'Indictments Will Be Flying': Cohen Thinks Trump Org Execs Will Be Charged 1

‘Indictments Will Be Flying’: Cohen Thinks Trump Org Execs Will Be Charged


Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen joins MSNBC's Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber to publicly react for the first time to The New York Times report that the Manhattan DA may charge Trump's money man Allen Weisselberg as soon as this summer.
(This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. @Scott Jensen truth is sometimes funny. Just a side note, Robin is the masculine spelling and Robyn is the feminine but since so many parents gave their daughters the wrong spelling I forgive you

    2. @Scott Jensen
      Would Mark Greenfield be a buttie of yours?
      LMMFOA ???,
      couple FUNNY boys.
      Many people are saying.

      was that would or wouldn’t?

    3. @Scott Jensen I can believe it Scott. You’d have to be mentally unstable when your cities and towns are crime ridden, drug infested and overran with homeless people and you still vote Democrat and live there. The stable people leave.

    4. @Easy Tiger The purge will come in the form of civil war. The left is so far out of control and nothing is being done to stop them. It’s not normal for a Political party to attack a sitting President 24/7 for their entire term, endless investigations that never produced anything but embarrassment for the Democrats. Even now they continue to attack him, clearly Trump loves America, he sacrificed so much, he lost a third of his wealth while President and donated his salary. Most Democrats are oblivious to the many accomplishments of President Trump, the liberal media outlets lied, over and over, never giving credit to anything the man did for our country. Democrats are tearing America apart, further dividing us everyday. It’s as if they want a civil war to happen, our freedoms, our Constitution, our Sovereignty, are on the line. Like Schumer said, they want to change America, then the world. What has happened to our great country? God help us all…

    5. @Leonie Romanes That wasn’t a purge or an Insurrection, you’ll see when the 14 thousand hours of video that day is released. I guess you don’t think it’s strange that they won’t release the footage? There was video of the capitol police letting them in the building. Now we found out that the FBI organized and started the whole thing and supposedly Nancy Pelosi the ringleader. Put that in your pipe and smoke it pal.

    1. @Eric Staples they are still searching for that stuff. Right now, while the fish is still floppin’ it’s tike to get to the bottom if all Trump allegations. Don’t cry, dry your eyes.

    2. @toni harmon if they got to grill Trump for half that time, they’d already bought a new hemp necktie!

    3. @Jay Graywhat party you ask that don’t want law inforcement? the Democratic party that’s a fact, they are pushing it every day NO Police and look now where this is occurring the crime is skyrocketing.. believe what you want but truth is happening right in front of our faces .. you also say Trumps insurrection that is a false narrative pushed by your brain washers on the left and at CNN..MSN… think for yourself my friend because NOT 1 PERSON FROM JAN,6TH TO THIS DAY WAS CHARGED WITH INSURRECTION …

    1. @Mark Greenfield Yes but this time we’re interested in the condiments, especially the relish.

    2. @Mark Greenfield Do you mean a “nothingburger” like the allegations of voter fraud during the 2020 Presidential election?

    3. @Free Ma When Trump dies he will not be mourned by those who knew him, only those who didn’t.

  1. I feel like this is an Oprah episode!
    You get an Indictment, You get an Indictment, and You get an Indictment!

    1. @Richard Cory
      Donald is a “billionare” panhandle.
      Donald has honed the lessons from the gutter, his handout father taught him, into the grifter he is today.

    2. @Dudeman9339 Dude you do know I have no control over Google right? Dude, let me hold your whittle hand, okay is that what you want me to do? Dude you do know how f’n smart you sound, don’t you?

    3. @Dudeman9339 I can’t wait to show your comment to everyone I know, it’s that ridiculously off the charts amazingly astoundingly absurdly like it came from a very smart intellectual scholar of the highest possible degree! Cheers! God Bless You and Yours! It must be awkward to always be the smartest person in the room!

    4. @Bass INC Absolutely spot on. The American Grifter Par Excellence. I am interested to see how the law firms involved in his current legal battles avoid being right royally stiffed. The fact that he is complaining about the cost suggests they have found ways of extracting monies due to them so far. He stiffs law firms, banks, contractors, staff, you name it, even large segments of the electorate. This being America, the bigger grifter he becomes the more he is admired, lauded and funded by something approaching half the US population.

  2. Makes you wonder why trump hasn’t tried suing Cohan for defamation if he is making all of this up. Remember how much he loves suing people? So if he’s lying where is the lawsuit?

  3. Looks like I may need more popcorn than I currently have at the ready. And, just as a thought, perhaps they should refurbish Alcatraz, ready to dump them all there with a few packetsof seeds when this is over. Should make a great reality show!!

    1. America is a very strange place, when it comes to the law. Rich people know in most cases people haven’t got the money to challenge them.

    2. Right?! Double standard here. If it were any of us we would have been awaiting the freaking trial behind bars BEFORE EVEN BEING FOUND GUILTY!!

