How One Man Stood Up To Trump And Saved Democracy For Michigan | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Rachel Maddow looks back on how close Donald Trump and his supporting Republicans came to subverting democracy in Michigan in 2020 but for one man, Aaron Van Langevelde, Republican vice chair of the Michigan State Board of Canvassers, who sided with the rule of law instead. Aired on 03/26/2021.
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How One Man Stood Up To Trump And Saved Democracy For Michigan | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. Your ignorance is on full display. Looks like you never learned about The Party Switch@SteadFastSpirit 42

    2. It can happen here.

      Remember that Fascism has been licking at America’s door for decades, and it has only ever been held back by a handful of people being true to the heart of the country over their own ideology. We have been primed to welcome it, we have been groomed, and it is these terrifyingly flimsy break points that keep use from being prey.

      We can do better.

      We must do better.

    3. @Christian Heckmann Engelbrecht I believe so💯👍…everytime those fools go to a new low, more people are seeing what they’re doing (especially the newest/youngest voter) and only hurting themselves more. 75ish% of American citizens want med4all (or at least the option of), I think it was close to that for $15 minimum wage, and Biden’s approval rating the last I knew was 65ish%. This tells me that large majority cares about society, environment, and that we need each other to survive at a basic level. We have the WH, the House, and the Senate. Biden, as well as the majority of this country understand very well what the hard-right Repubs are trying to do and that they intend to go as low as necessary. Our majority aren’t going to change our minds, nor will propoganda, spam, trolls, work either…we have common sense and can think critically. Our responsibility is to get young new voters and folks that don’t vote, involved and even excited about politics, that THEIR vote really IS important and DOES COUNT!! To understand what is at stake and start voting every two yrs., to keep pushing those at the local, state, and fed levels to keep moving forward. To call our state senators to tell them to pass H1 and to destroy that Filibuster bs. 🇺🇲💙💯✊✊✌💯
      I’m so sorry for the length!✌😊

  1. America won’t be that lucky next time. The Georgia GOP has already given itself powers to overturn election results. Plus in Michigan it was literally one guy who refused. Seems Americans will have to always hope that there is at least one Republican in the room willing to do the right thing and I don’t think that there always will be.

    1. @Joe Rubio Trump is an Indictment of America. He has emboldened these people. And he was clever enough to key in on their fears, their hatred and xenophobia. They don’t care what he says or does, as long as he hates the same people they do. This is America.

    2. @Allen C. omg… the democrats sold us out before the republicans did. Republicans tried to expose this in 2012 before being bought out. Both parties are controlled by the same people. You’re literally buying in to your own enslavement.

    3. @Allen C. In 1933 you people literally would have fought tooth over nail to make sure Hitler stayed in power. It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.

    4. @Allen C. you need to go watch court hearings on agenda 21 and listen to some people who actually went to the Earth summit in Rio instead of mindlessly blaming people and going on a witch hunt. All you’re doing is contributing to the problem.

    1. I agree…would totally shut him up and make it obvious he is just another common criminal, so the others involved and being criminated feel better that justice is actually blind,

    2. @Marc Bergeron 70odd million where dumb enough to vote for him. He’s a excellent opposition politician. Even without curruption he is still a threat to win. 😔

    1. @karl harrison put your helmet on and go outside and play Karl, grown ups are conversing..and stay away from the road this time.

  2. Another decent, patriotic Republican that Trump and his flying monkeys is going to target as a RINO to be purged from the Cult.

  3. It is so important to continue the conversation and highlight the corruption.
    The general population is tired and just wants it to go away but crimes have been committed, crimes that must addressed.

    1. @Jessi Taran they are succeeding right now, using election law changes …. apparently, Georgia Republican election officials can call the vote for the Republicans even if the Democrats really won.

    2. You Libs think that the Truth is so funny!! Well the election was rigged, many PA ballots dumped into the Delaware River!! The Deep State Courts rigged it to make Biden win. Patriot MTG tried to speak out and fight the corruption but the Deep State Establishment of your Commie Czar Chairman Schumer, Empress Pelosi and Socialist Princess AOC want to Cancel and Censored our Leader the 45th President Trump!! Marjorie T. Greene was right Cancel Culture is destroying the country with Socialism and Chinavirus.. So we all in the MAGA Movement are going to get 20 more MTG’s and Trump-likes into Congress.
      We Can’t-Wait!!!

    3. @Samurai44314 Games it is acceptability and justice only for certain people that’s what needs to be fixed.

  4. It seems America’s certification process relays on integrity and honesty, where are the checks and balances for these republicans who no longer care what the voters want??

    1. @Kristian Fagerström Get your ad blocker ready for whatever links you get and be prepared to check your brain at the door, heh.

    2. Part of the checks and balances is the integrity and honesty for ALL Americans who are supposed to care about the country they live in. People need to understand how their govt. is supposed to work and be involved on some level in making sure they do their part in knowing what is right and isn’t. They need to be involved in their communities and understand their rights about voting, and showing up to vote to make sure they ARE heard by that vote. Speak up to somebody when you see or hear something you think is wrong, and find out the truth. The best way to have a good country is to help choose good people to do the best job. Make people responsible for what they promise.

