1. @Casual Comment What makes you think I’m a “Science Denier”? Science is NOT based on FACTS. It’s based on Theory and its dynamic. I do not take science at face value. You’re welcomed to do so at your own peril. A white coat and title does not create immunity against bribery, greed, psychopathy, … It does not guarantee good character, morals, or ethical behavior. “Gain of function” is against the law in America. The Bio Labs in Ukraine are funded with American Tax $$$.

    2. @Al Learn how to argue what you disagree with using logic, instead of your sharing your personal opinion which no one cares about, based on insults.

    3. @Nolom Ebal and you need to come to terms that your option is so ridiculous no one takes you seriously. Having an argument with you would be like talking to a wall. Have a seat.

  1. I’ve read a piece about pilot Andryi in the NYT which was more detailed in how he had been already targeted by Russian missiles but outmanoeuvered them with crazy turns until they ran out of fuel … I guess that people admired RAF pilots in the Battle of Britain as much as I admire him today.
    I can understand Western countries’ hesitation to send fighter planes – but Ukraine should be given the most advanced defensive anti aircraft systems available.

    1. @Timothy Smith The thing is though, China is really carefull now. The west is way more important to China than Russia could every be. Even though they see USA as their enemy. Should Russia attack a NATO country I don’t see China helping Russia when they are the agressor

    2. The air defense missiles generally have a short boost phase and are then unpowered until detonation (except for small electric motors that actuate the control vanes on the missile body). Each time the pilot changes course the missile guidance system has to adjust and recalculate where to intercept the aircraft, and each adjustment of missile flight path causes increased air friction which gradually slows the missile down. The pilot has to make the chase last long enough to get to where his aircraft has greater maneuverability than the missile by the time the missile gets within detonation range (fighters max out at about 9 G’s, so they have to bleed missiles down to below that to be able to escape the missile at the last second), or perform such highly acrobatic maneuvers that they are able to break the lock of the missile or ground station’s tracking system (which can be based on radar, IR, optical, or a combination).

    3. @İbrahim Moncada You need to learn the art of bargaining. If you want to sell a car for at least $20,000, you start at $25,000 or more expecting the other person to lower it. By repeatedly asking for a no fly zone, which is a big ask, Ukraine got a ton of good weapons instead.

  2. The skill and determination of the Ukraine military is incredible. For decades, we thought Russia was this big super power. All they really have is the ability to hide behind the threat of nuclear attack.

    1. I think motifs are important, not all russian soldiers are so rotten deep inside as Putin or his believers

    2. @Joel Gaas What do you mean? Russia hasn’t done anything worse than US did during its wars. If Russia is a devil, then US and its gang is absolute evil beyond that.

    1. Since WWi, pilots have often been referred to as “knights of the sky.” This pilot is a testament to that tradition.

  3. Having a large army doesn’t always guarantee victory in battle but having a great skill does the better magic. USA indeed has the right tactics and am glad they impacted the Ukrainian soldiers many years before this war. A bold and courageous move. Our prayers are with you

    1. America did learn ‘some’ lessons from Vietnam, Afghanistan as well as other hotspots with ongoing insurgency where US personnel were involved. They learned that a smaller, lesser armed insurgent force can resist and with time outlast a larger more technically advanced belligerent. The factors seem to be the insurgents being supplied with arms/supplies from a protagonist, be it domestic, external or both, determination and having refuge within the territory or outside which cannot be effectively attacked, whether it’s mountains, rough, remote terrain, jungles or even numerous large underground bunkers/tunnels. Ukraine seems to have these factors in spades, along with a much more skilled fighting force than anyone expected. Russia fkd up!

    2. @Janek Mon Russia going into Ukraine and murdering Ukrainians is the Russian agenda, not the US or Ukraine!

  4. An absolute hero. I’m just in awe of this country and its people. The way you are defending your people, so bravely and generously, will forever be talked about in capital letters in history books. You didn’t choose this battle, but the entire world is amazed by your will. You all are a true inspiration and deserve to win back every piece of joy and peace possible. Stand strong Ukraine, you will succeed and eventually thrive, I’m sure!

