1. This is a GLOBAL phonomenon now. I am sad for you all that struggle. Here in Sri lanka its tough for locals with weekly price hikes. I am so lucky as ive lived in UK and Australia ( my superannuation is ok) my wife and I and many foreigners ( folks some US citizens also retired here..) do what we can to help. Sometimes even offer work on our property bc many are proud not to accept charity. We are lucky also bc we do not have the worry of paying for health care. Why oh why did the US not have Universal Health care. ?
    Sending you Love and thoughts from Sri Lanka 💕💕💕🙏🙏🙏

    1. People in the US think it’s just them, inflation is effecting most countries, I live in the UK and we are having exactly the same problems, I’m having to pull extra shifts or pick up agency work on the side just to get by. This time last year averaging around 40 hours a week was enough to provide but now I’m having to work between 60 to 80 hours a week to meet our needs.At least I don’t have to worry about maintaining a health insurance policy, I have a disabled son, if I lived in the US his medication would be unaffordable.

    2. Because the big hospital don’t wont that they won’t be able to make billions of dollars and the doctors won’t be millionaires they are Brain washing people here in America not to be for it soon as someone is talking about it i come from one in Germany we never see the bill !

  2. So many companies are taking advantage of inflation charging 30% more even though inflation is 8%.

    1. @Simona Oliviera Once loans were guaranteed by the government, the cost began to escalate. It is a debtor’s society with fewer viable options for so many people. The trend hasn’t shown any signs of changing towards improvement.

    2. @Simona OlivieraThe reality is that if you look at every country where women are most liberated you will find highest levels of anti depressants and overall mental health issues and you will find that this is purely a result of what feminizing society has done. Women have been told that their value goes up when they are “strong and independent” but they are finding out later on in life that this was a lie, which is why 25% of women are on anti-depressants and the age with highest levels of unhappiness out of male or female is women 40 and up with no children. This is why countries that are thriving like China are encouraging masculinity in males, our society is in decline and we encourage femininity in men and masculinity in women (from being in the workplace) and people wonder why Putin hates western ideology so much that he is going to war with his own people to stop western ideology from doing anymore damage to the Russian and Ukrainian people. I can’t blame him to be honest.

    3. @Jason Olinger Hey Jason how are you doing this fine night. I would like to talk about your advocation for the trades. Before I begin I want to say that Im not encouraging or discouraging anybody or anything to get into trades. Let’s begin. First of all, most trades are physically demanding. A young guy wants to make some quick cash and oh wait, you get paid on the job as well? That’s sounds to good to be true! Well, they soon figure out how fast and easy it is to get back, knee, lung problems, etc working a hard labour job everyday, I know guys who are only in their 30s and 40s and have some serious healthy problems, both mentally and physically because of of trades. Secondly, trade school is not that much of a difference with college, now I’m not American, but I heard trades school is about 30-33k in the US, you can fact check me on this, the average 4 year degree is not that much higher. I’m in Canada, and if you make less than 50k a year, the Government pays half your tuition so an average 4 year degree in fields like business or engineering is about 15-20k CANADIAN DOLLARS. Not only that but there is also internships and coop that also pays you just like apprenticeships. Thirdly, commuting within the trades industry is extremely annoying. I would think that tradespeople would have to drive to different locations and worksites almost everyday, if not everyday, no? I don’t know about you, but driving to different worksites everyday is a major annoyance especially how traffic is getting so bad nowadays. Fourthly, before you start saying, “but you can open your own business when you get more experienced”. IT IS NOT SO EASY HANDLING YOUR OWN TRADE BUSINESS. It’s not like you can just say, oh hey I’m a journeyman now let me open my own business so I don’t have to work anymore! Reality is often disappointing. Again, I know many, many guys who tried to have their own trade business but utterly failed and lost everything. It costs a lot of money, time, responsibility, and also you need to work with the right people in order to have a functional business, and even then it’s not 100% going to work. That’s why so many tradespeople just stay as journeymen, they know owning a business is just too much for them and they don’t have the time or resources capable for it. And my last point, it’s a common misconception that tradespeople are making soo much money that their bank accounts cannot hold all their money. People like to get the top 1% of tradespeople salaries and say all tradespeople make that much, I just don’t know what to tell them anymore. If you look at the actual salaries both in the US and Canada, people who went to universities tend to make more, they also have a better chance at getting higher paying managerial jobs in the future. Yes, I totally agree with everything you said about feminists and women these days, it’s both sad and funny at the same time. But they wanted this, they can enjoy it. Also, the majority of the people who are going for the social sciences and humanities degrees(aka almost if not completely useless) are women! They can go ahead and accumulate how much debt they want, who am I to care. Most guys I see are getting into engineering, programming, business, finance, accounting, management, etc….

  3. Not shocked. I’ve been living in my vehicle, but now faced with rising fuel costs. Things are changing rapidly unfortunately

    1. @Herby Hancock for real city vanlifers, that’s not practical to have a noisy generator and usually, you don’t run your vehicle to get warm. We get Mr. Buddy heaters!!

