‘Inflation is a real concern’: Bernie Sanders on spending plan 1

‘Inflation is a real concern’: Bernie Sanders on spending plan


President Joe Biden told Senate Democrats “we’re going to get this done” as lawmakers reached a deal on a $3.5 trillion spending plan. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) discuss. #CNN #News


    1. @Bat Boy of course it doesn’t make sense to you…and no doubt you voted for this administration. Exhibit A of why we’re all doomed. Clueless voters (line dancing cows) that are still okay with Biden as their choice (slaughterhouse).

    2. I’ve got a niece that ballooned out to Death Star proportions due to lock downs. Live like you wanna live. But THAT ain’t healthy.

    3. @Bat Boy there are worse things to lose than money. Why is it always about money to you people? Especially other people’s money.

    1. @Typical_brainwashed CNN_veiwer not saying that those policies would be as efficient as they are there, obviously the efficiency decreases as population increases. But it would be a hell of an improvement and Americans would have a lot more free money to spend

    2. @RAY In Tulsa they are the happiest citizens in the world, they are freer than us and they have way higher wages and a lot more free spending money than the average American. What’s so bad with that?

    3. @tim johnson not saying that those policies would be as efficient as they are there, obviously the efficiency decreases as population increases. But it would be a hell of an improvement and Americans would have a lot more free money to spend

  1. “We dont specifically know what’s in it”. Are you kidding me?? I’ve never invested into anything I didn’t know what I’m investing in. Why am I forced to do that with the government?!

    1. Don’t worry. It’s only an additional $3.5 trillion in debt, plus debt from lost revenue as market manipulations strangle wealth creation and cause people to dump stocks and real estate and then flock to the bond markets in response to raising taxes.

      It’s only the end of this country we’re talking about. The whole rest of the world will benefit from the US tumbling towards hyperinflation.

  2. “The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that,” former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan said on NBC in 2011

    1. @Lee The government usually take measures to control inflation, it’s really not the end of the world. There will always be periods of inflation and deflation. The issue is that wages have kept up with inflation for the years, and that needs to be addressed. If people make more, they will consume more and that’s great for a strong economy and helps businesses and everyone benefits.

    2. @Angel Light the government doesn’t have the ability to fight inflation this time. The gov has so much short term debt that a raise in interest rates will result in default. Wages may increase but there is no way they will keep pace with inflation. The printed money from the last stimulus did nothing to incentive production. Everything we consume is made outside the US. This type of policy will be the main cause of a financial disaster.

    3. @wzentner which is over valued at this time. Historical Price-Earning ratio for the stick market is 19 we are about 45 ish. That’s a bubble economy.

    4. It is NOT 45. Considering corporate profits for the total of 2020 which are still being hammered out and q1&q2 of 2021…. get real.

  3. Just hope that the Harris administration starts printing a lot more money in between their walk-on-water sessions that CNN is so good about reporting on.

  4. Bernie, Bernie, Bernie. Your own party has assured us that there is no increase in prices going on out here in America. The housing market is stable. There might be a slight problem on the border, but Harris will handle that when she gets around to it. We have plenty of ink and paper so we have everything we need to keep printing money. What are you so worried about?

  5. Wolf example on inflation. Vampire libertarianism of Nixon leaving sound money. Liberal magic money spending and rebranding that as conservative. And wage freezes.

  6. “the great thing about rising prices, is, you can spend less” We should close our borders” “we should stop having sex” “we should force drivers to reattach their exhaust pipes, and stop making so much noise” if we do these things, we can reduce traffic & auto air pollution, and we can all save our money.

  7. very misleading title. he said that post-mortem. in terms of this bill, he explicitly said that it will pay for itself and “should not add to inflation concerns”

    1. @Justin TimberFlake between socialism and communism one leads to another. Ill let you decide. What we do know is that both systems have destroyed countries and limit economic advancement to the poor and Middle class.

    2. @Zeno the only way to “a living wage” is not through forcing companies to pay its workers through inflationary periods whether as a result of a successful economy or induced taxation.
      No instead, we can minimize high cost of living of energy, food, goods and land taxes by lowering them to affordable standards for the value of the dollar we have, at whatever fluctuation it is, and also cut back on hindering regulations.

    3. @Spiral Dynamics no, I’m from the “forgotten generation” generation x. Perhaps the first generation of Americans that will not recieve Social Security when we retire, per Social Security website. Socilaism fails and destroys my friend, vote different.

    4. The reality of this:
      Giveaway for the children which they’ll have to pay back with MASSIVE interest.
      “Here, here’s a buck, I now own your house in the future.”
      This is treasonous.

  8. America just printing themselves into a financial death spiral now, the money tap can never be turned off now, your fates have been sealed.

  9. This is like an arsonist (irreponsible spender) reporting the fire (inflation realities).

    1. Totally unlike Trump, who cut taxes for the rich but maintained the same budget. Totally responsible spender there. Oh wait. You only have a problem with ‘irresponsible’ spending with a democrat does it or when it helps poor people.

  10. Bernie is right here. Not a fan of the guy but if he says your spending too much you’re spending wayyyyyyy toooooo much

  11. “Hyper-Inflation is the best method of wealth redistribution ever conceived. Oops, did I say that out loud ?”
    – Sen. Bernie “Zimbabwe” Sanders

  12. Ladies and Gentlemen, Bernie Sanders requests that you all rise and respect his singing of the Cuban national anthem.

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