Inside The 'Chaos' Of The Trump Presidency: Michael Bender On His New Book 1

Inside The ‘Chaos’ Of The Trump Presidency: Michael Bender On His New Book


In his new book, "Frankly We Did Win This Election," Michael Bender describes the chaos inside the Trump administration. “They feared for the safety of the country and the future of this country because they thought this president was dangerous for the nation,” says Bender on the people working beside Trump. 
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    1. @JERRY RICHARDSON Remember when Hillary said deplorable? Everyone thought she went too far.
      Turns out she was being kind.

    2. Trumpet 🎺 isn’t clever enough to be an anti-Christ. Regarding evil, watch the January 6 video closely and focus on the hatred and the Camp Aushwitz t-shirts etc and you have to wonder.

    3. Chaos is the Marxist’s game plan. You guys are obsessed with race; we follow MLK. You don’t

  1. With what we now know he’s the worst American president, no doubt.
    It’s what we don’t know that may make him the worst American of all time–period.

    1. @Polar Opposite Dump closed the Airports from 7 Muslim Countries, as soon as he took office…TWO YEARS before Covid..This is when he was DUBBED RACIST….

    2. @Kourtland Perry The only President Dump is, Is President of his own company…Nope sorry he handed that over to JR…To save his own assk…Coked Jr. could not run a Lemonaide Stand..

    3. @Xela somar The Virus entered USA, in November…I had Virus in December, 2019…Since Dump NEVER listened at Intelligence Meeting, it was January before he stopped to listen…

    1. @Polar Opposite
      It’s real simple Putin shaped his fingers and Trump allowed Russia to run amok in our systems for 4 years. Putin’s henchmen set up the Solar Wind operation that took hundreds of Russian assets here in America and 1200 or so hackers in Moscow to pull of the largest theft of top secret intelligence and data in American history with Trump refusing to say a single word about it. Once Russia stole vast amounts of secret and sensitive data just months before Trump left office, they extracted whatever intelligence they needed to be able to attack our fuel pipelines and distribution system at will. So Russian gangsters given permission by Putin to hack our fuel distribution systems which started with the most critical pipeline in America that flows from Texas to the east coast. Russian hackers held our most critical pipeline hostage until the Texan company paid 7 million dollars to regain control. There have been other attack but they aren’t being reported widely because it would drive the cost of fuel up even further. The whole world knows our entire diesel and gasoline production and distribution systems are wide open to attacks and ransom demands. There are cyber criminal syndicates out of Moscow that got the green light from the government to hack and demand ransom. Now because Republicans are ok with Russia thugs throwing our fuel production and distribution systems into chaos and uncertainty, the Republicans are playing dumb and acting as if it was Biden’s fault fuel prices began to sky rocket! Republicans let Putin crap all over them with Trump as a lap dog and then Republicans do everything they can to shame Democrats for talking about Russia and Republicans now after the cyber attack from Russia on our most important pipeline, Republicans are acting as if it was Bidens fault gas just magically skyrocketed in price. Republicans are pretending it’s all Bidens fault that our fuel prices went up even though Republicans have to know about the recent hack. When Russian gangsters can shut down of entire fossil fuel infrastructure and it is vulnerable to being shut down at any moment, then the gas is going to get more expensive. I predict 5 dollars a gallon by November. I know with a lapdog like Trump in office fuel will be cheaper because Trump is loyal to Putin and Putin wants Trump back in office 2024 so of course a hardliner on Russia like Biden is going to trigger these cyber attacks on our fuel distribution, which is going to make the prices get much higher than they are now. Republicans after betraying the country are going to blame Biden for a situation Republicans allowed to happen. Any Republican that wants to gas light me on Russia Russia, first needs to answer a question, if you had the choice between having Biden as our leader or Putin which would you chose? If the answer isn’t Biden then you have no business trying to convince Democrats that they are obsessed with Russia therefore wrong about anything related to Russia. If you want Biden to be your President over Putin then your at least a real American but if you can’t answer then you forfeit the right to gas light over Russia. It’s like “why so paranoid about Russia?” While you would rather have Putin as President over Biden. Do you see the conflict between the gaslighting and your preference for a Russian leader are conflicted. Having a president that isn’t a Putin lap dog means we get attacked and the price of gas will continue to rise. We are going to be attacked by Russia in one way or another and it will cause prices on everything to rise but it’s better than having a President that is loyal to Putin!

