How The Spread Of Variants Is Changing The Calculus On Vaccine Distribution | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

How The Spread Of Variants Is Changing The Calculus On Vaccine Distribution | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow looks at the new surge in Covid cases in Michigan and wonders if special targeting of the state with vaccines could be a strategy for containing the spread. Dr. Peter Hotez, co-director of the Texas Children's Hospital Center for Vaccine Development, joins to discuss the state of the race against Covid and its variants. Aired on 04/02/2021.
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How The Spread Of Variants Is Changing The Calculus On Vaccine Distribution | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Definitely an interesting proposition. The issue is, where does the vaccine come from? Wouldn’t that punish those that excelled at distributing the vaccine to their residents?

    1. Your question is based on the assumption that surges are based on bad vaccine distribution. Thing is that it is most probably caused by faster spread because of the more contagious english variant. This means that if vaccination doesn’t keep up with the spread, there will be a new wave. That is why in places where there are surges, vaccination needs to speed up, hence this request from Wittmer. Makes perfect sense to me.
      Only when there is sufficient vaccine available, as to not hinder the vaccination pace in the rest of the country, will it be possible to fulfill the request. Otherwise it would turn into a wack a mole game.

    2. @Patrick C I think what cars & chris means, is that people who do not wear face masks and practice social distancing, thus create hot spots, are being given the vaccine earlier than people in places that DO wear masks and take measures.

    3. Whatever the reason the surge, people are not locked up in their states, so a surge is dangerous for everybody. So it is to our benefit to try and slow the hot spots.

    4. @bo ter berg Stars in the sky put it exactly right: no matter the cause of the surge, you can’t leave it unaddressed because as long as there are “pockets” of virus, it can affect the rest of the population. So although it doesn’t feel right, there’s no choice but to keep doing what science dictates. If that means some sceptics will get the vaccine before others who followed the advice given, so be it. A pandemic needs a very practical approach! Feelings and political views don’t matter.
      Btw. chances are that the people refusing to wear masks, will be represented the most in the group of people refusing to get vaccinated? So it may well be that they will be the last vaccinated, if ever. They will have to be educated for hopes to minimise risk for the rest of the population. As always really, the sceptics need to be properly informed to minimize risk for the population at large. Same goes for climate change.. Unfortunately this is a general principle where threats to the population as a whole is concerned.

    5. @Patrick C The answer from the government to Michigan should be to ask them to redouble on lock downs and mask mandates. Measures like that start working the day they are implemented. Vaccination takes weeks before taking effect. They don’t have weeks. With a lack of messaging in the media about the importance of holding out for a few more weeks with staying home and masking up, many more places are going to be like Michigan. Rachel, sadly, fails miserably like many others in that respect. Her guest never gets to talking about the importance of mitigating measures that don’t rely on medicine.

  2. By the same logic, the people who most need to be vaccinated are the “superspreaders” who won’t wear a face covering or socially distance.

    1. @atheist28403 If it was then there would be no transmission and as such no mortality, but there is so it isn’t true.

    2. @Mary He also said masks weren’t necessary and that they didn’t work.
      Herd immunity will get here soon enough.

  3. It takes 3-4 weeks for the vaccine to generate significant immunity in the body. Let’s say you manage to jump on localised outbreaks within 2 weeks (to the point of needles going in a significantly increased number of arms). So you’re at 6 weeks before you’re addressing the issue…? To me this seems slow compared to the timeline over which local hotspots develop and become significant.
    Not to mention that it arguably creates disincentives to do a good job of controlling the spread and is unlikely to add efficiency to vaccine distribution as a whole.
    Flip side: vaccine hesitancy is an issue and people may be more inclined to receive doses if their local area is seeing an uptick in cases.

  4. She should tell her citizens to act like ADULTS and don’t pretend there isn’t a virus. Also, so far 30 states are seeing a surge, soooo are we suppose to send more vaccines to all these states? I don’t think so.

  5. B117 variant quadrupled cases (and deaths) in UK in 6-8 weeks when it really took hold. It took a full country lockdown and vaccines to bring it under control. Almost 60% of adults in UK now have at least one dose which includes everyone in at-risk groups, apart from deniers. UK cases and deaths are reduced by over 90% from the peak and ICU/hospitalisations are down from 40k+ to 4k. You can see it happening in Europe now, most countries are well into a 3rd wave and are implementing lockdowns.

    The USA vaccine rollout may blunt the rise in USA though, data appears to show even one dose drastically reduces hospitalization and deaths. A consistent 1% of the population getting vaccinations every day is impressive.

    1. More people need to read about this — we have too many people in denial when it comes to vaccines.

    2. @DAVID Assertions are not facts. It’s incredibly irresponsible to spread that kind of nonsense, god knows people like you do actually listen.

    3. @renideo It’s a fact. Too many people would rather let the news and sold out self proclaimed experts decide their fate. 90% of the ingredients are toxic, not to mention the experimental gene modifying technology that hasn’t been tested long term to see if it destroyed immune systems, which in theory it will.

  6. B117 discovered in UK due to amount of genomic testing the UK has done. It may have originated in the UK or elsewhere.
    The ability to do a lot of genomic screening partly due to a large number cancer genomic screening projects in the UK.
    Variants are more likely to happen in individuals who have been infected by more than one variant of the disease at the same time. Also more chance of variants being created by people who remain infected for a longer time. Some patients may be ill with Covid for weeks or months which would increase the likelihood of variants.
    The B117 may not have originated in the UK but it certainly was discovered there

    1. The South African variety was found in a nursing home in a city near me and it did not come from South Africa, it mutated here in a parallel mutation. The ‘Rona is evolving.

  7. Redirection of vaccinations to areas of the country where citizens are either too foolish or stupid to take the necessary steps to protect themselves and others is a poor choice…punish and don’t vaccinate the citizens on a fair and equitable basis because the country will pander to the fools among us is insanity!

  8. Scientifically the current introduced solutions: vaccine vs variants, is similar to constant vs variance, which is not a rational approach (scientifically) to counter the virus.

    1. Vaccines are important in this fight, but I agree, not sufficient. We each need to get vaccinated ASAP AND until enough of us are vaccinated, continue with masks, social distancing, and reasonable behaviors.

  9. There will always be new variants; this will never go away, so when do you expect lockdown to go away?

    1. If we just work at it for another few weeks, I am actually quite optimistic about lockdowns going away. The CDC recently published a study that found that the vaccines not only prevent people from getting sick when infected, but also prevents them from spreading the virus. That last piece is new. Watch the CDC guidelines, once enough of us are vaccinated, I would not be surprised if masks and social distancing directives are relaxed or go away. Despite new variants popping up, so far the vaccines have been effective against them. We have a chance at beating this. Normal life will return within the next few months.

  10. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

  11. No one tells a story better than Rachel Maddow. While other journalists report the news, Rachel Maddow ensures that when we watch her show, we understand the news — giving it context, and painting a graphic picture, regardless of what topic she reports on. This is why I watch.

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