1. @indigo sun (expensive) Clowns you find in Kiev. Look: celebrating that they make 2 shots and receive 10.

    2. @1 Achternaam Force does no good. It breeds resentment. Look at Ireland. Look at Norway, when we were under the Danes thumbs.

  1. So a country invades another, then complains about getting a beat down??? Did I miss something? Why does pootin remind me of man baby?

    1. @RedDoorPaintedBlack that’s not what I heard from media such as CNN, Bloomberg, Aljazeera, etc. So where is the whataboutism? This reminds me off conspiration theory. Anything against the USA wish than it will be classified as conspiration theory.

      So the USA has never invaded any country? the USA itself is an invasion from native Americans. Look at Hawaii. USA invasion on Iraq news you can find it on CBS, BBC news, CNN etc.

    2. Russia can easily nuke Ukraine & end the war in few minutes. so don’t tell us how Ukraine is fighting back. Russia can nuke NATO too. the US & Canada too. London too.

    3. @RedDoorPaintedBlack You are 100% correct sir but you won’t get through to these brain washed idiots/bots/sheep 🤖 🐑

  2. Are cluster munitions being used by Russia?
    If Russia is using them then I don’t mind if Ukraine does also.

    1. the weapon almost doesn’t matter, it is who you are targeting with them. White phosphorous is a grey area because it is legal to use it to burn leaves off of trees, but not legal to use directly on enemy troops, and it certainly is not legal to use it against civilians.

    2. @Peter Sedesse well their is video of them literally covering a town or village more like in white phosphorus and anyone who was in there probably died as the whole area burned into ash

    1. @SONOFAGUN Really? Out of anything intelligent you could have said or some argument that may have made people think, you settled on that? An insult? Were you expecting it to change people’s minds about Zelensky?

    2. Russia can easily nuke Ukraine & end the war in few minutes. so don’t tell us how Ukraine is fighting back. Russia can nuke NATO too. the US & Canada too. London too.

    1. @Viu Vladolf Pootin threatened Finland.. joining NATO, Sweden too.
      China already told Vladolf not to be irresponsible.
      You’re a fool, the RF is a highly centralised state which relies on repression, no position to fight with nukes

    2. @RobBCactive , said u, a nobody who knows nothing, as 99.99% of Americans know nothing. Russia is a nuclear power. don’t mess with the Russian Bear. you’d be finished.

    3. @Viu No, the RF is centralised and vulnerable with the key population in a small European zone, facts is facts. RF suiciding leaves Siberia to Kamchatka to China and Japan.

    4. @Blue Cheese Has Mold In It blue. So … we can’t spell it .. missal ? Thanks for checking with Siri! My educational shortcomings in full display here. Accuracy is paramount in these chats. Now we know that we can’t spell missal .. missal . I’m a better man now

    5. Some PPL missing the point: In WWI, the Russians suffered greatly, thus leading to revolution. Today is its parallel. (I’m not sure bots are capable of getting the point)

  3. Since Russia is already using cluster munitions, Ukraine’s use could hardly be considered an escalation. However, even though the U.S.A. is not a signatory to the Convention on Cluster Munitions, the question is how would the U.S.A. get them to Ukraine.

    “The ban also extends to any activity that would assist other countries in the use, stockpiling, production, or transfer of cluster munitions. This means that if a country, for example the UK, has joined the treaty banning cluster munitions and takes part in a joint military operation with another country that has not, for example the US, then UK troops must not intentionally do anything that would in any way assist in the use of these weapons during that operation.

    The CMC and many states are also of the view that the ban on assistance means that it is illegal for a state to allow transit of cluster munitions through its territory or permit foreign states to stockpile cluster munitions on its territory. Equally, the view of the CMC and several states is that the prohibition on assistance makes it illegal for banks or other financial institutions to invest in companies that are engaged in the production of cluster munitions.
    Source: http://www.stopclustermunitions.org/en-gb/the-treaty/global-ban.aspx

    1. @Dan Wright Your post is what’s made it insane. Go back to RuTube. Your friends are there, not here. Ivan.

    2. Russian soldiers shoot the Ukrainian pets for food as they run out of rations. But the ‘Network for Animals’ & ‘World Animal Protection’ (formally WSPA) are doing a major animal evacuation. Let’s not feed the Russians with Ukrainian pets!!! Please go to either of these animal charity websites to see how to help them get the animals out to safety

  4. They are not BANNED. Countries have signed treaties not to use them but that’s it. The USA, Ukraine and Russia have not signed the treaty. Nor will they. The use of any munition on a civilian target is a war crime, regardless of if its a cruise missile, artillery shell or cluster munition.

    1. Yet Russian are hitting civilians, why not the Ukrainian soldiers, or are Russian afraid of being killed on the field?

    2. Yes they are banned by more than 100 countries. What part of the word banned is it you don’t understand? Those countries simply don’t have them.

    3. Looking at the 16 countries that did not sign this ban – those are most of the countries that have ongoing conflicts and/or border tensions . all the rest (excluding UK France and Germany) are countries with weak to no influence.

      So… i dont see how this bans means anything if most of the countries that did not sign it are the ones with active militaries and conflicts. its the same with the international court is has no real power because the more influential powerful countries do not acknowledge its legitimacy

    4. @cenc cenc Anti personal cluster munitions maybe, but they will not get rid of them all together because of munitions such as the GBU105. A single one can take out a whole column of tanks with one bomb.

    1. Bill. “Dwindling” would not factor in to any description of Russian forces here. This is an excellent example of post modern philosophy ..maintaining that the truth depends on what your goals are . Reminds us of March analysis asserting that Russia was running out of munitions/ missals . This requires us to forget earlier msm ‘reporting’. No way !

    2. @Dan Wright, that is not necessarily untrue. They could have found other ways of replenishing their stock. However, when you read that they were shooting rockets that did not contain a load, it does seem to be true.

  5. Historicaly, Russia has treated their armies terribly and has not prioritized their well being or their lives. And historically, Russian soldiers have been brutal on conquered civilians in every way.

    1. @Mohsen ? Dear Ivan. Can you give some actual specific historic examples of NATO specifically doing any of these things you accuse it of without evidence?

    2. The sad thing in Russia is that this brutal behaviour is throughout society. Like they are still living in the times of the horde. It`s all elbows and kicking.

    3. @Mohsen ? This is absolutely hilarious! I had to re-read — and I am still pretty sure you are talking about the Russians here. The copium runs deep in you, my Russian Troll. Go steal a washing machine.

    4. @Cruise Missile Please google how many poor souls Comrade Stalin destroyed in the Gulags. How many Ukrainians got killed by the Holodomor. Russia killed more of it`s own people and it`s “allies” as the mass murderers from the third reich.

  6. I think you have misconstrued Putin’s reply . He also said something like…we aren’t irrational we understand what nuclear weapons can do. It is very unlikely he will use nuclear weapons but he must appear strong for his domestic audience. Victory to Ukraine.

  7. Old Soviet line : “I don’t think they realize how many people live here and how little I care about them”

  8. After seeing the other weapons Russia has used & how well they’ve functioned, I’m not near as worried about their nukes as I was as a kid in the 80s

  9. I feel very sorry for the Russian soldiers. There’s every indication that those young men don’t want to be in this war.

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