1. this isn’t inflation, this is market manipulation, and its highly coordinated and almost on a global scale.

  2. This is why when they say we won’t see 80s-style rates needed to bring inflation down, it should give you at least a moment of pause. Most of these so-called “experts” in charge of controlling inflation aren’t any better at predicting the future than any other armchair economist out there.

    1. @EWaste So you saw the war in Ukraine coming, and you knew that China was going to continue its Covid policies which would exacerbate the supply chain crisis? I’m impressed 🤪

    2. @Caro Abebe that only had a small part to do with inflation. Interest rates were a massive factor and even after numerous calls for them to start raising interest rates to slow inflation, they did NOTHING. Yellen was too scared of how “the market would react” to the inevitable raising of rates so she waited and waited and now it’s too late.

    3. @Caro Abebe it’s like being in a car going full speed and everyone yelling to slow down otherwise you’re going to rear end someone and the fed refused to let off the gas until after they crashed.

  3. Q: “Was it a mistake to downplay inflation”
    A: “I think it was a mistake… I didn’t fully understand”
    …..😳…. Bwahahahahahahahah ☠️👎🏾

  4. When America gets ran like “The Price is Right” screaming “Come on down!” What do you expect…

  5. Wow, hearing a high ranking government official admit they made a mistake and are wrong is like spotting a unicorn in the forest! It just never happens!

  6. You gotta love when people admit that they made a mistake. I think she had a good reason, because of how slow supply chains recovered, the Chinese lockdown and Putin’s insanity driving up gas prices.. I also thought that the inflation would go away by last quarter.

    1. And gov Abbott by halting thousands of trucks everyday coming in and out. Trucks wasting produce and other goods by throwing them out and wasting so much gas by idling trucks. Time = money

    2. The US has more oil than any other country that is untapped. Inflation is up due to relying on other countries for products we can make here. It’s like this to line the pockets of the politicians and corporate greed.

  7. Holy crap! A federal official actually admitting they were wrong, didn’t even try to blame another administration or anyone else!

    1. @Diana Hill it’s the first amendment, it’s here to stay so you need to find a country without it assuming you live here in the 🇺🇸

  8. I wonder if we are going to get an admission from our administration that inflation is not transitory. I think they were wrong about this assessment also.

  9. Who is from the top doing right in this administration? I could not see one. We admit we VOTED WRONG PEOPLE

  10. So basically “I was wrong” but nothing will change bc our government is incapable of action, agreement or compromise. Pathetic

  11. Am I the only one who saw this coming? Not by a long shot. So why did the Feds not see it? You print well over $3 Trillion and shove it out into the public for absolutely nothing in return? You raise minimum wage almost double ($15/hr here in California) and you don’t expect the cost of going out to breakfast to double? You keep increasing the tax on gasoline (again, here in California) any you blame the oil companies for the high prices? Now please explain to me why you couldn’t see hyper inflation coming.

  12. She was wrong about inflation. She’s wrong about ESG. She’s wrong about Energy. She’s wrong about a whole heck of a lot!

  13. They’re still focusing on renewables. Seriously if I can’t afford gas how the heck would i afford an electric car!

  14. The FED has lost it and the sad fact is ,it’s pretty obvious we are headed for hyperinflation.I think stores better have tight security because when people can afford to feed their families ,things might get ugly

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  15. Its literally her job to know and understand these things! Many non-experts knew she was wrong the moment she said it, she’s just now figuring this out?! Makes me feel real secure

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