How To Push Forward Amid Rollback GOP Legislation | MSNBC 1

How To Push Forward Amid Rollback GOP Legislation | MSNBC


MSNBC’s host of "American Voices" Alicia Menendez looks at what real progress in America could look like as Republican lawmakers fight voting rights with a new law in Georgia, while others use scare tactics to spread misinformation about immigration. Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) joins Menendez to discuss his recent trip to the border and how Republicans have recently spent more time politicizing the border influx rather than coming up with actual solutions.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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How To Push Forward Amid Rollback GOP Legislation | MSNBC


    1. @Reg U Polls taken show overwhelmingly that independents and moderates want border security not open borders. Therefore as independents and moderates watch this crisis on the border unfold under the joe Biden administration and Democrat Congress, they will vote to counter by flipping Congress to Republicans in 2022.

    2. @BubblewrapHighway I friggin’ actually study fungus as luck would have it You hit the biology nail on the head Avoid parasols and scaly fungi.

  1. Best way forward is to ban parties period. Make politicians vote their heart and mind minus the party line. Also ban political advertising period. Make candidates write down what good they are in the first place.

    1. Ten topics, five questions each. No parties, no donors, no campaigns, and can’t see their faces (race, gender, age). Best results wins with instant recall if promises not kept. I’m dreaming, of course, but with ID it’s possible.

    2. We could have them “caucus” with
      the black (and whites who wanna be black) militia, and give the ALL guns…

    3. @fil harmonic I think an ID issued at birth with SS#, etc, then simply updated thru life would be a start.

    4. @MTN17 The two-party system and no term limits for Congress is destructive in itself. Public service should be just that, along with secure borders.

    5. @fil harmonic Yeah, these lifelong senators are nothing but lobbyists for whoever buys them after the first 6 years or so. The parties have their pet corporations divided up. Fight is always on for more, screw the nation. And that’s the real reason the border has never been secured also. It’s the steady stream of cheap immigrant workers feeding industries which pay to play our politics. Election reform is all important. And not because of any stop the steal Lies. The real steal happening is by corporations from we the people… via elections, ala Citizens United.

  2. The reason so many people come to the US is because of jobs. The wall is not the problem, greedy business owners willing to hire illegals for less money is the problem. The law says that practice is illegal, but business owners are not being arrested to stop the practice, and politicians don’t want it enforced. If no business owners hired illegals, why would they come to America?

    1. @Vote to Count
      Texas was NOT taken from Mexico, Texas was a separate Country after they had a war that threw Mexico out BEFORE they became part of the United States of America, look it up.

    2. @Richie Tattersall: In the Mexican-American War, Mexico faced an enemy that was coming into its own as a military power. In March 1836, Mexican forces overran the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas, achieving victory over those who had declared Texas’ independence from Mexico just a few weeks earlier.

    3. @Vote to Count there are more immigrants who work here than not. There are more white people standing out on the corner trying to get money than any other color.

    4. @Vote to Count you are a moron.texas was an independent country. Then joined the united states willingly. You moron.

  3. Democrats in Georgia organize show up and camp out at the poll. Form a huge line before it opens and vote as slowly as possible to try to run the clock out at 5pm.

    1. @Alex Samaris umm Republican areas are NOT in the same areas as democrat areas it won’t work it will backfire and I myself vote democrat that’s republican tactics it backfires don’t do it bro.

    2. Republicans’ new laws says they can reject an election in every county if they choose. They can also reject the Secretary of State and allow their electors to call the election. This means it doesn’t matter what democrats do, because in the end their faith is in the hands of entitled republicans. That’s how sick Georgia’s new voting laws are.

      They Republican Party is stupid to think minorities will helplessly sit back and allow them to take way their rights, when civil rights leaders have died to give them the right to vote! No way will that ever happen!

    3. @Alex Samaris *Exactly* .. all the media is shouting about is *water bottles* , even Joe made that an issue while the real crisis is the power to *nullify votes* in county’s that didn’t go their way.

  4. The majority Americans must stand up to the GOP and rollback the voter suppression laws and oppression of minorities and immigrants at the border. The border immigrants are fleeing from conditions we created in their countties!!! If we are a nation under God, we must have policies that reflect that!!!!