    2. Well it’s a good thing we got Biden in the Whitehouse now. The country is doing so much better now that Trump is gone. 😆🤣😆. Not laughing at your situation. I could just as easily be in the same boat. These past couple of years have been super hard for me financially also.

  4. Greedy landlords. How can they justify a $330 a month rent increase for such a tiny apartment? If she gets to the point where she has to live in her car then she should consider an SUV if she doesn’t already own one, she’s going to need all the space she can get. A van would be better but there already is a high demand for and short supply of them. Blessings be upon her.

    1. @Yadhu Mohan hate to break it to you, it ain’t gonna happen. there is a better chance if you believe in reincarnation

    2. @Yadhu Mohan both buddy. Like i tell my kids, don’t put yourself in that position, you won’t have that problem, inflation and or pandemic.

  5. It has been like that for a few years for alot of people. All the money goes to rent, healthcare and insurance + car and cellphone (basic necessities if u want to have a job in USA)

    1. So your pay less than 200 per property per month for rent??? Again I call absolute bullshit on that.. even if you are renting out your properties.

    2. @Kim Ferronato Amish lifestyle…maybe, for those who want to live like that. But the enormous majority of human beings don’t want to live like Ted Kaczynski.

    3. USA? We feel it all around the world. Even in the SEA region everything is going up.

    4. @35P, Petra’s, and Akai Haato’s Souls
      Yeah the USA likes to forget that it’s not the only country in the world.

    1. @Jonathan Cote …you’re lucky. My house insurance went from $2100 to $3200 a year. Cost of replacement went up because the cost of materials. It’s all about to crumble soon. Recession followed by stagflation. Biden is making people homeless.

    2. @I H You AMericans need to get your heads out of your asses and stop praying to your holy lord President, they are not nearly as powerful or influential as you believe. Not at all. Its a much bigger world than your 350 million.

    3. @Chaha yow Republicans like Former President Bush put us in the same position in 2007, and another Republican Former President Trump, was and is ripping off the U. S. people, so it seems to me the Republicans don’t know how to budget, nor do they know not to pick criminals as advisors (this is more on Trump). If you’re smart enough you’d realize the elite corporations are hiking prices so high, it might even make them go out of business if people can’t buy their products. Why don’t you go and fact check what Biden has done in a year compare to Trump.

  6. When corporations buy up the housing inventory and only allow renting at increasing rates this is the result. The reason the housing inventory is low is to keep prices high. The real estate agents the landlords keep it this way to maintain their lifestyles of multiple houses and boats. This didn’t happen overnight it’s been this way for ages.

    1. Houses are most expensive in heavy regulated areas(its impossible to get a home in California cities for example), and also inflation is due to money being pumped into the economy-too much water, not enough milk, so your money is now more water than milk if you get the analogy.
      The government is clearly to blame here, not corporations. And by the way, the larger the government gets, the more corporations want to influence it because it holds the power to their succes and the failure of their enemies, more than providing a better product at a lower price.

    2. @PLAYSTATION 5 Yes, because rent control works and having people not invest in real estate(build homes) certainly works and has been proven to work. Where exactly?

    3. @Wendy S What??Taxes have been going up, wellfare has been going up, the working class is the darling of society all over the western world, what are you even talking about??? I mean, do you actually believe what you just wrote?
      40 years ago, the market was freer and things were better for the working class. I wonder why.

    4. Democ🐭$ U should be proud of Joe 💩Biden’s Amazing Handling of Our Economy👏👏👏👏😛👆

  7. The restaurant business is the most difficult to keep running. The supply of people who can open one far out strips the demand when it is always more economical to buy and cook your own food.

  8. Thank you! When I see people talking about us complaining about gas prices and inflations, some people cannot survive! Like I do feel bad for Ukraine but damn can I live too? And not on a side walk in LA where they are shipping homeless communities out? They are homeless too!

    1. @Rittenhouse Rules You can’t say “that’s a fact” with that troll name. Correction, you can say it but you can put on a clown nose as well. Secondly I’d vote for a trash can to prevent Trump

    2. You choose that by voting democrats

      Only you can change that
      Also please stay away from texas,we don’t like you,we don’t need you
      Enjoy your leftists socialists utopian paradise in commiefornia

    3. @Veronica Rossi In the world we live in, people have been screwed over so much that they no longer realize what they are saying.

  9. I lived in my truck for the last three years, up until only a couple months ago. I had to beg charities for help.

  10. We as a country need to set things right, set term limits on congress and senate, and even the playing field on taxes for the rich and poor. Stop allowing the rich and huge companies to skirt on taxes while the majority of us who are the working class that make them rich while we struggle to survive and raise our families pay taxes at unfair amounts. We need to focus on our own country and it’s people instead of all the other countries.

    1. The people struggling at the bottom don’t pay taxes.
      Taxes are not the cause of their problems, and
      lowering taxes won’t affect their lives in any way.

