Why Adam Schiff Expects Subpoenas In Jan. 6th Investigation 1

Why Adam Schiff Expects Subpoenas In Jan. 6th Investigation


Rep. Adam Schiff speaks with Hallie Jackson about why he expects the need to compel GOP witnesses during the Jan. 6 investigation. "Yes, I do," he tells Jackson. "We want to make sure, for example, when we request documents that we get all of them."

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Why Adam Schiff Expects Subpoenas In Jan. 6th Investigation


  1. Kevin McCarthy seems as if he doesn’t want the Truths to come out what really happened and why on 1/6

    1. The truth is very simple. Trump is the legitimate President of the United States today.
      The crooked communist Democrats stole the election after midnight and pulled out dozens and dozens of suitcases with pristine ballots with no creases in them which we actually saw on videos, and stole the election for China Joe Biden late into the night. And the Trump supporters on January 6 were demanding justice and audits. You can’t have illegal migrants, dead people and these cheating communist Democrats pulling out ballots after midnight stealing the election from Donald Trump. There’s the truth you are seeking.

    2. @harold harris I dont respect liars opinions like the criminal Trump family and all red hat MAGA cult members.

    1. @Angela Siegfried ” The democrats tried” That’s the unofficial motto of the Democratic Party. “We tried.”

    2. House dem tried to before! Talk to Mitch about that! The republican did run all 3 branches of Government at the time you know!

  2. It’s amazing how Pat Toomey has forgotten about the Benghazi investigation. Which was only held to make Hillary Clinton look bad before the 2016 election. Politics is involved with every decision made in Washington DC at this point.

    1. @Toward Treatise also remember the democratic party was for states rights in 1861 and the Republican party was for big government up until 1933 when FDR came to power.

    2. @KongKing Live 2.0 remember we aren’t responsible for our ancestors actions.. and that’s why we shouldn’t pay reparations I believe are encouraged to keep racism alive. And if we do, why we should fine the democrats and hand it to the republicans. Do I believe in evolution more than you do? I face racism from democrats every day I do this. I believe skin color doesn’t matter.

    3. @Toward Treatise he was the longest serving president in history. And he changed this country forever with his policies. So when he came to power. Remember he was the reason why they put a two term limit on the presidency.

    1. Republicans investigated hilary ten times and admitted that the last one was politically motivated to miss up her chances to be president..Now the wolf is crying wolf

    2. @Pepe The Frog I can agree with that, but she is not a martyr merely acted on the delusion and belief in the great lie. It is a shame she died defending a lie.

    3. @PIPE DOWN how come Hillary is not in jail for smashing her smartphones with hammers AFTER they were
      subpoenaed? Do the shoe on the other foot test. What if Trump did exactly that? What would your communist fake news be doing?

    4. @Ian B it doesn’t matter what she was defending. She was murdered for no reason by Capitol police and the media wants to cover it up.

  3. It’s actually the opposite of what Toomey said. It’s politically a disadvantage for republicans to keep this issue front and center. Seeking the truth shouldn’t be about politics. But, since the truth is a disadvantage to Republicans they don’t want the truth out. But our democracy is on the line and as usual Republicans are putting party over country.

    1. @Steve Austin Stay in Moscow comrade lol too funny lol We are gonna punish Putin lol It’s gonna be funny lol.

  4. Anyone opposing the Commission is probably part of the Insurrection and should be called in to answer questions on what they were doing on and before that day, which is basically the whole GQP who has been trying to misinform on what happened that day

    1. i hope im not being dumb ,, but … why is there an investigation .. ? didnt the whole world watch the insurection live on tv !! ? it happened .. insurectionists are going to jail…. investigate what ?? !!

    2. @Andrew Perry wrong. Wrong wrong. Go home eat a big bowl of warm greens. Help you out because you’re full of bull💩💩💩💩

  5. The gop are hidding their participation on the inserection, time to get agressive with the investigation starting with polygraphs or this will happen again, Republicans are talking about using force in 2022 and 2024

  6. No need others, it’s already July 26th! Tomorrow the select committee begins. Start the supeona.

    1. @Scott Harrison No it is not! Maybe in your demented tRumpster mind! But not in the real world! Now send grifter tRump all your money!

  7. Yah know, when watching the hearings that are made public, I prefer that Republicans ask intelligent, relevant and well informed questions. We want to know what happened and how we can have it not happen again.

  8. Its obvious McCarthy’s selections were to disrupt and make illegitimate the commission. He didn’t get his main disruptors and seditionists so he’s whining off to his corner. He’s guilty he knows it.

    1. You mean, Nancy deliberately kicked out the only two Republicans who would’ve questioned her role in deliberately sabotaging capitol security by denying repeated requests from the Capitol Police for more personnel. Which is why McCarthy rightfully withdrew all of his picks, once he saw Nancy was going to prevent a full investigation by playing her usual political games.

    2. @大中華陰囊增強有限公司- exactly.
      Freedom living patriots are all over the world!!!

    1. Yeah, it would be nice if that was actually enforced. Moscow Mitch would have been in the hoosegow years ago now.

  9. If the Committee starts now, we’ll have the final report before the next general election. This is perfect timing and will serve as a deterrent to the orange lunatic, in case he decides to run again.

    1. If the committee does their job he’ll be ineligible via the 14th Amendment to hold any office anywhere in America. Traitors cannot hold office. I mention this because I could totally see this modern GQP running him from prison if the 14th didn’t exist.

    2. Just like you said, we all know this is nothing but politics and show. It’s not going to help dummycrats in the midterm it’s actually going to hurt. So is hyper inflation, hyper illegal immigration, lock downs and mask mandates, sky rocketing crime rates, and getting nothing done. Statistically speaking dummycrats have zero chance of holding both chambers and at this rate they will be lucky to hold one. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂

  10. They are desperate that the preplanning doesn’t become nationally known, plenty of evidence staring us right in the face-

  11. He needs to name who else was present at that meeting, and the participants need to be subpoenaed and brought in to testify- they’re going to squeal and cry about it, but they must obey- show your muscles and get tough, Democrats! 💪🏻⚖🗽

  12. I don’t give a sh*t if it’s politically advantageous. I want justice for the attack on our democracy!

  13. I don’t give a sh*t if it’s politically advantageous. I want justice for the attack on our democracy!

    1. trump made everything political for 4 years and now the Republicans want to say you can’t do that..I don’t think it’s political but Republicans need something to get behind so it doesn’t happen or to delegitimize it.

    2. Just like every other stunt Trump pulled, prepare to be disappointed. I can’t wait to vote more of them out next year.

  14. I would imagine that the commission has a lot of evidence we haven’t seen yet. I hope this investigation is public.

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