    1. Hi !…. I’m Joe Biden….
      …and if you wanna serve this country
      stay away from BENGHAZI…


      If you want to serve
      don’t talk about “BENGHAZI”…


      Don’t be a “RACIST”
      and say the “B” word….



    2. Hi !… I’m Joe Biden…

      …and, like they say on TV, I wanna
      see that YOU get ALL the BENEFITS
      that YOU DESERVE…..….

      Call that “1-800” number
      on your screen for medicare….….

      If you are
      “coming across the border”…
      call “1-666-DNC-VOTE”………

    3. Hi !… I’m Joe Biden…

      Thank you for calling the
      “White House Crisis Hotline”…

      For “spanish” press “one”…..
      For “spanish” press “two”…….
      For “ebonics” press “three”…
      For “spanish” press “four”…
      For “english” press “3854196”…

    4. California is the 5th largest economy in the world and just imagine if the men who ran power in the U.S. hadn’t STOLE IT FROM THEM ?
      The border “crisis” has always been and will forever be unless the land is given back. Period.

  5. Send them back? Do you mean the Europeans? Or, the rightful owners of America’s land taken by the Europeans? Hmm?

  6. if republicans are so worried about “new dem voters”, why dont they try and put forward ideas or legislation that would make these people want to vote for them?… oh right….

    1. @Cyder do you know why the electoral college was put in place? And no it wasnt because it was racist.

    2. @Cyder do you know why the electoral college was put in place? And no it wasnt because it was racist.

    3. @Tod Brown the electoral college was put in place as a compromise with the slave states where the majority of the population wasnt eligible to vote… because they where slaves… isnt history fun?

  7. Washington crossed the Delaware and Cruz and his hypocrite band of Republicans made a dash to the Rio Grande…

  8. Trump actually opened a Voter Fraud department, he eventually very quietly shut it down, it had found very few and they had all voted for him.

    1. Hi !…. I’m Joe Biden….
      …and if you wanna serve this country
      stay away from BENGHAZI…


      If you want to serve
      don’t talk about “BENGHAZI”…


      Don’t be a “RACIST”
      and say the “B” word….



    2. Hi !…. I’m Joe Biden….….
      ….and I’m ready to go, for the
      “G8 Spelling Bee”, gimme a word !..

      Merkel “Constitution”….


    3. Hi !…. I’m Joe Biden….…..

      …and the girl scouts are scheduled
      out on the south lawn
      this afternoon…….

      It’ll be great to get outdoors
      and enjoy the “fresh hair”….….

  9. These Republican senators need to be voted out of office they are not human people always cancelling culture’s for there own agenda we the American people should not stand for hate and lies and trying to overthrow people’s votes if they dont like the outcome to benefit themselves this is un constitutional

  10. STOP talking about the water! Focus on the fact the a handful of old white dudes now have the ability to decide who wins the elections. Throwing all Georgians votes out.

    #VoterSuppression #georgia

    1. How dare they make people show ID to make sure it’s a legitimate vote. I’m sure this doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world.

  11. Older Navy ships had high stacked bunks. Like 8 high with 18″ between bunks. It was mostly comfortable and took up little floor space. Get all the immigration people off the floor than put in some tables and chairs. Not just a empty room with thin mattress and foil “blankets”.
    Heck you can tie up to shore living barges to use. They can hold hundreds with rooms for classes, reading, video games, TV rooms and rooms to meet social workers and lawyers.
    We have the barges already. They are good enough for our sailors.

  12. He said he saw armed cartel members standing on the shore of the Rio Grande, insulting border patrol. Of course he said that live on camera, but nobody tried to record those other side of the river. Or the river itself.

  13. I find the comments here very strange. We are talking about human beings here. Most of us are from immigrants. I have some native blood and some European blood.

  14. What’s an even more deeper issue then that is if the GOP uses FEAR TO WIN they will use FEAR TO RULE…!!!

    1. Yes Cruz is fake,at every press conference he is there spewing his garbage about voter fraud or immigration.

  15. Why Cruz didn`t go visit the border while Trump was president. The same problem was there with Trump as president. Cruz just wants to put all the blame on Biden`s admin. Border problem is not new and can be difficult to solve over night.

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