    3. The thing here though is I don’t BELIEVE Trumphole has a dime. Just his lousy good for nothing name that he can no longer pass as a good thing.

  4. Two or three years ago who would have predicted that Michael Cohen would be the envy of all Trumps underlings. He seems at ease to me.

    1. Explain how this playing P.O.S. is “the real president”? Get you nose out of Qanon’s a@@.

    2. @william chase Sorry friend, let’s see just how much of a ”thinking man” you really are. Let’s start off with the fact that Constitutional poll ”observers” weren’t allowed to ”observe” means someone had something to ”hide”, and it’s being proven in Maricopa County Arizona as we speak. I guess you’re too arrogantly ignorant to realize that your ”chosen ideology” of anti-American ”marxism” has an undeniable ”history” of using lies, coercion, projection, fear tactics, election fraud and force, which is also the reason for its undeniable history of repeated FAILURE and MURDER of those it governs. That’s elementary school ”history” pal.

      Now do us both a favor and go and read and compare the stated economic/governmental ”goals” found in both the Communist Manifesto and the NAZI 25 Point Political Platform of the NSDAP to see they’re in fact identical, meaning both marxism and its ugly sister fascism are leftist ideologies. Fabian Socialist academia has used the Hegelian Dialectic against you in order to REMOVE the most notorious marxist mass murderers, the NAZI’s, FROM marxist ideology to make your indoctrination TO the ideology easier. Hitler was in fact a PROUD socialist/marxist as his many quotes prove, and true ”far right” ideology is in fact Anarchy due to the steady progression to the ”right” of political ”center” being for LESS/SMALLER government until you arrive there. Hence the term ”Anarcho-Capitalist” as it’s also only those to the ”right” of center who champion true ”free market Capitalism. Leftists only champion Capitalism if it’s fascist oligarchy as we’re seeing NOW with democrat run BIG TECH attempting to SILENCE Conservatives.

      Next we can talk about the fact that democrats/BLM/ANTIFA have been attacking Jews for the past two years as a simple Google search reveals, and how the following quote relates to those actions-

      “If we are socialists, then we must definitely be anti-semites – and the opposite, in that case, is Materialism and Mammonism, which we seek to oppose.” “How, as a socialist, can you not be an anti-semite?”-Adolf Hitler.

    3. @Captain Gregg All you have to do is look at his role models Putin, Kim , and others. All of them autocratic dictators. So call him a would be dictator who failed in his attempt to overturn the election And by the way, he is isn’t President anymore.

    4. @Steve Fish Prove they’re his ”role models”. I can prove that your ”chosen ideology” of anti-American ”marxism” repeatedly fails and murders those it governs due entirely to its use of lies, coercion, projection, fear tactics, election fraud and force, it’s called picking up a ”history book”. I can also prove by comparing the stated economic/governmental ”goals” found in both the Communist Manifesto and the NAZI 25 Point Political Platform of the NSDAP that both marxism and fascism are ”leftist” ideologies as those ”goals” are in fact identical. And of course the ”historical parallels” like the one below prove it as well-

      ”We’re trained marxists”-Patrice Cullors Founder of BLM, vs.

      ”I have learned a great deal from Marxism as I do not hesitate to admit”-Adolf Hitler.

      “Why need we trouble to socialize banks and factories? We socialize human beings.”-Adolf Hitler.

      Only morons deny ”historical parallels” that are as obvious as a bear ripping off your arm and slapping you in the face with the bloody end.

    5. @Steve Fish Sorry I forgot the address the fact that in a ”real election” Constitutional poll ”observers” won’t be BLOCKED from ”observing”, a fact proven by VIDEO evidence. And only morons would believe that those doing the BLOCKING didn’t have ”something to hide”. You’d have made a bad cop as you can’t seem to spot ”suspicious behavior”, like poll workers putting cardboard over windows, and OH what to do now that there’s UNQUESTIONABLE FRAUD being uncovered in Maricopa County Arizona that your marxist/fascist mainstream media won’t cover, proving yet again they ”lie by omission” as well as outright. Marxists doing what marxists are KNOWN to do, once again the reason the ideology murders those it governs, history shows it. I swear you leftie morons just need to be ”culled” from time to time, the reason you subscribe to failed and murderous anti-American ideology. Get a clue NAZI, Fabian Socialist academia has made you the EXACT THING our grandparents and great grandparents WERE FIGHTING during WWII and you’re too dumb to know it.

    1. My thoughts exactly. We were told that the SDNY and NY DA were just waiting until Trump was no longer president and lost his immunity to indictment. It sounded like they had indictments ready to go. We are now 6 months in and still hear how Trump might ‘possibly’ be in trouble .

    2. I was ready for this to all go down 4 years ago! These people are disgusting!!! Come on with it already!

    3. @NJcruiser yes, exactly. Are they going to spend 100 years on this case, when none of this is relevant anymore.

  5. glad his eyes are open and I have a lot of respect for him now before I couldn’t stand him he was sucked into the phony trump crime family.

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