White House vaccine chief Moncef Slaoui praises Biden's mask plan 1

White House vaccine chief Moncef Slaoui praises Biden’s mask plan


Dr. Moncef Slaoui, the head of the US government's effort to develop a vaccine against Covid-19, on Sunday praised President-elect Joe Biden's plan to ask all Americans to wear masks to curb the spread of the coronavirus, saying the practice is key as the country awaits widespread distribution of the vaccine.
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    1. @SD4philly YES. Nothing in life is fair. Some people are going to die. Research the differences in the human body. Grow up put on your adult undies and live life. If it’s so fair why are babies born with defects. Only the strong survive case closed. Thank youa

    2. @SD4philly The good news is we have cured cancer and aging! Nobody is dying of cancer and old age anymore. Hallelujah! Joe Biden is here to save the day!

    3. @SD4philly While (finally) campaigning for Joe Biden Barack Obama brutally criticized President Trump for NOT using his already prepared and put in place virus/epidemic/pandemic “playbook” as he nicknamed it which according to him would have saved millions of American lives if only President Trump had put this Obama prepared information to use. Question: Where the Hell is it NOW? Why isn’t Joe Biden utilizing ANY of this pre-prepared information that Obama went on national television claiming President Trump was at fault for NOT using? Did Joe Biden lose it? Is Joe Biden just going to wait until he knows he’ll stay safe in office (or his damn basement) before he saves one (1) American life with this vital lifesaving pre-prepared COVID-19 conquering information/playbook? I think, No. I know Barack Obama AND Joe Biden are lying SOB’s who fed YOU a ton of Bullsh*t on COVID-19 and your brain dead dumbasses ate it right up!! If I’m wrong, answer the first question. Where the Hell is it? At a time when these coronavirus numbers are where they’re at you’ve right now got two (2) so-called F#*kin’ presidents who looked you dead square in the eye, lied through their damn teeth, with a smile on their face and your dumbass went “OK.”

    1. @XtraRadi you think fb linked that doctor? The guy is lucky fb hasn’t kicked him off for the truth he’s telling. Try watching the video for the facts he gives and see if you can prove him wrong. I guarantee you the lying sacks at CNN can’t prove him wrong.

    1. @Nora Fox some were sent to the hospital where they died, some came back to the facility, and died here

    2. @Jonas P don’t know where a seatbelt has anything to do with anything though. A lot more people die on the road than by covid if you want to go there.

    3. @sammyiam0725 Dude really? Your going to argue over seatbelts and wether they can be used as an analogy for the benefits of safety precautions Compare it to whatever you want but what you should be wondering is why did my uncle have to die. Would he be alive today if everyone took this serious and wore a mask along with social distancing. Even with all these precautions it’s possible your uncle could have caught it but it would have greatly increased his chances of not having catching it.
      Here is another analogy for you…
      My parents wore condom and yet here I am would you recommend people to stop using rubbers because they only work 98% of the time? I mean using your logic shouldn’t I be saying rubbers are pointless because I’m proof that 2% of the time they fail?

  1. Well that’s great that they have a vaccine out there and that’s great about the mask plan but the problem is are people going to take that vaccine not everybody has a trust for vaccines

  2. CNN just stop and shut down. This is so embarrassing to watch now. We’ve been wearing masks everyday for months. So they’re basically saying he really has no plan either?

    1. No, if you approach it objectively, Trump’s plan has been “wear a mask if you want to, but I don’t see it for myself.” Then it turned into, “wearing a mask is patriotic, but its still a choice” and finally it’s “I’m leaving office so IDGAF.”

    1. First are the doctors and nurses and people with underlying conditions, then older people. It’s very likely Trump got it already.

    1. Oh, that lying cultist of Trumpism, Mr. Ratcliff is redirecting you from Trump’s handle, Prez Putin to Pres. XI so Trump will look good to his base. No surprised there.

  3. I’m working with Ebola patients in Congo. I’m going to wear the same mask that protects us all from the virus.

  4. I heard him saying during a French interview that he didn’t want to work for the Trump administration at first because he’s at odds with the orange whale

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