Israel opposition leader announces unity government to oust Netanyahu 1

Israel opposition leader announces unity government to oust Netanyahu


Naftali Bennett, leader of the small right-wing party Yamina, announced he is working toward a coalition agreement with Yair Lapid, leader of the centrist party Yesh Atid, to join a new government that may end Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's run in office. Journalist Elliot Gotkine reports.

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  1. Revolutions always seem to occur at the worst possible of times (which is probably why they more often fail than succeed). Paint, then, the challenger, an opportunist. He exploits the situation for tactical advantage. He does not fight fair. He is not fair. Blah, blah, blah…

    1. Ugh. From what I’ve read, the goal is to oust Netanyahu and then pass the premiership on to Yair Lapid… although whether that happens seems pretty up in the air, Bennett is a horrible weasel. But getting rid of Netanyahu — who, to remind people, invited the murder of Yitzhak Rabin, and is currently obstructing justice and subverting Israeli democracy à la Trump — is a high priority, and as long as the coalition government includes Labor and Meretz, Bennet should be constrained.

  2. You got to be terrified when you hear a politician say is unity and the question is how long this Unity is going to last for

  3. 0:14 Cheshire cat smile… hopefully they know the dangers of having a rich man in office, politics is like choosing between a pit latrine or a dirty toilet without a seat that’s why it’s always 2 Loo Loo skip to the Loo
    There are rivers of blood ‘neath the feet of presidents

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    1. @Derek Leasure I don’t care if you go to hell. I don’t even know you. I’m just glad I’m not going with you…

    2. @Ricky Tenderkiss What’s the difference between religion and Communism? Both are based on a set of unproven claims. Both require dogmatic acceptance of a set of moral standards. Why not pick the philosophy that has actually worked for hundreds of years?

    3. @TIME COMPLEXITY Actually Jesus is the opposite of evil. So if you think he is evil, you must be evil… I’m sure a look at your life would prove me right…

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  5. Lass uns die Spiele beginnen. Ich glaube, die Welt ist bereit für die Wahrheit. … ” Ride Of The Valkyries ”

  6. When they believe they are doing good to get rid of Israel, when they cannot see Armageddon coming their way. They are literally working towards their demise.

    1. If it is true…in your written word.. then it’ll happen if anyone likes it or not….funny that believers always forgot everything is pre destined…
      Even when a 8 yr child die …people will scream. Taken so soon …but if they are true believers then they would remember GOD knows the hour…etc….

    2. @Doughnut complain who’s Noah, please tell me he’s not that guy from your children’s book.

    3. ​@M Ewing Billions of people, from three major religions, believe in ancient prophesies concerning Israel. For literally eons, people who believe in the Apocalypse have made excellent marks for people with their own agendas. (This is why organized religions still exists, today). But, of course, those who would benefit from a conflict in the Middle East also have uses for such zealots. Regardless of whether or not a sky Daddy actually told some old Jew for Jesus, on the Isle of Patmos, how the world was going to end, if a major conflict in the Middle East went down right now, that event could bring about an actual Armegeddon. So yeah, I’m backing @Doughnut complain on this one. Because it doesn’t matter whether a prophesy was handed down from some Divinity or not when there are enough zealots willing to strive relentlessly, on blind faith alone, to make said prophesies happen. This is exactly how self-fulling prophesies come to pass and I hope to God that not what’s occurring right now.

    1. Your piece of sh$t party won’t. It’s bad enough that you’re able to keep the WH after steeling it in Nov.

  7. Guess it is time for another conflict with Hamas? Stir the pot to create another reason why Israel can’t make it without Netanyahu,

  8. All lot of Netanyahu’s bankrupt rhetoric sounds a lot like the orange, seditionist, traitor, who’s also on his way to prison. They really do have a lot in common.

  9. Proud of Hamid Mir he was talking about ISI chief General Faiz Hameed when he was caught in with a call girl by his wife. And his wife subsequently shot him near his private parts and Faiz Hameed was hospitalized

  10. I am pro-Isreal. This is why I believe it’s time for the people of Israel to seek new leadership.

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