1. 🚴🚴🀸🀸🏌️🏌️🀹🀹🦻🦻🚨 vamos al mambo que tenemos hoy

  2. I started to cry my eyes out when the woman at the end began to sing Oh Canada in Cree and speak directly to the pope in Cree. Ay hay.

  3. The only thing the Pope is sorry for is how the TRUE colors of his religion was thrown into the light. He’s not sorry for the atrocities his religion has committed. None of them are.

  4. Watched this live earlier today. It was however, interesting to note; After the Popes apologies it poured in Edmonton! Those that were brutally raped, starved etc, Inshallah, have found genuine peace today!-Ameen

    1. I was working on car maintenance at the time and I got rained on. I saw a patch of blue sky and when out again.

    1. forgivness is a stepping stone, the world is atrocious and we must forgive and seek to be forgiven ourselves.

  5. Now just give the Indians a couple more million to squander like the gvt usually does …

  6. I just had a very serious thought.
    Who is going to apologize on behalf of some of the Protestant religions that were running these schools?
    It was not just the Catholic let’s be clear about that.
    I wonder who will apologize.

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