Is Ivanka Next? Why Trump-Org Charges Could Spell Trouble For Ivanka 1

Is Ivanka Next? Why Trump-Org Charges Could Spell Trouble For Ivanka


“It looks fishy in essentially a swap of tax fraud. That’s what makes me think that’s where they are going to look,” says former federal prosecutor Cynthia Alksne on Ivanka Trump’s potential legal exposure based on Trump Org payments.  
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  1. The only profitable business Trump has is scamming donors for his legal fees and war chest 🤣

  2. I love the “Consulting fees”. ” Ivanka my sweetie is my bald spot showing, who’s daddies girl, come and sit on my knee”. ” Ask what’s his name to hurry up and fix the Middle East and has he got my Saudi loan?”

    1. That tree’s been rotten for generation’s. His own country wouldn’t take Grandpa Drumft back in. Lol

    2. @Donna Brockbank don’t forget about gramps. The draft dodger from Germany who pimped prostitutes. A long line of criminals.

  3. The Trumps are only exemplary in one single respect; their ability to demonstrate, in every facet of their lives, the truth of the aphorism “You can’t buy class.”.

    1. @Arcturion Blade that’s a good one! 😂😂😂😂 the best jokes always have some truth.

    2. I’m surprised you were able to comment this despite having trumps shaft in your mouth for the last 5 years.

    3. @NONE of my Fighters are UnderPaid having someone’s shaft in their mouth doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t use their fingers as you have just proven

  4. Same thing I’ve been saying all along. If weisselberg got $1.7 million then the Trumps got hundreds of $million of the books 😳😳

    1. And mind you, thats all that they could successful corroborate and prove. Im sure theirs millions that the paper trail went cold on. Remember, Trump didnt use emails. He is the ultimate endorser in the company. He is the company. If the #2 man got millions off the books, I wonder how much the #1 guy got? I can see why he turned down his salary, . lol. Probably made 25x that on the back end. We’ve reached a new low in the country. ” Like we’ve never seen before” lol.

    1. Yes, but capitalizing that name. I use trump or agent orange. There are other accurate ones but I like to NOT show any form of respect for cowards who also preform treasonous acts…

    1. @Deeann Watson leave it to a leftest to seperate by skin color. To be everything you hate. Do you even realize it 😥

    2. @Gabe Dudley no no, we are simply giving him back what he gave us. It doesn’t belong to us. He tried to say we are evil people bad people. We are Americans and love our fellow Americans and party when their not attacking us. I think your statement is very shallow especially when he was trying to shame us to distract his crimes. FAIR GAME, EYE FOR A EYE. After all, he made the rules.

    3. @Bazooka Joe I guess so…but Madoff was never a President, did not have a cult full of followers, and the influence that the Trumps currently have. Followers that were willing to carry out an attack on their own Capitol. I am not saying that real justice served would not be nice for all the people paying their taxes and not participating in criminal enterprise. I just think their may be a great deal of leniency.

  5. The family that was the first family of a country that thrives on taxes doesn’t pay taxes, how ironic is that. Freaking crooks. Trump says not paying taxes makes him smart meaning the rest of us are stupid.


    2. @Sylvia Sharp it’s called keeping America 🇺🇸 going but these 1 percenters are all crooks!

    1. You mean _Nepotism Barbie??_
      The Former Guy: *_”I hardly knew her. She probably made the coffee or something…”_*

    2. @catalinacurio I’m sorry isn’t he a child of the president.. so by your theory Ivanka isn’t in the White House. I mean you people are pathetic

    1. She listed it as income but donnie classed it as an expense, meaning he won a tax deduction on it instead of paying payroll, state and NY taxes. I would say it wasn’t a one-off either!

    2. These people think they don’t have to. Regular people like you and I would go to prison if we did the bs these scammers did.

    3. cant be an employee and an independent contractor at the same time at the same place. basically, the organization does this to write off expenses so that it reports a lower profit or a loss. it isnt a legitimate expense, but a way to move money to avoid paying taxes on it.

      im sure ivanka would use the same tactic to avoid paying taxes on the independent contractor “income” by writing off expenses and reporting a loss. its actually pretty easy to do.

    1. @Rich Sackett I’ve read more than a few articles that seem to agree that Don Jr. is the most stupid out of all of them. I guess we’ll see who’s sacrificed first.

    2. @dublinjazz1 Certainly DJTJ is the dumb one. Eric’s had more to do with running the busi… I mean criminal enterprise.

  6. His brand was sinking before he became a traitor now it’s in total free fall, couldn’t happen to a nicer family

    1. @Brett Garretson AZ has had 2 other audits and there is absolutely no indication of voter fraud.

    2. @Chris Albert the only fools are the ones who voted against Trump. Trump is the only politician that told Americans the truth. He was right about everything he said. Now I’m paying$4 a gallon for gas and men are playing women’s sports if they feel like a woman that day.

    1. Hopefully they all win. I know they will. They won the 2016 election, eon TWO impeachment trials and I know they will continue to win

    1. @Woody W I agree, they can just keep taking each employee from Trump Business until he is left with no one.
      Taking away Trump Business from under his feet so he is left with no one to run it, the risk will be too high for new employees to join knowing they will be thrown under the bus at the end of each Tax year.
      This maybe the best option, Leave Trump at the top and visible to his Supporters, and just take away his income stream, it seems like the only way these people learn is taking away the things they ($) worship.

    2. Picture a team of lawyers archiving 30-40yrs of, among financial crimes. Then they lay out, in great detail, all of the bankruptcies. The chickens are coming home to roost

    3. He never will flip, he will get a minimum fine. Pay the fine and he will be on his way case closed

    1. @Phoenix Zappa Do you charge rent? I mean, she’s living in your brain, so you totally could.

    1. Time to squeeze out the mustard and slice the big cheese and do that NY hotdog up right.

  7. She’s gonna Roll on dear ol’ dad. “Sorry dad, you didn’t see those toilets in there”😂😄🤣

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