    1. President Vladimir Putin, when he met Bill Clinton in Moscow in early 2000, asked what the US would think if Russia joined NATO.
      Vladimir Putin’s first request when he was president of Russia was to become a member of NATO, but the American reaction objected and refused.
      NATO was created to defend Europe and maybe not just Europe from Soviet aggression, from unpredictable countries.
      But no more Soviet Union and no more Warsaw Pacts.
      Why can’t we create an organization of which we are a part, and act together to protect against various aggressions, Putin said.
      Putin told to stay away!
      How about a partnership or becoming part of the European Union?
      NATO says no! You guys (Russia) are too big.
      Speaking at the G-20 Munich, Putin said : It’s February 10 “I think it’s clear that NATO expansion has nothing to do with modernizing the alliance itself, or to ensure the security of Europe”.
      “On the contrary, NATO makes serious provocations that reduce the level of mutual trust.”
      “And we have the right to ask, who is this expansion allowed to fight against?”
      “What happened to the guarantees from our western partners that were made after the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact”. Where is the Declaration today?
      Excerpt from the Speech of the Secretary General Mr. Berner in Brussels May 17, 1990 : In fact we are not prepared to deploy NATO troops outside German territory.
      This gave the Soviet Union security guarantees.
      Where is the security guarantee now? NATO’s answer: yes it is, but the guarantee was given to the Soviet Union! You’re Russian!

      After WWII during Stalin’s reign, relations between the west and east bloc were not good and there were many incidents that could trigger WWIII
      Since Stalin’s death in 1953, and the transition of Soviet leadership, there have been good intentions to improve relations between the two camps.
      The Geneva summit of July 1955 was not wasted by the Soviet leaders.
      The big meeting with western countries since the Yalta Conference 10 years ago, the world will see how the Soviet leadership is going.
      As a country that not once but twice had to experience the horrors of German aggression with meager resources that almost wiped the Soviet Union off the map, especially now Germany when the resources of western countries were assisted.
      Therefore the Soviets really wanted Germany to be disarmed forever and become a neutral country.
      European countries that have felt the horrors of the two world wars have the Europe Defense Community (EDC) signed by Britain, France, West Germany, Italy and the Benelux countries.
      A year before Stalin’s death, the Soviets offered in exchange for a declaration of neutrality for the German state, so that the Soviets would renounce East Germany and fully support German reunification.
      European leaders agreed Germany was free to choose anywhere including joining the EDC or arming itself.
      This request was rejected by Stalin.
      Berlin conference in 1954 the Soviets offered to join the EDC to share in maintaining peace in Europe.
      But it was rejected, because if the Soviets joined the EDC, it would make the existence of NATO (America) ambiguous outside Europe.
      EDC was formed specifically for European countries without having to arm Germany, automatically the US has no right to intervene on the European continent. NATO was formed by the US to isolate the Soviets.
      The era of the Harry S Truman regime (US) proposed the remilitarization of West Germany.
      The CIA asks for the Nazi ban to be lifted. In 1964 the Soviet Union asked to join NATO but was refused.

      Western lies against racism and racism against nazism.
      The West has exposed its hidden racism and hatred.
      The Nazi organization in Ukraine cooperated with Hitler on a security, military and ideological level.
      When WWII ended several Nazi leaders were sent to Europe and America.
      In the 1950s the CIA demanded that the American government lift the ban on Nazi groups because they were needed for the US in Ukraine, which was part of the Soviet Union.
      Zelensky was a Jewish Zionist but supported the Nationalist Extremist organizations that fought in WWII with Hitler and some of them participated in the massacre of the Jews.
      How can the Jewish Zionists support these organizations?
      The West supports these organizations which are now called the right wing ‘Azov’ and Zionist Israel which fills the Holocaust victims.
      Support a leader who supported the Nazis who killed the Jews.
      This asserts that the West is lying with everything it says because it only cares about controlling the world, plundering its resources and filling its coffers with money.

