Husband of missing mom searched how to dispose and dismember body

Internet records show the husband of missing Massachusetts woman, Ana Walshe, searched for how to dispose and dismember a body, sources told CNN. CNN's Jason Carroll and "Inside Edition" host Deborah Norville have more. #CNN #News


    1. @R Voit you couldn’t afford to hire me. LOL. I wouldn’t work for someone who lived in their own filth even if I was looking for new clients…

  1. The only thing positive about this horrible situation is that this despicable guy has left so much evidence that there is no way a jury wouldn’t convict, and there is probably more to come. No doubt they will find the body. The fact that he was smiling in those arrest videos after murdering a mother of three children is deplorable.

    1. You can not convict if the gloves don’t fit. The gloves could get wet and shrink before trial. Legal precedent.

    2. That’s the kind of evidence that can get the rare conviction even without the body. If the body is found, esp if dismembered, will make for a Capital murder conviction because it’s obviously pre-meditated.

    3. He may be smiling because he’s under the false impression that he can’t be convicted without a body. Boy, is he going to be disappointed during his first meeting with his attorneys!

    1. @Phoenix Zappa she will be in the loving abode of God inshaAllah. Unlike miosgynists and the killers they support. Final victory will be for the woman who will watch him squirming in hell from the heavens.

    2. He’s arrogant, thinks he’s sooo smart or just straight up taunting everyone, if suspicions about him are true, he looks like the type that will never admit or want to say where her body is, he’s so disgusting

  2. I figured as much. He probably wouldnt have left the bloody knife that he did if it was the murder weapon. Its likely he chopped her up with various instruments & forgot one. Absolute monster.

    1. In that shot he looks like a child playing a game that got caught cheating. That smile says “Oh well, my jig is up, ha.” Lunatic.

  3. I’m amazed how many people are caught out with their cell phones or searches on the internet. How do they not think that in this day and age that all these things will be checked ? The physco in Moscow,Idaho was tracked all over the place by his phone. You would think people up to no good would make better attempts to cover their tracks .

    1. Well first you’re gonna have to believe any person willing to cut someone else down is thinking rationally at all to begin with.

  4. He doesn’t look remorseful. If you don’t want to live with a person, you have the right to get up and leave. No reason to kill them.

    1. @Charlie Cottontail
      I’m sure-that’s probably exactly what set him off on this path. Google his family friend speaking out about his father and their money issues. This monster is another entitled narcissist and was pending his federal fraud conviction, possible upcoming incarceration. They sold another home in MA a few months ago and he didn’t work. He (??) took care of the children while she commuted to DC weekly…

    2. @Natalie V. If he wanted the life insurance, he’d have left her where she could be easily found. I think he may be smiling because he’s under the false impression that he can’t be convicted for murder without a body… Boy, is he in for surprise.

    3. @William Springer Railroaded? I presume you mean when the main bread winner is ordered to pay their share for the usual costs of raising their children– costs they’d pay even if they stayed married.

  5. I believe that he probably dismembered her in the basement, tied up the remains because of all that tape he bought, that’s why the detectives were looking at the trash sites, if some time has passed which it has, they might not be found. Thank God he’s in custody……. pray for her😊

    1. She is DEAD,how are you praying for her????
      You could pray for her children and the rest of the family,but don’t pray for DEAD PEOPLE.

    2. The CBS Boston site reported there had been material linked to her at the Green sthing’ disposal location and they had cadaver dogs there.

    3. @Roselande
      Wth… how dare you be so rude and heartless while claiming such righteousness of prayer requirements‼️😵‍💫
      Peace and comfort to all that are painfully impacted by this tragedy.🫶🏼✌🏽

  6. “How to dismember a body” so is there actual instructions on how to do that online? Maybe Instructables?

    1. So it sounds like you can see these things but you can’t put your finger on them but I’ll tell you right now God is already written and told us all what is to come not only that you have a conscience and a free will you see these things but you block them out and the Bible calls them suppressing the truth in unrighteousness so the question on the table today is are you a sinner? Because if you are do you know that that means that you are God’s foe and you’re sitting duck for Satan to sift you. God calls all men everywhere to repent because there’s going to come a day that he’s going to come and judge the world in righteousness and you’re not ready.

  7. I guess love really is blind. She’s a sharp, educated successful woman. He’s a total dork with a criminal record. No match made in heaven. So sorry for her and the kids. Maybe she was trying to leave him and he flipped.

  8. The smerk on his face tells it all. What a cold SOB. My prayers 🙏 for her children and her family. I hope he is prosecuted to the fullest.

  9. It blows my mind that the judge set bail for $500,000. With this much evidence he should have no option for bail.

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