1. Three branches of government colluding to overturn a free and fair election is extremely significant.

    1. Everyone knows January 6 was Pelosi and Chris Wray SETUP. to frame Trump and his supporters ..
      Pelosi and Chris Wray refuse to hand over their e-mails ,Phone Records and 1700 Hours of CCTV

    2. @Jeremy Kokkonen LMAO! Sure… Joe Biden got the most votes of all time. RRRRIIIIGGGHHHTTTT! He couldn’t even beat out Bernie Magoo and Mayor Buttpirate in his own party. The DNC had to bribe them to go away. Biden is a worthless, career politician piece of crap. But hey, at least the economy tanking means Trump’s mean tweets don’t have to hurt your poor little feelings anymore. Loser.

    3. @w kahn “everybody knows….” you mean MAGA world, who orchestrated an insurrection? Don’t try and pawn off your treason onto others, Mr “Patriot”. What’s your source material on this assertion? Give a legitimate source and maybe someone who is not on con artist Trump’s Truth app may actual listen to you.

    1. @Roy Stroble Gotcha! But not sure if trial and appeals will be that quick. Maybe 2025 is when he goes in the slammer. Lol, don’t bend over in the shower Donnie.

  2. Justice Thomas Decided for George W. in Bush v Gore. He also decided for corporations (against the people ) in the 2010 Citizens United case. Giving giant corporation the ability to buy politicians. How’s that worked out?

    1. @Nancy Ross Sorry, it was liberal democrats that got rid of Rule 60 for judges under the Obama administration which now cause appointees to place along party lines. They also ended the fillibuster for judges. They did this because they were sure they would win in 2016. Well, democracy had a little surprise. 😁

    2. Bush v. Gore is Chief Justice Scalia’s hatchet job. Citizens United is the handiwork of Chief Justice John Roberts. That decision destroyed representative democracy, and replaced it with corporate oligarchy.

    3. FYI: it’s primary season, register and vote 🗳! We cannot let them get control! Let’s ditch Mitch and minions for all they stand for/on!

    4. @MJB it is a uniparty mixed with nuts cases and people who want to change this country for what it should be. Yet we have to deal with every Ism under the sun here. It’s exhausting

    5. @hissinggoose once corporations became people w Citizens United they play both sides for the candidates that will further their agendas.

    1. @James Hurst what do you call Hispanic Asian and black American republicans? Are they white nationalists too?

    2. @Franchise Fields Aside from C Thomas and his wife, probably not.
      I do know this, in Trump’s ideal world they would not b welcome.
      Your response?

    1. The supreme court has been harassing TC for decades with racism. Congrats on becoming a tool who supports the current thing… even if it is blatant racism like how Biden gave crack pipes to black communities for “equality”.

    2. Giving new meaning to the term sleeping with the DEVIL and the only ways that will works is he being the DEVIL himself!!!

    3. @Dakota Until Donald J Trump and his enablers (Ginni & Clarence Thomas) face a Military Firing Squad and shot dead for TREASON/SEDITION then this nation can not and should not move forward.

  3. Clarence is completely compromised and should resign. He clearly isn’t capable of being impartial. Time for him to go. It is curious that he became unwell at this time…..very curious.

    1. Notice not once did the word “illegal” come into use during this whole segment. Unethical yes. But not illegal bc it is not.
      My husband and I voted Trumpy out bc we wanted to leave him behind and get on with the business of the country.
      Recently we both registered as independents here in LA,CA after being life long Democrats bc of this bizarre irrational obsession with Trump. Maybe the Build Back Better Bill would have passed if as much obsession was put into it. 🤦🏾‍♂️👎🏿

    2. @Middle Guy Common-sense and logic? Are you by any chance, a republican? Or a Russian/Chinese bot?

    3. @Middle Guy It’s his wife and she is some sort of ultra extreme, frothing at the mouth right wing zealot. Oh and his voting record. It’s not his buddy at the bar. This is the person he spends his life with. That influences a person…And let’s be honest, Clarence isn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the box. He’s a classic example of someone who has been in his position of power and privilege for too long and it’s gone to his head. He’s forgotten his role and responsibility. Now he’s just a partisan hack.

    4. @matthew baker so how does what his wife does involve him? If she murdered someone would he be liable in any way?

    5. @matthew baker by the name middle guy you’d assume I’m in the middle and an independent. I don’t hitch myself to a political party blindly like some moron would. I make my voting decisions based on logic and common sense and research. I have some conservative views and some liberal views depending on the issue. One thing I know for sure is that anyone who makes a career in politics has no actual cares for the people they represent. They’re in it for their own personal gain.

    1. @NPC 8647 Until Donald J Trump and his enablers (Ginni & Clarence Thomas) face a Military Firing Squad and shot dead for TREASON/SEDITION then this nation can not and should not move forward.

    2. @Eric Salles well, you have your wish come true, in fact this country is moving backwards thanks to the idiots that voted for biden.

  4. Detain the Suspected Domestic Terrorists in the House, Senate, Judicial Indefinitely at Gitmo, was Lindsey worried we would shut it down ?

