Iran Fires Missles; Trump Tweets ‘All Is Well!’, Will Make Weds. Statement | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Iran retaliated for the killing of a top general by firing more than a dozen ballistic missiles at two Iraqi air bases housing U.S. forces on Wednesday local time. Mika Brzezinski discusses. Aired on 01/08/20
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Iran Fires Missles; Trump Tweets 'All Is Well!', Will Make Weds. Statement | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. We are waring in the Middle East for Israel and Saudi Arabia period, Europe on occasion suffers collateral damage but have no interest in the Middle East. Lets see Trump get tough with Israel and Saudi Arabia like he did with NATO, where is the trillion they owe us for Bush’s war. NATO is not the same game as the Middle East it is a math game with a promise to spend, of course the US and the neocons probably spend twice the target, if Italy doesn’t meet their target it doesn’t take a dime out of our. We could probably make up the whole NATO short fall with the billions we spend each year in the Middle East and that is money out of our pocket Not once has Trump gotten tough with Israel and Saudi Arabia and threaten to disengage if they don’t start paying.

    2. It is not a real military flight jacket. It is a cheap nylon made in China “flight style” jacket. No doubt real nomex flight jackets, CWU-45/P or CWU-36P jackets (a fire resistant material used in aircrew clothing) don’t come in sizes to fit obese Trump. The real jackets used by REAL military aircrew have a more rounded “Peter Pan” style collar as do their flight suits compared to Trump’s pointy collar.

    3. Because they are paying him.
      The Saudis bailed out Kushner and spend much money with the lying orange puppet. Many condos, golf memberships, and hotel rooms.
      He has real estate developments in Israel too.
      And Turkey.
      Don’t hold your breath waiting for him to change.
      Just ask the NRA.
      Give him a few million and he will sing and dance for you.

    1. @quietman356 123455 I dont see Joe wearing a jacket and trying to act tough when the entire world can see right through his cowardess

    2. @Galway Warrior Uss Vincennes was the ship that shot down an ascending Iranian airliner full of civilians, and USA claimed it was a jet fighter descending to attack.

  1. Smart move by Iran. Just enough fire power to keep the US hunkered down, but not enough to say it is disproportionate. Hard to sleep when soldiers are hiding in their bunkers every night.

    1. @AL- BOT The Mullahs have no hearts nor minds. And you useful idiots in the press and Democrat Party are doing their dirty work .

  2. Why is trump wearing a green jacket ?
    Is He going to the field of battle ?
    Some of his family ?
    Trump wants a war only to be re-elected ?
    Wake Up America !!!

    1. Real question is why we’re top Dems and Hollywood celebrities raping 13 and 14 yr old girls on Dem’s pedophile island ? We Americans see where your priorities are. Fake traitors to American children.

    2. @anne-marie Andrews you are as dumb as AOC. Are you proud to be following the Nazi George Soros and the party of pedophiles ?

    3. His deal with Marla Maples said that Tiffany would lose her financial support if she joined the peace corps or the military. His kids aren’t allowed to do so.

    1. Like or not, he is commander-in-chief. If you didn’t vote for Hillary, you only have yourself to blame.

  3. Y’all see that lying f~%## with a military jacket on as if he’s been in the military!🤢 Before Trump The military wouldn’t even except trump on mental deficiencies!😂🤣

    1. You don’t deserve to mention Americans again. We stopped your party of pedophiles with Epstein. We are coming for Bill and Hillary who made dozens of trips to Dem’s pedophile island over the years. Your reign of terror on children has come to an end and

    1. No send in the ” 101st Asthma Joe Biden Brigade”. He ll bring pallets of cash from Hunter s stash.

    1) Enrich the wealthy even more, 2) crush the middle class into the poor class, 3) get the poor to die in wars to support the wealthy class, 4) tell the middle class, that the poor are to blame for all U.S. problems.

    1. You forgot. While that’s happening in plain site. Tell gullible, ignorant hillbilly base, don’t believe what you’re seeing.

  5. This is a distraction intended to convince the world that Iran took public action to retaliate. In fact, their main retaliations will be covert and deniable.

  6. “All is well” but not thanks to you ! And you wanna charge nation’s for doing the fighting for them ! What are you gonna do with the money ? Same than the money collected for those giuuuge new taxes on Americans ? (Sorry ,tariffs !)

    1. Bern never paid a bill. Americans have paid for everything he has. Your exactly right, he’s a slob, his mommy kicked him out of her basement when he turned 44 for doing drugs, never bathing,cleaning and always wanting everything free and never contributing. This is why this drugged up slob makes false promises to his ignorant Communist following. Glad we now have a Pres that has paid for minorities rent and bills for years to help them even was given an award for helping the Black community. To bad 3% Black radical Hussein Obama never offered to help any Americans just filled his pockets with $150 million in three years.

    1. It is literally hard to look at him. I pray that we don’t have to look at him for another 4 years! Everybody needs to GET OUT AND VOTE IN 2020! #VoteBlueIn2020

    2. Let’s have a mass rally along the sidewalk completely surrounding the White House, everyone projectile-vomit through the fence, and then just leave.

    1. Yes, because they asked us to stop Hussain after he had 500,000 women and children murdered then pushed in a ditch with bulldozers. Chemical weapons are WMD’s, which means weapons of mass distruction. Chemical weapons rained down on us in Iraq .

    2. Not exactly. I think we offered the help and they welcomed it, but then we took advantage droned away their homes, killed too many people, we basically made things worse.

    3. @Galway Warrior So, let me get this straight. Saddam killed half a million women and children and then all of the Iraqi husbands and father’s that were left asked us to invade Afghanistan in 2001 and THEN Iraq in 2003?

      Ok, ok. Makes sense so far. Then what happened?

  7. “‘murika should not be doing the fighting, FOR EVERY NATION ON EARTH”
    news flash, ya aint
    the fat slob just cant help, but to lie

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