1. if the opposition was doing its job we would be having serious conversations about ivermectin hcq and favipiravir. 📸

    1. None of these have proven any efficacy against covid. Opposition has moved on from this while you are still stuck to old unproven misinformation.

    1. It’s hard to talk to Canadians when you can’t meet with them. But yes, the Liberals have a minority and it appears they’re still mopping the floor with Conservatives.

    1. @C T And you could use punctuation in your sentences as well. I’m sure many would like perfect grammar, but it is not that easy.

  2. My experience is never trust a person who smiles like that never . I have seen it many times throughout my life . I don’t trust that leader of the opposition . the conservative leader ,,, I don’t trust him not even with a sack of potatoes.

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