  5. Wonder how Mr & Mrs Thomas feel about their fellow Republicans wanting to pass a law against interracial marriages within individual states..

    1. Make them separate!
      They’re embarrassing the Republican Party
      Or no doubt that does not pertain to them right? Because they’re loaded!
      And Republican
      Pure garbage!

    2. @Michael Bray – “This doesn’t affect *me”* is no excuse for out-and-out bigotry, chum. The RepubliCON party now seems to believe that as long as laws benefit *them* and only screw up *other* U.S. citizens, they’re fine.
      The problem is, they’re morally bankrupt.

  6. The sense of entitlement that conservatives/republicans have toward governance of this country on full display.

    1. @Mark Mywords I’ve wanted Thomas removed from the court ever since is misbegotten confirmation. *If* it turns out that his wife and her opinions has undue influence over his actions and decision to be the only dissent in a case which should have had a unanimous decision, then of course I think he should resign, or be removed. But, that is likely unprovable, and the american right has a way of sidestepping the very personal responsibility they so often screech about anyway, so I don’t think he’s going anywhere until he meets the same fate as Scalia.

    2. @Middle Guy How much crack are you on friend? Tell me, how and or what; is proof that the sitting president is “bought” by a “foreign entity.” How’d you gather that from, presumably, hunters laptop emails? What did President Biden lie about? And to finish this off; the investigating had nothing to do with Hunter, but blackmail by President Trump. Who had try to force President Zelenskyy to gather dirt to use against Joe Biden in the upcoming election.

      You’re constantly trying to twist the truth and shift away blame away form Trump. Literally everything you have claimed links directly to Trump in one way or another.

    3. Guess you haven’t caught up to the Hunter Biden fiasco that when Brandon was asked by Trump infront if the entire country Brandon stated that security experts had refuted the entire thing – BUT ITS ALL TRUE!! Lied to your Face and now is laughing at you while he banks about $16 Mil in bribes

  7. He needs to be removed from the bench, there’s no way he was not aware of his wife’s activities in this whole Affair he’s a dishonest agent of the Court

    1. And who should be impeached ” no way he was not aware of his Son’s financial dealings with foreign corrupt countries ”
      Oh, the Hunter Biden laptop and Tony Bobulinski were all Russian Misinformation.

  8. I’m starting to think the oath Thomas took before becoming a justice is really just a meaningless ritual. It’s kinda funny because they swear these oaths on bibles like it’s supposed to mean something.Well apparently it doesn’t mean squat.

    1. @Mark Mywords go troll on FOXNEWS….you have no moral compass for truth or lies??? Oh wait that’s right the election was stolen….all the proof and more but where is it???? Italy,Spain,South America out in space stored on a satellite?????

    2. @w kahn Yes facts do matter , that’s why I’m not a Trump-peon. I’m a Democrat and proud of it💙

  9. Justice Thomas knows he is under his wife’s control and had made decisions favouring her to avoid being banished into the dog house to spend his nights! Even my duffer friend thinks he should have recused himself and failing this, he should resign to spend more efforts and time to support his anti-American wife!!!

  10. It reminds us that competence is always local. Take any, respectable, seemingly lucid member of society who demonstrates the ability to run a family or a company, and you might also find they are totally batshit in certain compartments of their minds. And it doesn’t matter what stratum of society. It doesn’t matter which tribe. Only, it certainly is becoming apparent that “conservatives” who toe Trump’s lines and who believe in totally unhinged theories are unhinged and incompetent in regards to how things really work beyond their own line of sight, or are even worse – vile liars who simply use what ever rhetoric is available to them to demagogue and arrange for their own power. Ginny doesn’t appear bright enough to be the latter, and so must be an exemplar of the former. At best. It’s ridiculous. We are a ridiculous animal. I’m a house painter and I don’t trust government or expert culture because we’re all this animal, and this animal is nowhere near as together (psychologically integrated) as it wants to imagine itself. If you’re a blue-collar worker living at the bottom, and you look up to see those at the top living the high life and having every reason to be able to parse the world sanely and competently and yet they don’t… well, you simply stop believing anything people say, because people are batshit. Find one with a decent IQ and you’ve found a better liar, on average.

    1. Richard,
      Bravo comment. Spot on.
      My husband and I live in LA, CA and recently registered as independents after being life long Democrats. A pox on both parties👎🏿

    2. @Man Animal Thanks and back at you. Partisans are undeveloped individuals. A person who seriously thinks half the country holds all the vision and virtue, and the other all the bad things… it’s just totally implausible right on the face of it. We don’t attend to it because we evolved to divide and do war. It’s what the species-level, biological plan is for this animal. So, find a partisan and you’ve found someone who does not really understand themselves or human behavior, and thus, much of anything at all, really, except what ever local competencies they possess.

  11. The Current and Future Republican Enemies Of Democracy like Ginni Thomas identified by the 6 Jan., Committee deserve a date in Criminal Court with Lady Justice.

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