‘I humbly beg forgiveness for the evil committed’: Pope Francis issues apology to survivors

Speaking to residential school survivors, Pope Francis says he is ‘deeply sorry’ and the first step of his penitential pilgrimage is to 'ask for forgiveness'.

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  1. The pope knows those souls that died are all in heaven. Pray that all the survivors can heal. If only we had a leader who was as accountable as the pope.

    1. Esau Trouble on Big Levi channel playlist. The Apocalypse of Abraham prophecies are unfolding before our eyes.

  2. The church should pay taxes retroactive to when the residential schools opened and that money should be used to fix reservations all across this country, clean safe drinking water, schools and housing

    1. The problem has always been the same. Millions paid in reparations never seems to get to where its needed. New Cadillac escalade anyone ?

  3. Current indians will still want money from the government for something that happened 100 yrs ago.

    They should just get a job.

    1. “If you were to give reparations to everyone whose ancestors had been slaves, I suspect that you would have to give reparations to more than half the entire population of the globe.” – Thomas Sowell. Indigenous peoples have been given reparations its the hereditary chiefs sitting on all of that dough.


  4. The thing is it wasn’t the Popes fault…but the evil doings of those who were in charge at that time…

  5. And to this day not one body found!!! My generation didn’t have anything to do with this, why are we still paying and apologizing for this! Maybe it’s time the churches step up and pay their share instead on innocent taxpayers!!!

  6. Pope apologizes for what catholisism has done. Pope still supports what catholisism represents / has done…

    1. If you have kids or have kids in the future and they die, ill be here telling you to get over it

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