1. This is the most expensive piece of art come on! you can’t hit mona lisa she is so beautiful 🤑🍿🇺🇸

  2. How is this even a story, “man throws cake at glass, they cleaned the glass!” 😂🤣🤣🤣

    1. @Travel Crawl I wonder what would happen if people didn’t make everything about race

    2. Because it’s an attempt at defaming an iconic work of art in our human history for individual wants which they THINK could bring attention to a larger cause. I think that says enough? Each section of that sentence is very heavy with political, historical, and social context.

  3. was he aware she was protected by glass? i think so question is would he have done it if she was not?

  4. They never keep the real one on display. They certainly wouldn’t be cleaning it off with a paper towel if it was the real one.

  5. “Think of the Earth,” he says, by slamming cake into the Mona Lisa? How does his action match his statement? This isn’t the way to bring attention to a cause!

    1. slamming cake on glass in front of the Mona Lisa. I think he did a good job. Didn’t know I’d be thinking about climate change when I watched this video.

  6. The fact it didn’t damage it doesn’t mean anything!! The disrespect, the hubris of the punk! It belongs to humanity! Our species!! Like all treasures natural and man made regardless where they reside. His arrogance has the opposite affect for the cause and hurts people seriously working for change!!

    1. Why are you talking about the lgbtq like that. The replacement of Jen psaki the white house speaker would be upset .so don’t start culture wars .surprisingly that’s coming from you . From the left who supports there ideology. Weird

    2. Calm down. He put some whipped cream on a pane of glass. There are more important issues… like climate change

  7. can you imagine if there was not a glass structure over the painting!? get a life dude! 😡😡😡

  8. This painting only gained international fame after it was stolen, there aint anything special about it. It was debunked that leo was a genius and contributed greatly to science and this piece of art deserves to be creamed like all the other “art” these dealers are trying to scam you on

  9. So, attempts to destroy a priceless work of art, after faking being a person with disabilities…

    What a real stand-up guy <_<

    1. The security guard is only 5 weeks into the 6 week security course and has therefore not got to the bit about cakes yet.

  10. It’s HER Fault! He’d been asking her out for 5 YEARS and she wouldn’t even say “Hi” to him. She just stared at him. Like a freaky–deaky–freaky dead eyed blink contest stare. Only a matter of time before ANY man would snap from her emotional abuse and shallow 2 dimensional personality.

  11. I’m so relieved there was bulletproof glass over the painting! I thought at first that he had actually managed to damage the painting. I don’t understand how destroying a famous and beloved artwork with a cake is supposed to help save the planet. Yes, the environment is important, and yes trying to smear cake on the Mona Lisa will get peoples’ attention, but an environmental message isn’t what anyone’s going to remember about this incident.

  12. Ah the modern generation. Crowds of people spectating and filming on mobile phones rather than tackling and stopping the vandal!!!

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