1. 😂😂😂😂 it happened once. Now you wanna point to it like “SEEE LUK, GOOD GUY WIF GUN DID A GOOD!!”

    2. @freedumb222 There is no evidence showing that defund the police negatively affected police at all. Find a credible source that’s not a news network.

  1. If they can’t do there job everyone should be fired.How dare you not help those children.When you lose a child no matter how.No one will ever forget.And Sue every single one of them. How would you feel if your child in the classroom and you couldn’t get to them and you have the whole damn School surrounded by police come on man that’s a cowards.

  2. Cruel…Cruel how these parents have been treated. Devastating to have lost children needlessly and cruel how “leaders” have handled their deep loss.

    1. Get used to this everyone, it will happen to someone you know and this is America, this is our reality. It will get worse and worse.

  3. The ending where he clarified she wasn’t his bio daughter ripped my heart. You don’t have to justify a thing. so sorry for his loss

    1. @Accutronitis The 2nd because your both heavily desensitized. Look at this man’s stoic face the entire time. This is beyond sad and if you can’t see that you guys need some empathy Jesus….

    2. I did not see that coming at all, but I agree… as if he isn’t going through enough… but it also showed that that little girl had not just 1, and not just 2, but 3 loving parents caring for her!

    3. He did that because the f up of a system kept Amerie’s bio dad from the meeting they had. They kicked him out and I’m guessing he feels terrible about her dad getting kicked out of a meeting with all the families.

      You know they don’t know what they’re doing if they can’t even figure out a simple co parenting relationship.

      Edit: just to add, yes her father and stepfather have the surname Garza. This is Angel. There’s a video of Alfred Garza III wanting to know why he wasn’t allowed in and a video citing them both as her father has led to some calling this a hoax (nvm the sheer amount of stupid in that box, no time to unpack it).

      Angel is standing up for Alfred and Alfred’s grief here and that’s very touching and it’s very troubling that somepeople would discredit a father and his inherent investment in these proceedings just because he wasn’t the custodial parent.

    4. @alwaysyouramanda I seen about a dozen videos of parents and not one tear. A day after I don’t think I would even be able to speak to the greedy media mafia.

  4. If I lived in that town and a cop pulled me over for a driving infraction, I’d go off on them. They shouldn’t even be showing their faces. They need to be held accountable for what they did, or in this case what they didn’t do because they were scared and they didn’t care about those children.

    1. @Asz well actually yes, believe it or not….I don’t agree with it, someone should of protected the children, I’m just explaining that most think each police officer could just do what they want, they simply can’t.

    2. @Jesse Vidal well of coure they can. It just might cost them their job or worse. But they can certainly disobey and frequently they should, especially in this case

    3. If they respond on they’re own, and kids die or teachers, who do you think gets blamed for that, the shooter? Most likely not, the police officer, department, city….all get sued. This is what society created, by stripping authority and decision making. It’s just a sad position to be in, for all parties, in all this talk, most of you forgot about the actual A hole that killed them to begin with

  5. This is tragedy upon tragedy for these parents whose children died N those who survived it’s reprehensible and unforgivable….💔

  6. This situation is beyond messed up I don’t even know what to say. What can you say to the parents and family members? They keep having to re live this everyday.

  7. Respect to him for clearing up the unintended misinformation. A pretty big gesture to do it on national platform; hopefully the olive branch is well received. Best not to let this become a sideshow when the parents’ purpose is clear — accountability so this never happens again

  8. It’s cruel how these parents not only need to deal with the loss, but on top they are fighting institutions AND are under so much scrutiny by the public.

  9. Prayers for all the families. The officials really need to be held accountable in this situation.

  10. This man has stood up for amerie jo from day one they continue to say her step father that is her loving father and I feel for him and his wife so badly the picture of them two has stuck with me sooo much since this massacre happened. My prayers go out to you and your family #angelgarza it takes strong man to love a child like your own and he goes above and beyond. Don’t explain yourself to anyone angel you are her daddy and always will be #ameriejogarza

  11. My heart lies with the parents and siblings whose loved-one was murdered as a result of mismanagement, insanity, and feeble-minedness. Serenity to all.

  12. I’d be proud to know this young man, he earned being called Daddy. I hope for continued support of him and all the others that share this common tragedy.

  13. The grieving step father in his trauma is so eloquent along with all the families from Uvalde just by the glimpse of this community there is no doubt these children and teachers are all special with unique characters what a wonderful group of people

  14. You can have a biological father and step father and call him dad also. Don’t ever feel like you have to explain yourself sir. You’re an amazing guy and would do anything for your sweet baby girl. I’m just at a loss for words. I’m so so sorry your baby girl was taken from you. I wish I could take away everyone’s pain. This still feels like a dream and I want it to be over. I don’t know any one of the family members and I cry everyday of this massacre.

  15. Angel Garza– You are every bit a grieving father. I can also see you’re a very good father. Bless you and your family.

  16. Gut-wrenching to hear this pain, and to know that the pain they feel we can’t even comprehend. Unless you’re a part of the growing community of people affected by gun violence. I’m sorry Angel Garza.

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