‘I saw my own grave’: Victim of massive earthquake speak out

CNN’s Nick Paton Walsh reports on the current search-and-rescue efforts in Turkey and Syria, where victims of the massive earthquake are being found alive after spending days buried in debris.

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  1. It’s so difficult for those in Turkey, moreso in Syria. It’s a terrible disaster, more died in an instant than the war in Ukraine, I hope more is done to highlight this. Kudos to those able to cover this. Normally you have tye firat 24 hours to be able to recover survivors until they pass away under the rubble..

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  2. Innssa allah, Allah will help us.please help our Muslim umma Syria as well as Turkey. 🇧🇩🇹🇷😭😭

  3. I am a Turkish New Zealander and am absolutely broken by the scenes of devastation. Its so hard not being able to help my countrymen. How can we ever recover from this. The scars and trauma will endure. God save my people and deliver them on a path that is just, kind, and prosperous.

    1. I am so sorry ❤❤❤ this is unimaginable 😢😢😢 to watch you have tears in eye but to experience unimaginable ❤❤❤❤❤ World must help this people ❤

    2. @Adiagy Most people are kind and decent in all countries. We only use the terrible ones as stereotype for the majority. Which in it self is appalling. In this case, I am heartbroken to see fellow human being in such utter devastation and I hope the world helps them immediately.

    3. @Adiagy From Los Angeles, California. I am so sad for the people in Turkey. And hope the entire world comes together to help them. This is heartbreaking to see. The world must help them.

    4. I am Turkish-Kiwi too. I am heartbroken like everybody else and angry to governments very slow respond. Those people paid for earthquake tax. President response was no country can deal with massive earthquake. It is true but they were no helicopters, tents, soldiers…on time. People froze to death. Turkey is an earthquake country and gets paid for it and no resources at sight. People talk about Haluk Levent. I am grieving, I am angry, …and can’t do anything about it.

    5. @Aurora lights Elections are very soon my friend, and we can both go to the consulate in Wellington and vote in a competent government. A Government that will make earthquake resistant building guidelines mandatory instead of optional. How foolish could they be? They knew earthquakes were inevitable. Perhaps they simply did not care. Tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands, are dead under collapsed buildings that did not meet earthquake resistant guidelines, but the government says over and over again that there was nothing they could have done. How stupid do they think we are?

  4. It’s so hard to see little children without parents and parents without their babies, they all went to bed like every day and …😢

  5. A big shoutout to all rescuers and rescue dogs.

  6. It is horrible! I’ve been through a big earthquake myself, 19K victims, 1 city completely razed, several others partially destroyed. Human endurance is higher than people themselves think. Survivors will always fight their way back to life, if not for themselves, for the dear ones. God bless all of us.

    1. @mythbuster Turkey has had a lot of devastating earthquakes over and over again. But the one I was talking about happened in Japan, 2011.

  7. Huge damage for humanity in decades.
    Our condolences with victim families and best wishes for speedy recovery.
    Stay strong, this time shall too pass.

  8. This is heartbreaking, I had no idea it was so bad I hope my government can lend a hand. I will contact my local reps. My heart aches for the people of Turkey and Syria, New Zealand has a long history with Turkey. Oh man, so bad.

  9. Absolutely heartbreaking 🥺😔 I hope Syria gets as much help as Turkey is too. Doesn’t matter what side anyone is on.. main focus should be on saving lives. Horrible tragedy 😭

  10. Antakya (Antioch in ancient times) was the epicenter of two of the worst earthquake disaste in history. The first in 115 AD killed up to 260,000 people with Roman Emperor Trajan and future emperor Hadrian both slightly injured, the other quake occurred in May 526 AD during the time of Byzantine Emperor Justin I (Father of Justinian I) killing an estimated 250,000-300,000 people mostly by fire. I don’t think the final death will be as bad as those two quakes but it still could get well over 50,000 which would make it the worst earthquake death toll since Turkey became a country.

  11. Our prayers goes to you all our brothers and sisters there in Turkey and Syria….LORD save your people …hoping for more survivors to be rescued…. it’s so heartbreaking seeing those people mouning for their love ones…especially those Innocent children😭😭😭who lost their parents..and parents who lost their children’s😭our deepest sympathy and Condolences to all the bereaved families🙏 (Philippines)

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