    2. @Isidra Lopez Ortiz LOL. You’re damned right we believe him. Trump won.

      You worship a senile old man who took bribes from China. And you cheared. Trump won.

    3. @Closed Session – My family and I bought escooters and ebikes which have already paid for themselves with not having to pay for mass transit costs and we are in our 50-60’s. Who needs gas when the cars sit in the garage…lol. I am 100% behind you in keeping these psycho Reps out of office cause there is nothing but marbles between their 2 ears following their dead horse.

    1. @muuuuuud
      Fundraising 101 For Dummies…
      🤑Continue to create a sense of urgency and short term window to accomplish the solution.
      🤑Gullible and uneducated are always the easiest targets.

    2. @Aaron No, I’m pretty confident that you will be. There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud, and there is no legal or Constitutional way to “reinstate” a President, i.e. doing so would be illegal and unconstitutional. But hey, it looks like you want chaos.

    3. @Aaron
      Sweetie… I know I will be devastated, disappointed, and sad. The DOJ ; had better put the entire POS trump admin in prison, by this time next year, or at least three kids, an attorney, and some Senator’s.

  2. What does a spoiled little brat do when he’s losing a board game?
    The trump presidency is the adult version.

    1. @Joni Beehive did you see the horrible Morning suits he and fam wore in the UK to meet the queen? It was like he had never met a tailor. If you look at anyone else wearing a tailcoat/morning suit, or previous admins, and get an idea how they are supposed to fit, then look at the Trump kkklan . . . Omg ferkkkk

    2. LOL….if we played monopoly Dump would be crying bankruptcy within 15 min and would not recieve a get out of jail card.

    3. @Michele ‘HemlokHex’ White – You forgot that he also needs a beauty stylist to dye the back of his neck and behind his ears to make them look orange like his ugly face. Then his hair so it doesn’t look neon yellow one day and white the next day. For someone who claims to be so rich you would think he could afford a better stylist and tailor. He probably can’t get one cause they know they would be stiffed on the bill.

    1. @JJ Mana he didn’t create an economy! He inherited the bull market and quickly took ownership of it!

    2. @mcdainty So 76 millions are wrong but YOU are the one that’s right because CNN and the AP told you Biden won LMFAOOOOOO

    3. @Stanley Hache National debt? You know Covid happen right? Covid added half of what he was responsible for and Obama was FARRR WORSE…Have you seen what Biden has been doing in a very short period of time? Trump was at least putting us on course to be an energy provider and rewarding American companies to move their production back to the US…. Paris accord? Really? The US funds the Paris accord while the European countries don’t pay their fair share and allow China to not have to follow the rules til 2030 I believe… so what benefits do the Paris Accord do for anyone in the World? Do the factories in China not pollute? Or is it all ok just so the world can get their cheap shyt through the slave labor in China? And why are you so concerned about China? You realize they’re responsible for the release of covid and repression of information about Covid-19 along with the WHO…then they gouged the entire world for PPE and pharmaceutical supplies. Question…was your personal finances better or worse during Trump’s presidency and how are they looking now? And fyi, I was an Obama fan for his first 2 worthless years and I think Trump is a dipshyt who did a good job, you can’t see that because you seem to live in a cave that only airs CNN and MSNBC and contrary to what you think, they think you’re stoopid and they lie to you…quit being a sheep and have some of your own thoughts…

    4. @Stanley Hache you again…just to reiterate…go look up national debt per president…$4t of the $8t under Trump was after Covid…and a good portion of that was having to pay for part of the Democrats wish list since Pelosi has the house…look up the bills and see where the money went…quit being a sheep

  3. Trump is a world class conman. The fact that so many are still in his cult after years of hate and incompetence is equal parts sad and impressive.

    1. Trump represents an entrenched part of American culture, life and reality…that of the insanely greedy, ignorant, self obsessed and delusional, corrupt ponzi scammers…who only really care about money…and how to con, make, extract and project wealth by lying, cheating, milking, exploiting and then defaulting on every dodgy deal they do…especially when people finally wake up and realise they got duped!

