1. That last comment about the backpack broke my heart. Kids shouldn’t have to think about things like that.

    1. @clouded coot There was armed people outside the Texas school that police were arresting and threatening if they tried to help

    2. I already know… that police department is a disgrace to all police in this country they sat outside for a hour and a half while the dude was already inside. So how do you plan to stop it?

  2. How heartbreaking to hear these poor children discussing this and making more sense than pro gun politicians. No child should have to worry or think about this.

    1. @T. Dmytryshyn Guess what would be better than banning guns. Hardening the school security, when Biden was asked if he would do that he said he won’t.

    2. Sadly whenever there’s a mass shooting, arguments in comments turn to gun control. My comment was to express sadness little children have to deal with this. If I could make a perfect world, there would be no guns and no one would kill anyone maliciously but we don’t live in a world like that. I’m also not knowledgeable about other modern countries process to own a gun. As a Canadian I know there’s a detailed background check and you have to take a gun safety course. But honestly I wouldn’t know where to buy one and possibly only one store on my city. I also know there’s no way any country can ban all guns so relax about that. They also would never be able to do anything about all the guns already out there. Although we have had some mass shooting, we don’t have as many. This man was troubled, which is why he didn’t live with his mother. Neighbours said something was off. Schools do have to keep all doors locked and I think a second sliding steel door like those trendy house doors that slide on a pole would be great to use on an emergency

  3. Oh this is emotionally scarring for those kids that survived it’s tough growing up to be a kid today🤔

    1. Having grown up having to fend off bullies all my time in public school, and private. I will just say it’s painful that cnn will not elevate the people who are lawful gun owners who stop bad guys. Which just happened days later.
      As far as being bullied my dad was in my life and taught me martial arts, this helped build confidence. As well as armed me to stand up verbally legally and with violence when nothing else worked. The people committing these heinous acts are hurting and are taking it out on anyone. Imagine how bad they feel to do this. Imagine how bad anyone should have to feel to really be evil .
      Emotional help, mental health help is 100%needed

  4. Im finding it weird to have kids in this discussion let them be KIDS these aren’t normal responses from KIDS. This country has idolized and televised violence for too long now we are reaping the fruits of the seeds we buried.

    1. Have you been in a lockdown drill with pre k kids, kindergartners and or special needs kids. They happen about 4 times a year. These kids were not as coerced as you think. They HATE these drills. You turn off all the lights , smoosh in a corner for 10 minutes and these 3, 4 and 5 year olds worry every time a classmate sneezes, starts to cry or talk that they will be the reason they get shot if an active shooter ever enters the building. That young , at 3-4 and 5 kids start realizing who they’d want to be with or next to if ever there’s an active shooter because some kids will make you a target. I never asked questions this is information I gathered listening to kids talk to each other even days after drills.

  5. The fact that school gun violence is acceptable in America is so shocking, and I know that a lot of people want stricted laws but they will never get them, so sad 😞 I am so glad I live in the UK, we cry for the USA and the deaths of all children 😢 the fact that they say buy a backpack not let’s change the laws is heartbreaking

    1. Acceptable must mean something different where you are from. The penalties for attempting to or threatening violence in a school when no one is hurt are substantial.
      Hurt someone and they get more severe.
      Kill someone and many States will kill you right back assuming you survive to get a trial.

  6. we can do something about it, register and vote in November vote Republicans out of office on all levels of government

    1. Amen!!! Let’s vote the GQP out in all levels of government! Vote blue! Everyone’s life depends on it! 💙

    2. Why? Please tell us one thing the current Democrat administration is doing, or has done since taking office that has made the lives of ordinary Americans better, safer, or more prosperous. C’mon man!

  7. These kids are smarter than all these adults we need them to make better choices for our future and theirs …not these ignorant politician, police, and others in power making TERRIBLE choice even kids see the stupidity

  8. A lot of parent influenced questions there. But the youngest sounding one.He sounded genuine.

    1. I mean when you endure an experience like that it very obviously results in questions and seeing stuff about, some may have been “influenced” but kids nowadays are more political to begin with, so imagine going through school shootings which they have to do drills for and which they see news and memes and jokes about.

  9. I’d be requesting homeschooling asap if I was old enough to grasp the gravity of the situation at that age.

    1. @John Downer for someone who doesn’t get their rocks off by socializing, it would have been a dream for me.

  10. Listen to the children.

  11. We did fire drills and lockdown drills at my schools in Australia. But I never once felt unsafe in my 12 years of schooling. I can’t imagine being one of these kids in America knowing every day it’s a possibility that I’ll be shot in school. That just doesn’t happen here. This is America.

  12. The voices of reason and common sense. Be great if they could speak to Congress especially the Republicans. ✌️💕

  13. I have always looked up to America all my life, but of recent, I can’t explain what going on within. America should rise up, and solve it’s problems like a 1st world Super power that it’s supposed to be, not like a third world developing country it’s starting to look like.

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