1. They should have sent them to the brave Iraqis when the USA invaded . Next time though ……

  1. The autonomous LOCUST function of drones hasn’t even been discussed yet. They communicate to each other identifying potential targets locations and then tell the other drones which one they are going to attack so the other drones can choose different targets to hit. Thus, efficiently acting in one quick stroke a simultaneous attack on all enemy forces. Awesome.

  2. Drones have changed warfare forever. the tank use to be the ideal weapon carrier. But now with these drones those tanks might as well be a heavy coffin and also attacking the oil depot in Russia will hurt their supply of fuel for their tanks especially when it is near the border between Russia and Ukraine.

    1. @Chatter1 They are top down munitions the same as the javelin, strike the tank at its weakest point.

    2. @Geoff Lepper we didn’t use it of tanks in Afghanistan. Hard enough keep a truck going in that kind of sand. Vehicle maintenance in the desert is a nightmare. Sand gets into everything.

    3. APS will be a game changer that ensures tanks will remain to be the backbone of any ground force.

      The Merkava 4 already has the Trophy APS, for quite some time actually.
      Some NATO members have started only now slowly retrofitting a few of their MBT with APS.
      This process needs to be accelerated drastically.

    4. @Chatter1
      Correct, these small Switchblade drones are anti personnel drones.

      Additionally their range is limited to only a few kilometers and the US is sending only 100 of them to Ukraine.
      These 100 small drones will make no difference at all.

      100 or better 300 of the big ones + 600 of the small ones, now that would make a difference!

  3. Just about every nation is closely watching this conflict to learn how new technologies and tactics play out in the real world

    1. Many years ago I had the thought of armies one day flying hundreds of these small disposable drones in massive flights. Like a swarm of bees attacking, one after another. Add in the future potential of AI technology and soon war will be much much more deadly.

  4. Night vision, heat vision might be standard on these ‘Drone Boy’ operated systems… Scary stuff.

    1. I was just watching a video from DJI who makes drones. They recently released a drone that does all of that. Its meant for first responders. Sick stuff if used in warfare.

    2. @Supernova they are using parrot anafi drone with the thermal camara attachments as well🙃 gotta love technology

  5. The Netherlands has the so-called drifter. this is an installation that shoots eighty drones at once and then follows a pre-programmed route and then explodes on the chosen target. it takes about fifteen minutes to reload and program the installation.
    a drifter drone weighs six kilos and the explosive weight is three and a half kilos

    1. @Epoxygleu Count with India, China, some Latin American countries, Africa..Middle East, Persian Gulf countries..Brazil.. And you’re figuring something out..

  6. Very high tech equipment and the Russians will learn a lesson from this if you don’t play nicely expect some of them shiny toys and that pocket money you are accustomed to will disappear the same way the dinosaurs did and it won’t be an asteroid?

  7. This is almost as effective, as the Russians digging in deep in Chernobyl radioactive wasteland. It’s a real killer!

    1. That was a good one. Notice the Russians quickly evacuated Chernobyl once their radiation meters went off the charts, but it’s a wonder why it took them a couple of weeks to figure it out. Maybe defective radiation meters?

  8. *FUN FACT:* _It’s reported that the Ukraine blew up the main Russian oil depo in Russia. It supplied all the Russian tanks, trucks and vehicles._

    1. @VØID The word Ukraine means borderlands, It is a lot like we might sat “the northwest territories” in Canada.

    2. They knocked out 3 oil silos, out of possible 20 on site, its mickey mouse really. But unfortunately I have seen the response being lined up for Ukraine on some russian social channels. Not good.

  9. The UK Ministry of Defence said that a conference of 35 nations arranged by the UK had ‘committed to widening its package of military support for Ukraine and explored new ways of sustaining the Armed Forces of Ukraine over the longer term’. The UK is planning to send single-use ‘loiter’ weapons similar to the US Switchblade UAV, essentially a flying bomb which is remotely deliberately crashed into targets. Anti-aircraft and anti-ship systems that would be able to target ships in the Black Sea could also be sent. The move comes as Western leaders agreed to up their military support for Kyiv to include armoured vehicles and heavy artillery , the UK 155mm AS -90 self propelled gun is being considered as one option to counter fire against Russia’s artillery . expect more , now that the west has realised that this is not just going to be a defence/counter insurgency type of war

  10. Awesome Autonomous Technology straight out of Terminator 👍 Ukrainian’s doing a Proper Job on the Invading Orcs 👏 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 Long Live the Fighters! 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 Slava Ukraine! 🇺🇦 🇺🇦

    1. Most of these drones in opposite to what CNN is reporting are not fully autonomous . The switchblades they are hinting at are just now entering the war theatre. So far Bayraktar and DJI (civilian drones) are the backbone of the ukrain army.

  11. This is great but it’s just still so sad so many people are dying…this war is just a terrible thing.

    1. @allan allen In times of war powerful people supply the weapons and civilians and soldiers supply the bodies, business as usual. Bless You.

  12. If this is Russia’s best against the 20th largest army then we need little more information on their strategic and logistic advancement into the 21st century. Ukraine has the Black Sea, with 80% of its borders accessible by Russia’s advancement. Compare that to the first 100 hours of the USA against the fourth largest army of the world in 1991 or the ‘Shock and Awe’ of 2001. The strike abilities of Russia is embarrassing 😳 in comparison.

    1. @Nature Blank 🇷🇺 will Russia use chemical weapons like novichok shells and warheads to quickly over power the Ukrainian resistance?

    2. @Dean Dean look it up GW1991 a huge coalition of 27 vs 1 rundown middle eastern country, fighting Iran since the early 80s….laughable.

  13. Boy you know Japan has some incredible Drones ready to go. I can only imagine after owning multiple Toyotas, Hondas the engineering is fantastic.

  14. We are witnessing a new form of warfare, drones and anti-drones tactics are developing and evolving.

    1. Actually, this is potentially much better for civilians. Instead of plastering a whole area with artillery or bombs in order to kill military targets, the targets are picked out and killed with precision, sparing civilians and their homes.

    2. @Björn Hellqvist that’s assuming Russia isn’t using scorched earth tactics, which I really sincerely hope isn’t the case

  15. This is just the start of using drones in this way. This concept will mature and grow in lethal ability.

  16. The Ukraine army is going to be the one to learn from, they’ve been given all the tech that no-one has used in combat till now, they’ll be the ones to use as a template for future war situations. In a perfect world, the tech being used will ensure no winners and a pointless exercise to wage any kind of war against anyone, no tactical advantage will be gained when everyone has the same kind of weapons, Russia is lacking these high tech weapons right now that decimate ground level attacks, that’s a major disadvantage to their efforts, they thought that old tanks and conscripts would scare the Ukraine. The Ukraine is fighting in the 21st century with 21st century tech, the Russians are putting a Lada against a new Tesla.

  17. I’m glad that this is helping Ukraine, but the “evolution of war” is a terrifying thing to see.💔

    1. It’s not evolution. It’s the explosive drones have become cheaper than a Car. Much cheaper. These don’t work vs. a Tank. The Javelin anti Tank costs 75.000 USD, for 1 missile :0

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