1. They call it a stimulus check when in fact it should be called a survival check for hundreds of thousands if not millions of people

    1. @I am And Ivanka will be Trump’s undoing then. As soon as she knows she will be getting indicted for tax fraud she will be singing like a canary to snitch on her dad.

  2. Give the American people help .. we need help from our government who we pay through taxes .. government shouldn’t get paid

    1. @John Ocasio for 40+ years joe biden have made a name as plagiarism (there are plenty videos that proof that)and a serial liar and ppl stil vote for him ….

    1. @PV wow i did not realize that no white people were needing any money. amazing. “Just like a white always talking a bout crap they dont know about!” Funny coming from a person who also dosent seem to know what they are talking about. : )

  3. We need a stimulus check now ! We have been waiting for 8 months while Washington play’s game’s with our lives for there political gain

    1. Hoping you can get the support soon, but that little money can not solve all the problems if many people do not get a job, the food can not drop from the sky, and the debt belongs to everyone.

    2. @Smiley Chris “CNN will take 15/22 of it and twisted it in some fucked up thing ” okay but fox does that way more…..consider there youtube homepage with a segment attacking AOC for saying shes radical…… the full context of that if you watch that video is that shes saying how the things shes advocating for arent radical- rather she was saying that its stupid to call these things radical

      im not clueless about the hunter story in fact im willing to here the facts when the case resolves but currenlty he just under investigation- EXACTLY like trump’s taxes are

      hows this for family corruption?

    3. @Smiley Chris critizing cnn while watching epoch times and the crazy lady too zrazy for giuliani even? youre very silly

    4. 8 weeks? I haven’t received a DIME since i started requesting aid in February! This is the republican motto: Let them eat cake! They truly do not care if you die, and that is NOT being melodramatic.

  4. It’s appalling that the richest nation is not taking care of it’s most vulnerable during this deadly pandemic..

    1. @24james per capita we’re not but there’s a reason why someone likeJeff bezos will be a trillionaire in 5 to 10 years. Oh I wish I was in Switzerland Switzerland Switzerland

    2. @Oxford Hall Yes, it’s a virus, some people get sick and some die. That’s always been the case, whether it’s Influenza or SARS. Why did we not respond this way to previous viruses? Do you realize just how many viruses exist? Many other countries have returned to normal because they realize they can’t shut everything down forever and the only way is herd immunity. You’re simply feeding into the mainstream media’s fear porn narrative. I’m sorry that you’re so far gone. There’s no helping sheep like you.

    3. @Patrick Conroy We are all NOT as uneducated as you. We’ve just come out of a second lockdown, Germany is going into a strict lockdown , Sweden failed miserably by trying herd immunity without vaccination and they’ve paid dearly ..If you really knew what you’re talking about you’d know that throughout history herd immunity has only been achieved through mass vaccinations. But hey , since you went to Trump University the world doesn’t expect you to understand that .. Bye 👋

  5. How come no one is protesting and rioting over this? They have dragged us through the mud for over 8 months and now they have the audacity to offer us less than half?

    1. Because some are homeschooling their kids. Because some are working 2 or 3 jobs. Because some are frontline workers whose shifts have doubled because so many colleagues are either sick or have died due to covid. Trump has the power to fix this but he is spending the money elsewhere. The federal budget deficit has gone from Just over $5 billion in 2016 to now well over $3 trillion, expected to hit $4 trillion by year end. It’s so sad. He spent all the money so there is not much left for the people in their time of need.

  6. It should alarm you that we are headed toward a society where you will need to offer up unlimited access to your veins in exchange for the ability to live a normal life.

  7. Direct payment installment checks are crucial: thank you, Rep. Omar, for fighting for the poorest of us! Not everyone is eligible for unemployment insurance.

    1. They should give us $2000 a month for a year. Mcconnell and Trump are guilty 100%. They need put in poverty for a while. Mcconnell should be impeached and put in the toughest jail and the poorest neighborhood for life and anyone else who supports him and Trump. God 🙏 will judge them in the end.

    2. @James Delorn HOWLAND Jr Trump isnt the person that has any say over that thats pelosi’s and legislators department (get your fact straight before poiting fingers!

  8. I say we split Congress’ pay check and give it to the people. They haven’t done anything for 30 years why should they get paid now?

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