500M people between 1875 and 1975. The vaccination effort to eradicate it was systematic and relentless. It was remarkable.
      Polio on the other hand is still endemic in some regions that refuse vaccination for religious or cultural reasons (the vaccine and the doctor/nurse’s fee is paid by a UN program). That is 67 years after the development of the vaccine by Dr Salk.

    1. I would like to force gym to mandate members to be vaccinated. There was an outbreak at mine last winter and two friends died from it.

    2. It’s the same fake “freedom” that smokers claimed in 1970s and ’80s.
      Sure they have the right to smoke themselves to death.
      But we have the right not to breathe their toxic fumes.

    3. @niels lund “The vaccine gives a 95-98% chance of not getting the disease or getting it in a form that does not require treatment.” you just described the immune system for 99.9% of the population

  4. Republicans think these vaccine mandates are something new. They are not! Mandates for certain vaccines have been around for years. For schools, universities, some jobs and businesses, some areas of travel. Get your shot and protect yourself and others around you!

    1. @Paul Philippart my mother must be very dead considering she’s been dead and cremated for 15 years.

    2. @Faux Que I’m not making threats as you threaten me. You aren’t the brightest bulb on the string, are you? In case you haven’t figured it out, you trolls have started turning on each other.

    1. The longer it lasts, the higher the probability of a deadlier variant developing which might break through immunization. Then God help us all.

    2. @Reg U Like I said, I don’t cater to lazy people who won’t look things up. Look up or shut up.

    3. @Reg U original point: if there was only 11% antivax, this pandemic would be over in a month
      my point: it happened inIsrael (3/4 of the population fully vaxxed), but it hasn’t solved the problem at all
      you: fail to understand this simple point,
      I can dumb it down for you if you want

    1. 15 days to slow the spread. Your narrative falls apart with any amount of grade school level scrutiny.

  5. This is absolutely coming to America.
    Either get the shot,
    or stock up on supplies and prepare for a solitary life.

    1. @Gimbalos Morkinar I’m literally speaking in factual data and your response is “Lol drunk pregnancy durrrr. I’m so morally superior as a Leftie and smart durrrr”

    1. @Freedom Lover The virus continued to spread, because people like YOU refused to take it seriously from DAY ONE.

    2. @Noreb #1 Its been proven around the world when governments implement covid passports the vaccination rate jumps instantly.
      #2 concerts and shows are starting back up in Quebec and if you don’t have the password you can’t enjoy, including restaurants and so on.
      #3 visitors more specifically visitors from the US when they open our border won’t enjoy much in Canada without the covid passport.
      Protecting our citizens.
      So yeah I’m a silly cultists.
      A silly cultists who is looking forward to life getting bat to normal.
      Enjoy your sofa.

  6. None of this is unheard of- children have to have up to date vaccinations to attend school, don’t they? And by definition, that means adults too- bcuz those vaccines last a lifetime- you can’t travel to other countries without certain shots- the military has to get lots of shots-

    1. mRNA vaccines are 100% new to the public & forced Masks, shots, tests, lockdowns & quarantines are NOT healthy
      Not to mention the economy is imploding due to all this crap. Wake up

  7. Freedoms being violated, huh? Sounds like the same ridiculous rhetoric that we listen to here in the US. I wonder who’s spreading these stupid ideas around.

    1. It’s the same fake “freedom” that smokers claimed in 1970s and 80s.
      Sure they have the right to smoke themselves to death. But we have the right not to breathe their toxic fumes.

  8. Covid =
    1= A
    9= I

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