    2. Define term limits I go w retirement at 65 Corporations say we are unproductive at 65 so why not politicians

    3. how about , we do have term limits, by the way, voting rights and taking donation income streams out of state and federal election practices that have the impact of turning Civic Duty participation iñ government into a chickeñ fight with pimps and johns installing tricks turners for the messily pay elected office pay and benefit packages?
      Because transportation of foods and consumer goods dependances on fossil fuels dragging dying oceans choked with plastic garbage and industrial run off polutions including not limited to radioactive ☢️ polutions..
      Human beings need to for thoughtfully plan for the trees and plankton necessary for the air of life’s breath, the natural life giving water, not implimented of war distruction & mass murdering implimented over greed’s
      It’s the only planet known to support abundant predictable life cycle and our most obvious human consideration is how to ride this spinning orb hurling through space at 100 +/- increments in such a manner that all living things , all our relations following us over time can too.
      The fact remains human development is stunted by the greedy indifference to environment and living things in it.
      We all need to find the sacrid in all things and delight in simplicities and mundane and share honest human knowledge to avoid the perils of weather and , as insanity makes plain, the man-made misery of abuse and neglect.
      Be a good relative. global peace zone.

  11. U.S. Government: Don’t worry the billionaires and millionaires are fine so we’re good.

    This country and those who run it is beyond frustrating

    1. Not true. Biden tried to put money on the table but the Republicans and some democrats are not agree with that.

    2. @Vincenzio go check the unemployment numbers from trumps years in office.

      Lowest in American history.
      Maybe you don’t care about that though.

      You will in about two months!

    3. Didn’t Biden just say the economy is great! When will you demon crap voters realize he is talking about his rich friends!

  12. I think property owners are trying to make back what they may have lost during COVID. But raise your rents and prices too high, no one will be renting or buying your stuff.

  13. We’re dealing with the same thing in Canada. It’s sad and depressing when an honest, good, hardworking person can’t afford to live 😞

    1. @Marjorie Coey I think house prices being ridiculous is another one of those “perspective” things. It also depends on where you live. Median house prices are 1.5 million in my zip code. Studios rent for $3000. But then again, most people earn six figures. However, I have the great advantage of having moved here in the 1990s. I spend less than a fourth of what most of my neighbors spend. It truly pays to stay settled for a long time. I had a 90 year old friend who bought her house for $30,000 and it sold for 2 million on her death.

    2. @Daniel Glover, piano, Дэниел Гловер just to clarify, i said “IF biden”. Also, thanks for that info but yes i know what ur talking about.

    3. @Lewis W Biden’s been a great president so far. People are complaining just to blame someone. It’s misplaced and not accurate to blame him. Reminder: Trump’s approval rating was 29 percent when he left office. The same problems that plagued him, plague Biden. If people are looking for someone to fix worldwide inflation and gas prices, a president isn’t the one who can do something about that. People act like they’re kings. It’s really pathetic if you ask me. Not to say I didn’t blame Trump for his incompetence on Covid, but that’s another story. Presidents don’t set gas prices and there’s very little they can do to curb inflation. Those are just facts. If you want to blame someone for those issues, blame mankind. We’ve been staying home for two years due to a pandemic and now everyone is driving again. There isn’t enough gas for the sudden demand. My advice: keep staying home as much as possible until things stabilize again. That’s my plan. I have a prepaid trip to Europe from 2020 to take and still haven’t made plans to take it.

    4. @Daniel Glover, piano, Дэниел Гловер inflation and gas prices immediately started increasing as soon as Biden took office. Those are facts. Now I suggest you stop looking to people in the past, to get answers that we need today. Have a good night sir

  14. Affordable housing is the last thing on any state legislatures mind in any state in America. They blame the homeless for being lazy. A good start to fix all this would be micro units so people can have some sort of life.

  15. To all these people. Don’t give up.
    I’ve lived in my car before and worked my way out of it.
    Not any way to live long term.
    Especially in Minnesota where I live, you have to keep your car running all night or else you freeze to death in winter.

  16. We lived in the car during 2020 and half of 2021. It was very hard. Definitely better than the alternative, though.

  17. I feel this. I work hard . I’m a college graduate , never been on welfare etc , just work . Rent is expensive , food is expensive , gas is expensive . It’s truly a nightmare and I’m single with no kids at the age of 38. Every time I’m in a grocery store my heart thinks about all the parents with kids . Food is expensive ! Everything is and I’m just over it all

    1. @Michael Michael.. if you read this comment thread, you would clearly see that most people think you are weird for asking a weird question.. go figure.

    2. @Jeff Heyer It doesn’t matter, because their brains are not mature enough. You fall into that category, as well. Seek help, please…

  18. That just disgusts me that people work hard all day every day and still can’t afford their rent. Makes me so mad and I’m close to being in that boat if my rent goes up anymore I won’t be able to afford it.

  19. Housing inflation is just as bad as fuel or food, at least here in Phoenix. My rent has gone up by $1000/mo since October. I make fairly good money, above Phoenix median, and am seriously considering buying a large SUV or van to live in, with a membership at a 24 gym at which to shower. I currently do not own a vehicle; fortunately can work from home, or take public transport when I need to be in the office.

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