      At the beginning of the 20th century there were 3 major events that the Zionists took over the world.
      1. The fall of the Russian empire
      2. The collapse of the Ottoman caliphate
      3. The Nazi
      Movement Zionists make propaganda for a capitalist and communist government system that will be implemented in the world.
      Conflict that always occurs is an ideal situation so that the world does not have time to think that the Zionists are behind all events that occur in the world.
      Adam Smith and David Ricardo wrote the Capitalist theory.
      Karl Marx wrote Communist (Socialist) theory
      The world must be split into two poles (Capitalist and Communist).
      The Zionist master plan is complete, it’s just a matter of realizing it.
      The two great powers of Orthodox Christianity in Russia and the Islamic Caliphate in Turkey were removed.
      Russian Tsar Nicholas II was overthrown in 1917 by the Bolsheviks party with revolutionary leaders Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky (Jews)
      Sultan Abdul Majid II was overthrown in 1924 through the Young Turks revolution led by Mustafa Kemal Attaturk (Jew).
      Realization phase: take control of Jerusalem and at the same time divide the world by creating new countries that will later submit to the Zionists.
      Disrupting Europe with World War I (1914-1918)
      Britain issued the 1917 Belfour Declaration which was made to legalize the establishment of a Jewish state in Jerusalem.
      Walter Rothschild ll aka Baron Rothschild ll a Jewish Banker was behind the declaration.
      The next plan was a project for the migration of European Jews to Holyland.
      But apparently this plan failed, only a few European Jews who wanted to move to Jerusalem.
      So the Zionists’ grand plan was launched to make a big war to rule the world.
      Started with the founding of the right-wing party Nazi Germany in 1920 led Adolf Hitler (Jew)
      The Nazi Party launched a program of ethnic cleansing of the Jews in Germany.
      This frightened the European Jews and eventually wanted to migrate to the Holy Land.
      According to Paul Rassinier a witness who survived the Nazi hunt, in his book “The Drama of The European Jews”.
      The massacre of German Jews was indeed carried out, but the number of victims was few and there was no such thing as a Gas Chamber.
      Nazis sparked WWII (1939-1945) The result after the war was over was formed a lot of new countries with a smaller size. Each of these countries already has war debts with high interest rates.

    2. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Fascism!! Glory to the great reset! CRUSH THOSE WHO OPPOSE THE NEW WORLD ORDER!! Justin Trudeau, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Joe Biden, you are HERO’S!! We stand behind you! The Georgia Guide stones and Agenda 2030 will be realized!

  5. That feel when you buff your chest as a superpower for decades but still manage to lose planes to a military that has a 20 times smaller Air force, lol.

    1. ​@Anna Blondie Yet Russia still not moving or taking territory, so you are saying the Russian army has destroyed all that, and yet they are retreating back. That actually is embarrassing. You need to think before you type or else Putin might fire you. Then again thinking isn’t a strong trait among Russians, if it was we wouldn’t even be discussing this.

    2. @Happyout I’m sorry that Russian forces didn’t simply steamroll Ukrainian ones as per your expectations. Russian invading forces are approximately 1/3 of Ukrainian forces, managed to halve the Ukrainian army, and captured about 30% of the territory in one month with Ukrainian President begging for weapons and direct intervention of NATO. That’s definitely defeat on Russian side.

    3. @Anna Blondie They think Russia wanted to destroy the whole Ukraine, like Americans would. I think that is why they are so confused.

    4. You dont pinpoint the arms ukraine get from nato, 17 thousand anti tank and 7 thousand anti aircraft.and that just the very first arrival

  6. It’s heartening to know US pilots trained these warriors!!! They are using battle proven tactics in the air and on land, we need to give them everything they need to take their country back from Russia. The astronomical losses Russia is incurring just proves they aren’t capable of fighting as a force to win. Paper tiger?

