'I Alone Can Fix It' Documents Trump's Reactions To The January 6 Riot 1

‘I Alone Can Fix It’ Documents Trump’s Reactions To The January 6 Riot


The new book from Washington Post reporters Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker documents former President Trump's reactions to the January 6 riot as the day unfolded. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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'I Alone Can Fix It' Documents Trump's Reactions To The January 6 Riot


    1. I do I also remember when he said if he lost to Biden we would never hear from him again, dudes a lier

    2. And don’t forget trump said he would pay the INSURRECTIONISTS legal fees. Another lie from trump, remember that trump supporters if you need trump you are really in trouble. Ask anyone who ever worked with trump!

    1. Ivanka to Dump: ” be right there daddy, I promised jared I would watch him wedge into my panties and heels first”

  1. Trump told us from the very beginning this would happen. He came down the escalator and started dehumanizing brown people. He said only I can fix it. Two basic things authoritarians do on their way to an authoritarian power grab. In this case based in Fascism.

    1. @Josefina Salvador And don’t forget what he said about the “Central Park Five’ even After they were exonerated!

    2. He is a wanna be dictator. Create a scapegoat (non white immigrants) to blame their problems on. Tell the people only he can save them. These are classic steps to become a tyrant.

    3. @Jay Lockwood Really? You want to be “intellectually honest” about presidential candidate trump?

    1. @Love and Forgiveness: What exactly got done ? I don’t have access to the alternative reality.

    1. Betsy devos and her brother, elaine Chao, stone,Manafort, Flynn, Graham, Jordan, gaetz, greene, boebert and many other gop idiots need to pay for their disloyalty!

    2. Also them republicans across our country that help plan and help pay for the attacker to get to DC!!!

    3. @Truth91 tRump signed the checks for luxury lifestyles and private schools for high paid employees, this way he didn’t have to pony up payroll taxes or they were in lieu of raises! His CFO cooked the books!

    1. Families of 600.000 American Covid victims should have a class action lawsuit, however Trump is above the law in making America #1 in the world for Coronavirus deaths

    1. I wonder how much MSNBC or CNN would pay for a jail portrait of *rump with his “natural” hairstyle undone, death-pale , unbronzed face, and a beawtiful, orange prison suit.

    2. They locked up Hitler for fomenting an insurrection in which people died. He suffered very little punishment for that high treason … and came back stronger then ever. If most people want a dictator, they will get a dictator. That’s the fatal flaw of democracy.

    3. @Elvenkind Oh, I’d pay for that! I know of tens of millions here in the US and around the world would pay a bundle to see that.

    1. It’s on the goobs who believed him when he said that, along with “I know more than the generals, believe me.” I honestly think there’s a touch of autism there: what else would make someone SO self-absorbed? Anyway, anyone who’s not mentally ill should have laughed him off when he said that.

    2. Evilgelical churches also tell you the same thing. You cant do anything “secular” or ask questions.

    3. Nancy, should get Kayleigh trumps podium lying conduit to the American people. To appear, was it not her that said & promised not to lie.

    4. Lol you nutjobs need to stop drinking to koolaid. It never turned violent. There was no russian collusion, there was no russian bounties in Afghanistan. Hunter Bidens laptop is real. The capital riots were not a riot, most people were let in. There’s only 2 sexes. Don’t believe me prove me wrong. Please stop being a NeoFacist repeating anything your corporate overlords tell you

  2. This makes it more urgent that everyone from Trump to members of congress to everyone else involved must be held accountable

    1. As well as full transparency on political campaign contributions. Otherwise, we cannot follow the money.

    2. The sad reality is knowing they will never be held accountable and that another Trump like President will do it or even worse

    1. That Was Such BS! No Smart Person Wound Believe The Lies Inside This Ridiculous Cash Grab Of A Book!

  3. Trump: “I will be with you…”
    Trump: goes the other direction while his loyal followers ruin their lives for him.
    And people still calling him a “leader”
    What a joke

    1. Or from the virus he let those sick people in China back home then he closed the borders and he let all those sick people on the cruise ships dock me go home and infect other ppl then went on to and say it’s a hoax

  4. I believe by his attitude and actions that Trump’s education has always been from what he saw and heard on TV.

  5. Say he succeeded…take to the streets?…even without violence, his idea would be to shoot first. Like he had that park cleared by force, for a photo op.
    Typical punk….He is only a bully when he has back up…
    Alone he is a mouse at Mara lago.

  6. If he truly thought it was antifa, he woulda stopped them asap!

    He knew it was his people at the Capitol building.

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