      ..and sadly many continue to get away with it…because of kickbacks to governments, legal and oversight agencies…who equally are not fit for purpose or are complicit in these semi legalised looting games.

    2. @Off Set Biden has no more responsibility for the state of the economy that was handed to him than trump had for the economy HE was handed. You can lie & make 💩 up all you want, troll. The fact is, it took Obama 8 years to fix the Clinton economy that George W tanked after 8 years, but it only took trump 4 years to tank Obama’s strong economy. 🤦‍♀️

    3. @Donny The worst criminal syndicate in the US is DUMP himself!! That’s what we had for president until the educated people voted him out!!

    4. @Robert Aguilar YES!!! At least he can read and has an education!!! Something the genius doesn’t have!! And integrity!! You won’t find that on the DUMP family!!

  4. “I have watched this week’s unfolding events, angry and appalled. The words ‘Equal Justice Under Law’ are carved in the pediment of the United States Supreme Court. This is precisely what protesters are rightly demanding. It is a wholesome and unifying demand—one that all of us should be able to get behind. We must not be distracted by a small number of lawbreakers. The protests are defined by tens of thousands of people of conscience who are insisting that we live up to our values—our values as people and our values as a nation. We must reject and hold accountable those in office who would make a mockery of our Constitution.”

    “Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people—does not even pretend to try. Instead, he tries to divide us. We are witnessing the consequences of three years of this deliberate effort. We are witnessing the consequences of three years without mature leadership. We can unite without him, drawing on the strengths inherent in our civil society. This will not be easy, as the past few days have shown, but we owe it to our fellow citizens; to past generations that bled to defend our promise; and to our children.”

    “Instructions given by the military departments to our troops before the Normandy invasion reminded soldiers that ‘The Nazi slogan for destroying us … was “Divide and Conquer.” Our American answer is “In Union there is Strength.”’ We must summon that unity to surmount this crisis—confident that we are better than our politics.”

    “When I joined the military, some 50 years ago, I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution. Never did I dream that troops taking that same oath would be ordered under any circumstance to violate the Constitutional rights of their fellow citizens—much less to provide a bizarre photo op for the elected commander-in-chief, with military leadership standing alongside.”

    –Marine General James Mattis
      June 3, 2020

    1. Thank You Sir, SFC USA retired.
      Well said Sir, You need to run for office!! We need people with your callerbur.

    1. @Scott Slotterbeck all trump supporters are Rinos. You people killed the true republican party!

    2. @Scott Slotterbeck oh please hold your breath! You do know that the Supreme court is not in session right??? You also know that they don’t have the power to reinstate him right?? You do know that there is nothing in the constitution to do what you are stating?? Right??? You do know that trump doesn’t care as long as he can grift money from you??? Do you actually know anything???

    3. @John Barrett says the guy who obviously watches Jerry Springer??? When you have a clown in office it is fitting to compare it to a Jerry Springer show.

    4. @Scott Slotterbeck 🤣🤣🤣. You don’t even know what communism is. Our founding fathers fought against fascism and you would bend the knee to trump??? We will fight you tooth and nail not to let you get your dictator for life! Go away to your safe space.

    1. That anecdote about the general pointing to the portrait of Lincoln and saying “that guy had an insurrection, what we have is a protest” is quite chilling and profound. I’m glad he spoke up and said that.
      But the worst part of that story……….is that I KNOW the profundity of those words 100% went over T***p’s head. I’d be surprised if he even knew what the general was even referencing. I’d be surprised if he knew what the Civil War was even about….or when it happened….or how it ended….or who won….or why…..or why it matters….or how it’s relevant to anything….etc, etc, etc.

  5. He doesn’t know how to handle anything that’s the problem. He’s failed at everything!! The fact that millions of people thought he could run a country when he couldn’t even run a liquor store is beyond me!

    1. @Off Set He has achieved a few firsts. First President to be impeached in his first term, first to be impeached twice, first to lose the popular vote for President twice and first to incite an insurrection. Also managed to lose the House, Presidency and the Senate, all in a 2 year time span. Quite accomplished! 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    2. I totally agree with you my friend. That so called President, was a total loser and sicko. How people were able to believe and follow his orders is beyond my understanding. Well next time we wont be so lucky and someone much smarter might take charge and who knows what will become of our country. It reminds me of a president on a Twilight tv series where he takes charge of the country and his main goal was since entering office was to cause war with a super power and press the button to destroy the world. Beware that people that smart might find that their great objective to end humanity. Just look at Trump…..

