1. If you create the monster and feed the monster and ignore the monster’s evil acts against humanity, you can hardly complain when the monster turns on you

    1. @hypernoid #2 I just responded to this. Trump put the children in them. Research why the structures were built vs. how it was used!

    2. @ZQ brady Playbook?!?!? 60 MILLION people were infected with H1N1!!!! They depleted the response resources and didn’t replenish it. What kind of “playbook” is that? It’s good that you know all the keywords and talking points. But you know nothing about them, silly communist.

    3. @Ron K
      I dont care who you voted for- I certainly do hope your vote counts. Plain and simple. Sadly, though, …….who can possibly know the answer to that question if there is any doubt in the election process, chain of custody protocol, and continuous media bias against trump for 4 continuous years?

  2. instead of giving light to trump and his mania, we should be calling out the republican leaders who stay silent

    1. @esobed1 You wear masks so your NOT SPREADING IT!Hence low covid rates (New Zealand,China)are countries using MASKS,high covid rates (USA)less masks!

    1. @Bob Kozalov I did not clarify, but I meant diversity in race, and in nationalistic background. Example: US (60.1% white, 18.5% hispanic 13.4% black), UK (86% white, 7.5% asian, 3.3% black). And also I’ll add less cultural, and religious unity in the US.

    2. @Bob Kozalov I’ve read many idiotic things in my life, but yours is proof enough that you Democrats are insane. Biden is inept. He is for whatever is against this country. My country! So the police do not need military equipment. Really? Have you ever heard of the Norco Bank Robbery? Probably not. That particular robbery involved very well armed men with long guns, paramilitary tactics etc. The police were completely outgunned and totally unprepared to deal with these bank robbers. That one robbery caused the death and injury of dozens of police officers, but they should’ve shown up with a psychologists instead?.

      Brother you need the psychologists. 👈👈👈

    1. @Ron K Peter Boyle played Frankenstein monster and Marty Feldman played IGOR in Young Frankenstein best comedy all time

    2. ​@Berendo Ball Bomber
      yes, if we take Frankenstein=doctor here, his creators can only be ‘god(s)’.. :*/
      But back to the creature^.. https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frankenstein
      “In the novel, the monster however is called “creature”, “monster”, “fiend”, “wretch”, “vile insect”, “daemon”, “being”, and “it”. Speaking to Victor Frankenstein, the monster refers to himself as “the Adam of your labors”, and elsewhere as someone who “would have” been “your Adam”, but is instead “your fallen angel.” ” Once again, the monster is nameless. BUT he refers himself as ‘Adam’ once..considering logically Dr Frankenstein, his creator as his GOD (=creator, obviously), and himself as his ‘first child’ (Adam). BUT later, he goes further, he knows he is revolting against his creator (as non human)…and considers himself as a ‘fallen angel’… aka LUCIFER.. or Satan. That’s simple enough.. no need to complicate that much more // (..) At the end : “The Creature tells Walton that Victor’s death has not brought him peace; rather, his crimes have left him completely alone. The Creature vows to kill himself so that no others will ever know of his existence. Walton watches as the Creature drifts away on an ice raft that is soon “lost in darkness and distance”, never to be seen again.”
      From there, I would just maybe advise to democrats and democrats voters to seek “happiness in tranquility and avoid ambition” (last Victor’s words)..but that would be just a reversed dream… ;*)

  3. “You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time” – but if you’re Donald J Trump you can fool MAGA morons any old time!!

    1. Well you sound like a fair minded,well adjusted individual who would be receptive to another point of view…….or not.

    2. I’m worried about the MAGA people. It seems like Trump is taking advantage of the MAGA’ans. and sucking them dry of their nest eggs to allegedly pay off his campaign debt. And he appears to be brainwashing them and may possibly lead them into a civil war. So sad.

  4. Even now he says “unfortunately he didn’t win” if someone was threatening me and my family the last thing I would say is that I voted for the bully.

    1. 🚨🚨🚨 By the actions and tactics of bullying, open threats, conspiracy theories and cunning messages of the outgoing president, why is the term “steal the election” now suddenly changed to “overturn” the election? Is it to make it sound like it’s not stealing? The people have spoken. There have been recounts. There’s no evidence of the so called “voter or election fraud” Yet the outgoing president WANTS to destroy American democracy and he is looking for charlatans and traitors to the republic to do it.

      Apart from the taint in his credibility based on his history of lies, the outgoing president is the same CON MAN who has conned millions to get over $207 million in this same election he LOST. He is the same person who wants to CON THE WHOLE OF AMERICA into transferring to him an election he clearly LOST by no small number.

      Why is the country entertaining this in the face of no evidence of a national conspiracy of voter or election fraud? At first it was the excuse that “the media doesn’t call the elections” ( which they by the way do have every right to call as they have done for the past over 200 years) the next excuse was “the results had not been certified” now that the results have been certified, the next thing is that they should appoint pro outgoing president electors to override the will of the people. ABOMINATION! , It’s a slippery slope guys.

