Hoyer Announces House Will Vote To Remove Marjorie Taylor Greene From Committees | Andrea Mitchell


    1. @Keith C It’s about changing the status quo. You guys are still triggered by Trump. He broke Democrats and the media. Imagine impeaching and removing a civilian without the Chief Justice and everyone is brainwashed thinking it’s Constitutional. Not the country I want.

    2. @S O D I don’t know that Trump broke the Dems, Biden still won the election. The media is more sharply divided. Mainstream media remains, but right winged media has swung more sharply to the right and is growing. Your question about impeachment is a good one. Whether it is constitutional or not is a question legal experts are asking. I’m no lawyer, but have been reading arguments on both sides.

    3. @Keith C how is it Constitutional without Chief Justice presiding? The oldest hardcore Democrat in his place? Far right? I’m a Mexicano from Los Ángeles. Sounds like MSM talking points. SMH.

    4. @S O D Chief Justice John Roberts presided over Trump’s first impeachment trial, but now that Trump is a former president, Roberts is not constitutionally obligated to preside. The Constitution says, “When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside.” Roberts did that when Trump was tried last year. This time, however, the chief justice let it be known he did not want to preside now that Trump is no longer president. Sounds like Roberts figured he was off the hook. Kinda smart really. I’m not arguing whether its constitutional or not, that’s the point Trumps lawyers are trying to make, and the Senate will have to sort out. Democrats are hoping that arguments will be enough to change some minds if the trial moves forward, but in the end I doubt the Senate will get the 2/3 super majority needed to impeach Trump. Just an opinion.

    5. @Keith C Sad. This is a charade and political theatre by Democrats. Rand Paul called a vote to dismiss and it shows Democrats don’t have the votes in the Senate to “sham remove”. It’s sad the lengths Democrats will go to humiliate and censor Trump. People see the injustice and soon they will give Trump the Obi Wan Kenobi martyrdom I think he’s looking for. I’m glad we can debate this issue in a cordial manner.

  1. It highly entertaining to watch these spineless Reps digging their own political grave … keep digging boys and girls!

    1. @Riley Arcozzi

      White supremacy does not exist…unless you are a acknowledging that Harris is a token, all the other picks are tokens, and Gormann was a token.

      You want to silence your opposition and now go after a private citizen because you disagree with him, fascist (and racist).

      Btw Democrats started KKK and supported slavery.

    2. @Riley Arcozzi no because too many still believe that its all a lie and conspiracy theory. Good people don’t want to sacrifice themselves for a greater cause that isn’t there yet. There are more people that watch this and don’t say anything.

    3. @timothy myers Here’s another crackpot. Go back to where you came from. You don’t belong her. Rejoin your heroes bozo.

    1. @Trap Daddy Actually, TLP saw the president who they opposed beaten soundly; as well, TLP opposed both of the republican candidates in the Georgia runoffs, and they both lost.

      So, when you said they were losers, you actually meant that they were winners. Biggly.

      Sorry, snowflake – facts are stubborn things. They don’t care if you have been told to parrot lies – the facts are still the facts.

  2. Let’s get every Republican Congressperson on the record regarding Ms. Taylor-Greene, and let’s get every Republican Senator on the record regarding Liz Cheney. Then we’ll see if there is any future for a sane and responsible, governance-oriented, democratically committed Republican party.

  3. Trumpism is American fascism. Trump and his enablers in the GOP should be held accountable. Justice must be done in order to preserve our Constitutional Republic.

    1. Look how quick and easy the system gets people to turn against other people and not real corruption. Sheep will be sheep. Stay useful you’ll be happier trusting it all.

    1. @justino perez lmao truth hurts and your angry answer tells me everything I need to know 😂😂 btw I’m Hispanic pendejo!

    2. @Yuri W so you think you are immune to racism. No you are very capable by the way I don’t dislike you but anyone can be racist just by making assumptions because we think we know. By the way I am not a pubic hair.