  6. I don’t understand why we’re trying to explain Trump’s actions or motivations – he’s an emotionally 10 year old man in his mid-70’s who’s spent a lifetime being indulged and never told no. His only intelligence lies in being an effective manipulator and bully. That’s it. That’s all.

    1. Well then how did he win the presidency Gary? , have you you ever considered that maybe it’s YOU thats a delusional gullible fool?

    2. @Buster Scruggs Apathy, people don’t bother to go out and vote. Thought that it was a forgone conclusion. In Australia you have to vote. And no we don’t go around screaming communism.

    3. @Buster Scruggs
      Hahaha… ever hear of “Russian interface, and manipulation”? Yeah, the trump boy; did not win the popular vote. He was however, a government appointed official, because he lost the popular vote..

    4. @Roxann Watson Ever hear of the Mueller investigation?, you are more delusional than any Trump supporter could ever be, so delusional that you would say that 2020 was a fair election.

    5. The freaky part seems to be that the Nut’s worshipers are emotionally in Kindergarten , if that.

  7. Is nobody worried that many people from GOP and the military are actually “supporting” this kind of president? It is like letting Stalin become president knowing what he was capable of. Such a big part of the USA voters are not ready to follow a fair democratic system….but just want to win at all costs. This is scary.

    1. @Scott Slotterbeck Well I frankly don’t really care about the mess he has created in the USA, not my problem. But his free fantasy world and lack of compassion with anybody but himself not to mention his incredible incompetence and string of falsehoods is amazing. He doesn’t have Stalin’s ability but they share the same attitude towards democracy and the fake personality cult.

    2. There’s actually an alternate history novel of just that scenario, called “Joe Steel” by Harry Turtledove!

  8. Trump is still scamming. Losing the election has become his most profitable scam yet. Trump has received $170 million for alleged election fraud that he can spend anyway he wants,
    including transfers to personal and family accounts.

  9. Why is it no suprise Little Donny didn’t understand the Posse Comitatus Act or any other federal law.

    1. Trump besides being a pathological liar is a corrupt criminal who is unloyal to the USA. Nothing should surprise us!

  10. Donald Trump knows that he lost a fair election, he’s just mad that he lost. He was never fit to be President anyhow. He behaves so much like a seven-year-old boy.

    1. @Off Set so you like the price of gas when it is lower? And??? A president has nothing to do with gas prices dummy! And if you were even half as smart as you think you were you would know that. Gas prices are going up for a variety of reasons. The refineries that were shut down during the pandemic are coming back online, the freeze that occurred in threes states damaged over 20 refineries and there is a shortage of truck drivers! But you think a president determines the price of gas. 🤦‍♀️

    2. @Rebecca RebeccaA thanks for your feedback. I can tell by your attempt to throw insults determines your reasoning. This isint about who is smart and who is not. I just simply said I liked gas prices before… so please, stop ✋ trying to twist my words with your foulness. Your a toxic individual trying to throw insults.

  11. Just because Trump said Pence never told him ‘no’ doesn’t mean that Pence never told him ‘no.’ I mean, we all know Trump always lies when it’s convenient to him.

  12. Chump takes everything personally, because he seriously believes the world revolves around him, PERIOD

    1. He is a pathological narcissist, the world, his world, the only world that matters does revolve around him. His ‘lashing out’ is typical narcissistic rage. It’s what happens when an adult’s emotional maturity is that of a fearful insecure and unloved four year old.

    2. That anecdote about the general pointing to the portrait of Lincoln and saying “that guy had an insurrection, what we have is a protest” is quite chilling and profound. I’m glad he spoke up and said that.
      But the worst part of that story……….is that I KNOW the profundity of those words 100% went over T***p’s head. I’d be surprised if he even knew what the general was even referencing. I’d be surprised if he knew what the Civil War was even about….or when it happened….or how it ended….or who won….or why…..or why it matters….or how it’s relevant to anything….etc, etc, etc.

    3. @avedic
      Amen . I wouldn’t be surprised if Chump didn’t know who President Lincoln was .
      The absolute worst day in American history is the day Chump was inaugurated

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