    3. @Lynn Robinson When there wasn’t a pandemic, I really loved helping people to vote. As a young adult and a pre-middle-age adult, I would just watch for people having difficulty at the polls and offer to go through with them to help answer questions and make sure they were at the right polling place and stuff. Later I joined a group that picked up rural residents and people in group homes and stuff who wanted to vote, and took them to polling places. In most cases it was just transportation, but in some cases it was their first time and we could help explain it.

      The only part we couldn’t be there for–and didn’t want to be there for–was, of course, the actual vote in the booth. We had volunteers and security watching us closely, but any assistance that facilitates a legally cast vote was allowed in my area (except for participating in the actual voting process). Pretty cool.

    4. @Nic DeGrave agreed.
      Having the Russian (&other) countries supporting the Orange Goblin hit us harder than I could had ever expected.
      Propaganda is a powerful force and we still havent found a was to reverse the effects that it has had on so many people…. many should know better but refuse, for unknown reasons, to accept the facts and realize they have been lied to and manipulated.
      At least, for not, it seems that our federal government is getting back in order. On the other hand some states are going rogue with voter suppression or lifting Every Covid19 restrictions sooner than they probably should.
      I hate masks, I got vaccinated and I still wear the mask. 500,000 dead is a lot of people. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for any, so I do what I feel is best.

    5. Very good point. But as long as the ignorant masses vote for them they will never be held accountable.

  5. Aaron Van Langevelde is like a GI on Midway in WWII. We (ie the US without political preference) are under attack from the Japanese. We (!) will defend. Just like in WWII there was not political allegiance. Well done sir! You have done your country proud. As a post script this is from me, a New Zealander with a UK / Russian heritage. Aaron, if you ever get ostracized: wear that as a badge of honour.

  6. Both of the Republicans were going to refuse, until they made the mistake of allowing Michigan resedents to join the meeting. It was pretty much a non stop reading of the riot act against their attempt to not certify the votes from Wayne county. Apparently that was the wake up call that got him to realize that he was going somewhere that wouldn’t be good for his political future if he didn’t certify Wayne county with all of the rest of the state.

    1. Stood up to Trump? That’s easy. Show me the man who stood up FOR Trump. It’s easy to stand up for someone when you’re among the majority, but what about the other way around? 70 million votes cannot be wrong! Trump should be in that Oval Office. Not our previous VP who creeps on Americans. When will this insanity end?

    2. @becky doesit
      Evidently you didn’t do very well in math:
      Biden won 81,281,502 votes, Trump won 74,222,593.

      81,281,502>74,222,593 Biden wins!
      81,281,502-74,222,593=7058909 Biden won by over 7 million votes!

      If you are going to be lame and repeat Trump’s big lie about the election being stolen, then why is Biden the President even after all Trumps’ shenanigans with the election officials in Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Nevada? Why is Biden still the President when Trump could not prove any wide spread fraud in 60 court cases?

      Trump is a loser and you just can’t accept reality.

    3. @becky doesit 70 million votes can be less right than 80 million though. We know math works the same in Russia, so shut up already, comrade.

    4. @becky doesit the convoluted logic of CONald’s gullible followers is nothing new. Always spin-doctoring the truth to fit their KKK agenda.

    5. @becky doesit fine, those who stormed the capitol for him. That he abandoned. That will do time for trump.

    1. @Em Andem Another one who tries to insult their opponent when they don’ have a good defense for their opinion. And a very good opinion it is I must say, did you just make up the poll results or can you show me FACTS.

  7. Give Mr.Langevelde the medal with the highest honor possible, he deserves one, he helped the voters of Michigan’s voices be heard loud and clear. we need more like him in our corner, doing the right thing for the right reason like the rats in Georgia.

    1. I can’t just click a thumbs up on this, you have hit that nail on the head. Reward virtue. Give due honour to those who recognise the difference between the right side and the dark side. Acknowledge the quiet heroes, and honour them!
      Make sure your country knows who they are, and what they have done.

    2. @4:20 Fishing ?
      What are you talking about?
      Are you talking about what happened in Republican states? Pull your head out. Mate.

    3. @4:20 Fishing
      Oh because I’m not a white supremacist I’m racist lmao.
      Oh little one you do need to grow up.

  8. There is still a man who has honor…Thank You for stay honest and true…words can not express what that means in this day and age…

    1. How can anyone just waltz through life living a lie like there’s nothing wrong ? IDK how anyone could ever trust them again, POS

    2. It’s as old as time: fear of losing a well paid job for doing the right thing. In this case, Trump is a sociopath who has created a cult. He threatens to destroy anyone who disagrees with his autocratic beliefs.

      It happens all the time in corporate America. Speak up, lose your job. Corrupt leadership.

    3. how can the american government the greatest democracy in the world become so helpless against tyranny and how will the current administration counter such a disgraceful move

    4. The current administration is nothing but a bunch of thieves and thought police. The fact that anyone believes either side R or D is working for you is laughable. Both parties play off each other to screw over the American people.

    1. @UrGreatestEnemy the system in place in America favours heavily the 2 biggest parties, the same is true In the UK.