    3. @justino perez stfu already, and pick up a book, learn how to spell before coming at anyone with your nonsense, I’m not going back and forth with you troll

  4. Thank the Lord!!!
    Who wants that Woman in Charge of Education???
    I wouldn’t want her anywhere NEAR my Kids

    1. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith It might pay to understand what a Fascist really is… If someone doesn’t agree with you… that isn’t Fascism… If you try to force your beliefs onto another by belittling them, guilt tripping and bullying your views on another person… When you don’t ALLOW someone else to have a different view… THAT is Fascism.
      So your own Statement is kind of like the pot calling the kettle black… Ignoramus.

      Have a nice day

    2. @Annie Bland
      Fascism is when government and business work together in an authoritarian state.

      Government impeached Trump and Texh Companies ban Trump as one is fascist.

    3. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith As you would choose to want to beieve… who am I to demand YOU change your opinion… I just disagree with it… totally

  5. Kevin does have no courage to do the right thing. He has just crawled back to the delusional mobster boss, again to make a plan for the “king of mobster.”
    Like Mitch McConnell, he pretended to be in the “people” side after the riot, but returned back to the usual “say-no-coward” only wanting to protect his position as a leader.

    1. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith He was on the house intelligence committee….He betrayed his country…that’s treason.

    2. @Stone Men
      Sorry, I was being sarcastic.

      But with these guys I can understand why you thought I was serious.

  6. McCarthy went to kiss the hand of his leader Trump. Trump likes Greene, McCarthy won’t do anything to anger his leader Trump.

  7. At this point it feels like the GOP is self sabotaging themselves. Probably gonna come back as the Trump party.

    1. @Nicholas Parker Yup!! 🇺🇲🙏

      They’re so patriotic that they stormed our US Capitol in hopes of disrupting a presidential election & executing elected members of our Congress 😮😡👎

    1. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith they talked about jesus your point that was 60 years ago you Klan members are still talking about black people in 2021 evil one

    2. @Claude Williams
      Not a proud boy, but you are still a fascist.

      Bet you supported Trump being banned from Twitter.

    3. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith lmao I’m not a fascist because I don’t keep your evilness from GOING to school and from employment a decent place to live or owning your guns and going to your Klan rallies evil one

  8. The Democrats will let her stay in Congress. She’s worth thousands of attack ads for the Dems in the coming midterm, for free!

    1. I disagree other perspectives are important in a functioning democracy. The trouble is really in censorship and biased media on all sides.

    2. @p m Not if functioning perspectives include psycho conspiracy theories, white supremacy beliefs, racism, and anti-semetism.

    3. @Patricia Hayes that’s all a matter of perceptive on any of those. You’re the real tyrant with you’re censorship of anyone. That’s fine but at least recognize it in yourself that’s what you’re being. An intolerant bigot. They’ll get you next and when you complain you’ll be called crazy for it. Good luck.

    1. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith free speech is not equivalent to free consequences deepshit. If she has the ball to say it then own it. On second thought, maybe she doesn’t own it for that exact reason.

  9. If Greene had a shred of dignity, she would remove herself from committees rather than cause more problems, but as videos of her have shown, she has no dignity or common sense.

    1. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith Trump is an authoritarian faciast who wanted to overturn a free and fair election and become a dictator. That is fascism. Greene is a faciast who supported that effort and approved of the insurrection assault on our capitol to do that. She continues to fan the fuel of overthrowing our democracy for an authoritarian government with lies and conspiracy theories and has called for the murder of both former and present government officials. If I was a fascist, I would be applauding her efforts, not harshly criticizing what she is doing. Free speech carries with it responsibility. She has crossed the line of responsible, and possibly legal behavior. That is not censorship of free speech. I have a driver’s license but don’t complain my rights are being infringed on just because I’m not allowed to get drunk and drive ninety miles an hour. Civilized society has rules.

    2. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith lol what freedom of speech? Who’s suppressed? Using social media is someone else’s platform they speak on and their name/buisness in jeopardy, pretty sure they aren’t silenced if you care so much about amendments why don’t you check all 25 first and also check the outlines for the rights creators have when you use their services

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