1. This man is very brave. I hope he has life insurance which covers against “accidental poisoning”

  2. Honor & Respect for the honesty, bravery, & thoughtful dialogue. 💞
    We Are One…Slava Ukraine

  3. In this life sometimes we have to make the most hardest choices sometimes for the good sometimes for the bad it is up to us to decide what road to take🤔

  4. To give up citizenship in one’s native homeland, whatever one’s other life circumstances, has to be agonizing.

    1. @damien ennis ,
      Then we agree that Jews are a race and not merely a religion. That means they’re something different than Russians. Therefore it’s meaningless for a Jew to renounce his membership in a group to which he did not belong. His loyalty was never to Russia but his own tribe.

    1. Yes it is, with his money he can live anywhere without any concern about this decision AND people end up excusing his theft on top of that and stop calling him an Oligarch. It’s not like he’s giving back the millions of dollars he stole from the public.

  5. The Russian people I’ve met are wonderful. It horrible when invasion minded bad leadership reflects on the citizens of that beautiful nation forcing them into a completely unnecessary war.

  6. Nevzlin was business partner/co-founder of Yukos oil company with jailed (then freed in 2013 after 9 years) Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Nevzlin got out of Russia when both men were both put under surveillance by the Russian government. This was shortly before Khodorkovsky was arrested for his pro-democracy campaigning, support of pro-democracy candidates and televised presentation that a deal by Rosneft (state owned oil company) to buy an oil company in Siberia was corrupt.

    1. @Jeffrey Baker Glad you appreciate it. So many people switch sides and renounce their former associates etc. just to exploit the current situation. So some knowledge of actual things they’ve _done_ and stood for over the last roughly 20 years was useful to decide if they actually seem genuine.
      Khodorkovsky himself said he decided in the days soon after the USSR broke apart that he wouldn’t break the law in building his business, but that he would study the laws and exploit any loophole he could find, which I thought was refreshingly honest. Yet when he was being watched after calling out corrupt state deals, he stayed in Russia to tour and campaign/support democracy because he cared about the country. I don’t blame Nevzlin for getting out of Dodge almost right away, though – I probably would have done the same.

    2. thanks for putting this backstory up. interesting really how decisions come into fruition after years of staunch opposition.

  7. “Fascist Putin” is how everyone who values democracy should be addressing him. It is his title now.

    1. The Russian opposition has long called him “Putler” (PUTin/hitLER). Another name that deserves wide circulation!

      The full form is “Vladolf Putler”.

  8. This is sad on many levels. Poor Ukrainians losing their homes and families. Poor innocent Russians who are labeled guilty by association. #LOSELOSE

  9. In fairness, Nevzlin’s no Ivan-Come-Lately. He’s been on Putin’s Hit List for 20 years. Indeed, I’m surprised he’s still alive.

    1. What a sacrifice. He’s going to take his hundreds of million$, of ill-begotten gains, and buy a mansion elsewhere. Must be rough.

    2. I admire his decision what I have seen of this so called Russian war is a disgrace I would have done the same God love him xxx

    3. principals? if he had principals it wouldn’t have taken a war to denounce Putin lol😅😅😅… he doing it to protect his own finances, not for Ukraine

  10. I can’t imagine any other country taking care of me like my own, so for this man to do this, it must have been a huge decision.

    1. You’re misreading situation in Russia. There it’s government at your expense, and NOT for the people by the people.

  11. good interview, thanks. Despite right wingers’ hysterics – trying to denigrate CNN, I have always respected CNN’s decent coverage of news & events.

  12. Russia constantly violates the terms of the concluded agreements.  Russia violates the terms of both the agreement on respect for sovereignty, borders and territorial integrity, and the terms of the agreements on the supply of energy!  Russia is a country that violates the treaties concluded with it!  In interaction with the Russians, you can only be sure that the Russians will definitely violate the terms of the contract!
    Both the president and other officials of Russia can at one moment assert one thing, and a little later completely refute what they said earlier!
    The Russian leadership regularly uses completely false statements to justify their illegal actions!
    The Russian leadership also regularly uses blackmail and unconditional ultimatums!
    The insidiousness of the Russians also lies in the fact that at first they try to convince their counterparty that they are unconditionally reliable partners tuned for long-term cooperation, however, the Russians can change the conditions for the provision and payment of their services or goods at their own discretion and at any time!
    As an example, we can cite agreements on the supply of oil and gas to Europe!
    Now Russia is using these treaties as an instrument of pressure on Europe in waging a war to seize Ukraine and other countries in order to deprive Ukraine of any support!
    In particular, Germany and other European countries, because of the complete confidence in Russia, found themselves in a very difficult position with gas supplies.  The supply volumes have been greatly reduced, and the prices are now simply cosmic!
    As history shows, Russia uses peace negotiations only to regroup its troops in order to prepare new strikes!
    So it was before, so it is now!
    From all this, the conclusion follows that it is possible to end the war in Ukraine only through the total defeat of the Russian fascist occupation troops!
    If Russia can capture Ukraine, then the capture of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and other countries will follow!
    Russia will be able to do this very easily, since, most likely, NATO will not interfere with the Russian occupation of these countries, “to prevent a nuclear / third world war!”
    To prevent this from happening, it is urgent to provide Ukraine with much more effective defense systems against cruise missiles and high-flying aircraft, anti-ship missiles, tanks and powerful long-range guns!
    Ukrainians are now defending not only their homeland, but the whole of Europe from the Russian-fascist invaders!
    The Russians have already suffered heavy losses in Ukraine and they do not have enough available troops to continue the offensive, and even because of this they announced a change in the strategy of waging this war!
    Therefore, it is urgent to help Ukraine finish off the remnants of the Russian army in Ukraine in order to restore peace and exclude the possibility of Russia attacking other countries!  After seizing the Crimea and parts of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions of Ukraine in 2014, Russia did not stop there, but concentrated even more troops directly near the borders of Ukraine and, without declaring war, began full-scale military operations to seize the entire territory!  Therefore, there is no faith in any agreements with Russia!
    Ukraine’s resources are limited, and therefore it cannot wage this war indefinitely!  Russia uses any temporary truce to prepare a new attack, and therefore it is necessary to destroy the enemy now!
    Stringers, javelins, Nlaws are great, but in Ukraine now there is not a guerrilla war, but a full-scale war, so the supply of heavy weapons is definitely urgently needed!  A lot of Ukrainians have higher education and know foreign languages, and therefore they quickly and easily master the use of new technology!
    Thank you so much for your help so far!  Please help with the supply of heavy weapons needed by Ukraine!

  13. Mr Putin:
    Some look for whatever they can take. A true king searches for what he can give. (Mustafa, from The Lion King.) You will never reach your goal because you have proven yourself unworthy of your people’s trust. The rest of the world has known who you really are for years.

  14. Good for him! I completely understand where he’s coming from because I have thought about doing the same thing at times.

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