    2. @paul menard The system heavily favors the two parties because the media won’t give any other parties any coverage the news only shows the two parties and focuses all their airtime to supporting their narrative that people have to choose one of the two parties. There is no such thing anymore as an unbiased media. From the beginning of picking candidates the media won’t let 3rd parties participate in the electoral process it’s only red vs blue that’s how they have brainwash the people and rig the election to favor the two parties.

  9. You can see why he respects Putin. He wants the power similar to Putin, and the wealth that comes with it. Thank the Lord he is gone! Divine intervention.

    1. @Dixie Longate facebook and twitter were used to plan attacks for the blm riots also, and was supported by them and politicians, our current VP helped bail out several offenders. If you are being truthful there is no way you can justify the violence on either side. However, the violence and looting was clearly supported for BLM and antifa, and then everyone is appalled by JAN 6 – it is hypocritical. Either violent protest are bad or not it is that simple.

    2. @Lee Smith actually the FBI came to the conclusion that BLM and Antifa groups did not use social media to “plan attacks.” They used them to coordinate rallies. In those rallies, there was indeed some violence which I don’t condone in any way from any side. Those people who were violent were apprehended and charged just as the January 6th rioters are being apprehended and charged. The FBI has released reports stating plainly that there was no planning of violence on social media during this summer’s protests. If you want to not believe the reports, that’s up to you. These reports were written from the Trump justice department so you can’t say that it is the current administration trying to smear the former one.
      Social media was, however, deliberately used to plan violent attacks on the Capitol including, what many believe, from the former president which is why he was de-platformed. But again, the decision to de platform him was taken by the social media companies themselves, not by law enforcement. Just making sure you are understand the actual facts in these two cases which you seem to be getting incorrect and easily verifiable information about.
      I am not in any way supportive of violence. And when people think they can get their way using violence, it is a sad day for America. Sadly, it happens too often and the rhetoric that invites it must be clamped down. We need to start by getting the actual facts in these situations and then we must hold those accountable that claim to be fighting on our side. We have to keep our own side of the street clean if we can ever hope to cross the street to work with people who hold different beliefs. We must all be able to have rational, thoughtful, civic conversations just like you and I are having here rather than the bomb throwing that is so prevalent. And for that, I thank you for your integrity.

    3. @Dixie Longate thank you for your reasoned and gentle responses. We’ve got a big job ahead of us, trying to disentangle all the lies and free the former supporters from the poisonous misinformation they’ve been fed for so many years. I applaud your efforts.

    4. @Anders Olav Garlid thank you. I appreciate that. My hope is that we can all be better neighbors, better friends and better Americans. The only way we do that is by telling the truth and gaining and understanding the facts. Minds do change when you attack people, only when you are willing to listen and grow together. We have a big road ahead. But we should all have a desire for a better country that helps all Americans thrive

    1. I was able to find and send him an email the day following his vote and thank him. He was kind enough to acknowledge. A man doing his job and doing the right thing.

    2. @Wayne Slater And that is supposed to make me feel bad? Hahahaha. Sweetie, he’s not my type either…

    1. @Michael Reid Yoy don’t know how unpopular B7den 8s and thrceap in just 2 shorts months has done. Also many cant figure out how he won in the first olace.

    2. @Darron Madura people like you say that because their feelings are hurt that their dear leader trump lost the election to President Biden. If what you claim is true, what does that say about you’re dear leader, he can’t even win an election against Biden. So I’ll refer to my previous statement, Yes trump is washed up and after that insurrection he pulled on January 6th, more Americans voters hate him more than ever.

    3. @DirtStarMaster What a laugh. He inherited his wealth, he’s not grown it for much of anything. His “wealth” only swelled after he became the managing partner of his Dad’s business, and they cut his eldest brother’s family out of the will. Read Mary Trump’s book. His Dad pulled his loser butt out of the fire quite often. Trump Tower was built while his Dad was still a managing partner, along with the money men Dad had in place. The casinos were a disaster. The golf clubs were a decent move but now they’re losing money, along with Mar A Lago. His brand is trash now, and it won’t get better.

    4. @DirtStarMaster Describing John McCain as a beta anything makes your opinion of anyone’s character suspect. He refused to be pulled out of the Vietnamize prison where he was tortured so badly he had permanent damage to his shoulders, because he wouldn’t leave without his men. CheetoJesus had “bone spurs” yeah, in his vagina.

  10. They say that all that it takes for evil men to succeed is for good men to do nothing.

    The addendum should be that all it takes to thwart evil is for one good man to do something.

    1. Edmund Burke 1770. Interestingly his writings, which this quote is drawn from laid the foundations for conservatism

    1. Jezz! If it wasn’t for Mr. Aaron and his honesty we could have being fried by now…thank you Mr Aaron and well done keep your honesty intact 🙏

    1. @nancy coole yes of course.All those you named are despicable but also Mr Langevelde’s fellow Republican committee member who did what Trump wanted. His name should be made public.

    2. @Tamalia Alisjahbana YES, totally agree. EVERY single one who participated in the attempt to overthrow OUR election MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE….Or, next time they may succeed. They came extremely close

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