Howard University President, Cornel West Discuss Move To Dissolve Classics Department | Morning Joe 1

Howard University President, Cornel West Discuss Move To Dissolve Classics Department | Morning Joe


Howard University announced in April it is dissolving its classics department. Professor Cornel West and Jeremy Tate have penned a new Washington Post column about the university's decision. Howard President Wayne A. Frederick and Dr. West join Morning Joe along with Professor Eddie Glaude Jr. to discuss.

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Howard University President, Cornel West Discuss Move To Dissolve Classics Department | Morning Joe


  1. Dear Brother Cornell, blessings to you on the passing of your Mother. You are a blessing to us all.

  2. The broader the spectrum of knowledge and perspective the better. Classics are an integral part of that. Add to that perspective, do not retract.

  3. I consider myself pretty progressive but I studied and value the classics.
    Our history is a continuous fabric and all of the embellishments upon it are important for our present condition today.

    1. a trick : watch movies at flixzone. I’ve been using them for watching all kinds of movies lately.

  4. It’s not that they are discontinuing the teaching of classical subjects, only eliminating the Department. One less faculty meeting to attend, I’d guess.

  5. When I took Art History as my electives, I really did wonder if I would do anything with it. I felt almost ashamed of using my student loan to take art and music courses. Such a luxury in a science and business based world. As it turns out Art History was very valuable as I have a side business selling antiquities and because of Art History, I am able to easily date items according to design, colour, historical back-drop, etc. You never know when the Classics might come in handy!

  6. This is how grown, intelligent, wise people have a discussion – even when their views and concepts may not totally mesh. No name-calling, no blaming, no shaming, no theatrics – just a strong debate from differing, well informed advocates.

    1. I agree. There were also generational and cultural differences among these great people as well. Perhaps they will all come together because although the Classics may refine our pallets, you would have to keep students engaged in both so that they see it as usefulness. I also see that there is more than one path and that change is scary for some folks. For certain, students have these wise men looking out for their best interests. It appears to be genuine to me.

    2. @Legslipsandlashes Well said – I have no doubt you are seeing things quite clearly. And I agree, there can be a pleasant, useful, helpful place among their ideas. Students certainly should focus on the present and the future – AND they should be kept aware of the past and the wisdom that can be gleaned from certain of its moments and makers. Maybe there’s hope for us, after all.

  7. Sincerest condolences to Dr. West on the passing of his beloved mother! May she rest in peace and her soul go in glory.

  8. I am so sorry to hear about Dr. West’s loss. I am a big fan of Dr. West and wish him peace and happiness.

    1. Yes, Tigers forever, when I hear him speak, I feel inspired, loved and lifted. Dr. Cornell West is a living treasure.

  9. Blessings To Our Brother and Prof.West!!! And EveryOne On This Topic !!! We Can Not Continue To Lose The Classics No Matter What..They Are so Important To Our Culture…The ARTS*** Through Music, Theatre,, Writing, Dance, Expression!! Must Be Maintained and Never Lost or Taken Away!!

  10. studying the classics came in handy as an English teacher/ literature student. In essence, the study of classics delves deeply into what it is to be human–both the good and the bad.

  11. I love Dr. Cornell West. He is a true gentleman, and has a heart full of grace and understanding. Blessings to you, Cornell, on the passing of your Dear Mother.

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