      America, do NOT let your Democracy be grabbed by the Pu**y. You allow it happen this one time, the nation would NEVER recover from it. FIGHT TO PRESERVE YOUR VOICE TO BE HEARD; YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE is the most sacred thing you have. YOU LOSE IT, YOU LOSE EVERYTHING ELSE. Without a working democracy that America has been blessed to have (which the wannabe dictator outgoing president benefitted from in 2016 and which he is trying to deprive another in 2020 after he LOST the election) NOTHING ELSE WORKS.

      Go ask 3rd world countries what gives them that title- a failing or failed democracy. The stakes are too high guys.

    2. bully?awwwww…does the big orange man scare you???Here is a coloring book and some play-doh scoot off to your safe space and let adults deal with the grown up stuff.

  5. “…if we nominate him we will get destroyed, and we will deserve it” ~ Lil Lindsey Graham R-SC (bootlicker extraordinaire)

  6. “All it takes for Evil to win is for good men to do nothing”


    “Gullible people fall for a con man”


    “Republicans with the majority”

    1. @Tony Banner “…clear wrongdoing…” – yes, by Trump lying, gaslighting, and insulting his fellow Americans! THERE WAS NO WIDESPREAD ELECTION FRAUD – NONE! I mean, how many times does all this need debunking?! Lies become truth and truth becomes lies, bamboozling people with BS so that counteracting all the disinformation in a single comment section becomes next to impossible – and pointless…

    2. Traitors betray their country and seek to destroy it. You need to turn off the television and do some F854king research.

    3. @Randy Maatta Exactly – I mean, being willing to misuse your position to bring your entire nation and even democracy itself into disrepute, just because you couldn’t deal with not winning a second term, should qualify you for some SERIOUS jail time!

    1. @Cheryl Fallon Great imagination but reality has shown that the staunches Trump defenders always end up under the bus. You’ve seen what he does and how he goes after anyone for the slightest of perceived slights (only exception being Vladimir Putin)

      I’m sure you’ve rationalized that they deserved it or that it was within his rights to go after them. How quickly things change when they’re being targeted by him.

    2. @Cheryl Fallon Joe Biden is a straight up man, no lying everyday, no hateful rallies against opposition, he plans on being president for all people. Trump is a cancer, a divider, uncaring in this pandemic, ignores it, spreads it…a funking monster, destroying America and our democracy, but you can’t see it, because he’s brainwashed you and the rest of his base. Do some research, study it, it might just open your eyes up!

    1. IMO, I think that he, as well as Kemp, is trying to appeal to the moderate voters, now that they are considered a swing state. If you look at the results of the last gubernatorial race, Abrams was very very close to winning it. Also, if it wasn’t already a republican controlled state, she would have won it too, considering all of the voter intimidation/suppression techniques we see in GA, and many others.

    2. @armin brecher – when you make a comment like that, you may wish to come at it with impecable spelling and grammar, otherwise you open yourself up for the petty retorts of: “Did you know that the first letters in a sentence is generally capitalised”, and “You know that ‘you’ has a ‘y’ and an ‘o’, don’t you?” This might then entice you to reply that you were just writing “casually” as is common online, which leaves open the question as to why you might not afford your fellow (whom you clearly understood despite the orthographic error) the same leniency that you afforded yourself.

    3. Joe Biden helped Bush launch the Iraq war, and a million people died brutal deaths. You idiots disgust me

    4. Pretty sure he voted for him BEFORE trump started attacking them and the entire democratic system in the US…

    1. @Joe Loh BC IT DIDNT GO FAR ENOUGH. Diaper Don is/was DIRTY AF but his the senate simps wouldn’t do their jobs…..
      🤣 “DIRTY DIAPER DON” 👍🤣

    2. @USN8591VA – show me where ‘Obummer’ once called on Governors to overturn a public vote. Show me once where ‘Obummer’ called state legislators to seat electors independent of a public vote. You are partisan beyond the rational.

  7. It’s not a mandate, he’s asking people to wear a mask. Although some people obviously think asking is the same as a mandate, wear one or not at your own risk.

    1. Rachel Garber: True, wear one or not at your own risk, but I think you’ll agree with me, think how selfish that is on the part of those who choose not to wear a mask. Those who proudly don’t wear masks don’t think about how many they could possibly spread the virus to, and ultimately who pays the price? Those who die, their loved ones and our healthcare workers-our healthcare workers who, in the hottest virus spots, are worn out and burned out. Anyone who chooses not to wear a mask and comes down with the virus should not be allowed to then seek medical care from our overburdened healthcare workers.They are doing their part, we should do ours by wearing masks. imo We have all been warned.

    1. @Darth Vestius …Germany under Hitler Nazis was fascist during WW2 and Russia was communist. Opposite ends of the political spectrum, even though both were dictatorships. You seem to be lumping all dictatorships under the fascist label when that’s not the case. Communism is a leftward push of already left socialism.

  8. The Devil went down to Georgia
    He was lookin’ for a soul to steal
    He was in a bind ’cause he was way behind
    And he was willin’ to make a deal…

    1. I was wondering when someone would think of ol’ Charlie Daniels!
      This tune fits the story pretty well, at least at the begining!

    2. You were all in my 💓 spirit was singing this 😂 on a busy City market place area 😂😂🙌 on Saturday.

    1. America is a humiliation to all. Why is a liar, a cheat, and foremost, à con man allowed to infect the U. S with so much treasonous behaviour. And 70 pls million choose to be duped??

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