    1. @Janek Mon it certainly was astronomical childishness of Putin to think his people weren’t going to find out that this is simply a land grab and that he is willing to sacrifice their children for a war nobody in Russia wanted

  7. I have respect for Ukraine. They’re just standing their ground, not taking any bullshit, and showing the truth the whole way

  8. My tears drop when he said: “My wife and mother are fighting in the ground too for our country”. salute with respect to the patriotic Ukrainian…

    1. Same here, i cant help myself but be teary eyed when ever i watched videos of the bravery of Ukrainian people. I hope Ukraine will prevail & the invasion will be over soon. ✌️
      Glory to Ukraine. ✌️🇺🇦

    2. @Janek Mon If they are on the side of anglo-zionists, then they are on the right side of the fight. You might not like it, but that is just a simple fact.

    3. @David Suro No, they are on the wrong side especially from their own perspective, even though they may not realize it yet. They will get it, eventually but it will cost them.

  9. Oh they could fly F-16’s? I thought America initially sourced Mig’s for them is because they only know how to fly Mig’s and Poland agreed to donate their Mig-29s for f-16s from US.

  10. “it’s one thing to die with honour another thing to die without honour” this one of the reasons they are beating the Russians, a truly powerful statement and belief here.

  11. Ukrainians are the Spartans of our time. Indefinite love for this heroic nation from Albania. Slava Ukraini.

    1. Once the Ukraine has been liberated, Russia is coming to you to return stolen Serbian land and kill anyone who will try to oppose them. However, in this case, there will be no mercy for civilians and no holding back.

    2. @V. Hamilton liberated from what 🤣. I never understood why dictator always love using the phrase liberate, North Korean and China loves those term, but they are the one with total controlled media 🤣.

    3. @V. Hamilton Russians never had any mercy.
      Russia doesn’t even have an elected leader. It’s a joke. 50 percent of their economy is exported out for oligarchs to have extra families in other countries

  12. Ukraine is teaching the world how the country must be protected. Never, ever in my life I would think that I gonna love so much this nation.

    1. In fact, Americans are the least qualified country to speak of peace. Have you forgotten the millions of people who died in the Middle East. Just because they’re not white? US, NATO, EU What Israel has done to the Middle East. Don’t you know at all?
      In fact, Americans are the least qualified country to speak of peace. Have you forgotten the millions of people who died in the Middle East. Just because they’re not white? US, NATO, EU What Israel has done to the Middle East. Don’t you know at all?

    2. Correct…..am with you for a nation i knew nothing of, except wrongly thinking their world champion boxes were from Russia…..i also have never admired a nation and loved a nation so much like Ukraine…..their courage, their spirit, their love for their country………it just floors me to see their love for their pets……some stay for the love of animals and some run with them in tow…..who cares for the animals when you are running for yr life and when you are at war with a superior power…..WOW…..they gather their families with their pets and move……never have i experienced such love for a nation as i have for Ukraine……stand strong Ukraine and stand tall…….God be with you all…….thank you…!!

    3. If you think any of this is true, you are not in Ukraine, it’s a desolate wasteland, and we have had zero air presence, let alone superiority

  13. “It’s one thing to die with honor . . .” Fellow citizens of the free world are so proud of you, beloved Ukrainians! May God continue to lead you to defeat the enemy and completely regain the rightful, sovereign territory of Ukraine.

  14. What.brave soldiers fighting for their country Ukraine 🇺🇦 people around the world are with you ❤ hope it will be over soon 🙏 and you get to your family’s please keep safe 🙏 you will be remembered as heroes for Ukraine 🇺🇦

  15. The Ukrainian military did the best that they could have done. That is, to overhaul their military and adopt the western style doctrine of fighting and they adopted well. Put what they learned into practice. The Ukrainian people are great. They know what to they want and strived for it. I wish all the people are like them. Slava Ukraini! 👍

  16. Andreyi looks so young, I really hope he comes out alive of this horrible war. let’s hope peace is coming soon 🙁

  17. Happy to hear they were able to get western training in the years leading up to this. The training and tactics are how our pilots have been so successful for so long. Just ask any fighter pilot.

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